Happy Friday the 13th and welcome to the third chapter of Freddy vs. Jason vs. Michael: Slashdown. Here we see more of the craziness progress with more teenagers.
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Lori arrived in the kitchen and saw her father making some coffee. He turned around and smiled at her.

"Good morning, Lori." Dr. Campbell said.

"Good morning, Dad." Lori solemnly said as she sat down at the table and he noticed her worried face.

"Is there something wrong?" Dr. Campbell asked.

"Dad, I saw him last night." Lori said after a long silence.

"Who?" Dr. Campbell asked.

"Freddy." Lori said; being very hesitant about saying the name of the Dream stalker. Dr. Campbell stood still before managing to gulp down his coffee and he couldn't believe his ears.

After what seemed like minutes had went by, Dr. Campbell sat down next to his daughter.

"When did you see him?" Dr. Campbell said.

"In my sleep last night." Lori said and her father trembled in fear at Freddy's potential return.

"Did he hurt you?" Dr. Campbell said.

"No, I woke up right before he lunged at me. I couldn't believe it." Lori said.

"That does it; you're staying home today." Dr. Campbell said and Lori nodded before getting up to cook something. As her father stood next to the window thinking of something, Lori ate her breakfast and then something came to her mind.

"Dad, I think I should go to school." Lori said.

"What?! No!" Dr. Campbell said.

"Dad, don't you understand? Todd's death might start rumors about Freddy again like Trey's did last year. People will think he's responsible again and he'll get his strength back." Lori said.

"Yeah, but why do you want to go to school?" Dr. Campbell asked.

"So, Will and I can make sure that our classmates don't think its Freddy who killed him." Lori said.

"Why I don't send the police to check out the school and have them report back if anything about him is spoken?" Dr. Campbell suggested.

"No, Will and I are the only ones left who have anything to do with Freddy from last year." Lori said.

"Look, you go to school and if the slightest thing goes wrong, call me and I'll pick you up. Here, take this." Dr. Campbell said as he opened one of the cabinet's and pulled out a bottle of Hypnocil. He dumped a pill into his hand and gave it to Lori.

"Thanks, Dad. I'll call you if anyone talks about seeing him during lunchtime." Lori said as she placed the pill into her orange juice and drank it.

"Here, give this to Will, too. With you two being the last two he saw before, he's likely to come after you two first if he's actually back. I'll try to get more Hypnocil by the end of the day." Dr. Campbell said and Lori nodded before she finished her breakfast and headed upstairs to get dressed for school.

Once she was dressed, Lori gathered her school supplies and placed some pills of Hypnocil in a small disposable tube. She met her father at the door and after what seemed like a few moments, they nodded at each other before she left the house.

Lori walked to the sidewalk and waited for Will to arrive to pick her up. As she waited, she failed to notice Michael hiding in the bushes and curiously staring at her before Will drove up in his car.

"Hey, Lori, ready?" Will said.

"Yeah." Lori said and Will began to drive forward. In the bushes, Michael, having heard Lori's name, stood still for a while and walked down the street to his van.

He slowly drove after Will's car and he had mistakenly thought Lori was Laurie; due to their slight uncanny resemblance. As Will drove, he noticed Lori being quiet and looked to her.

"Is everything okay?" Will asked.

"Will, stop the car. There's something I need to tell you." Lori said and Will slowed the car down.

"Is there something wrong?" Will asked as he placed a supportive hand on Lori's shoulder and she sighed before looking at him.

"Will, I saw Freddy in my dream last night." Lori said.

"What?!" Will asked.

"I didn't know how but he had those girls singing that song again before he sprang at me; though I woke up before he could hurt me." Lori said.

"How could he appear again like that?" Will said.

"I think Todd's death had something to do with it like Trey's murder last year. That's why we should go to school and see if anyone else is thinking about Freddy." Lori said.

"All right, but did he do anything out of the ordinary?" Will asked.

"The girls were singing a different verse to their song this time." Lori said.

"What did they say that was different?" Will asked.

"The first time I heard them, they sang "Nine, Ten, Never Sleep again" at the end of the song. Only this time, they said "Nine, Ten, There's an old and new friend.". Lori said.

"What could that new verse mean?" Will asked.

"I don't know and I'm we'll be better off not finding out what it means. Here, take this." Lori said as she reached into her pocket and handed Will the tube.

"Is this Hypnocil?" Will asked.

"Yes. This is what we can use for now until Dad gets more." Lori said and Will pulled out a water bottle before swallowing the pill and washing it down. Lori went on to explain her plan and Will completely understood.

They began to drive again with Michael still behind them and as they drove by the police station, Lori couldn't help but notice the paramedics covering a body that lie on the ground and she shivered at the gory sight of blood surrounding it.

After a while, Lori and Will arrived at school where they found Danny, Dana, and Erika in the front of the school talking. The couple got out of the car and approached their friends.

"Hey, guys." Lori said and both Erika and Dana hugged her instantly. Danny walked over to Will and patted his shoulder.

"Lori, Will, we've got something to tell you; it's about Matt." Dana said in a grim voice and as Lori observed the solemn faces of her friends, she and Will could tell it wasn't good news.

"What about Matt? Did something happen?" Will asked and Danny, Dana, and Erika looked to each other before asking Lori and him to another part of the schoolyard that had fewer students.

"Dana, tell us; what happened to Matt?" Lori asked and Dana sadly hung her head.

"He's dead." Dana sadly said and this shocked Lori and Will. After a moment of absolute disbelief, they regained half of their composure and spoke.

"He died last night; just a few hours after Todd." Danny said.

"According to the news, he was found cut in two pieces in his pool." Erika said and Will and Lori couldn't believe it. The five friends all grieved silently until the bell rang and they didn't notice Stokely; though they all knew she was grieving for Todd to the point of not showing up.

They all headed to the school building and Michael, who parked his van a short ways from the school district, watched as they did. Freddy's spirit, who had instructed Jason to hide in the cornfield where he had massacred half of the students the previous year, smiled and flexed his claws while looking at the students.

In school later

Lori noticed Principal Shaye wasn't present in the school and given that Todd happened to have been his nephew, it was likely that he was taking a day off to grieve for the loss. She sighed and Will looked at all the posters around the school talking about the upcoming Kyuss concert.

The concert had been a popular topic around the school and many students were excited at the thought to attend; mainly for the fact that they were planning to smoke marijuana. Onward into the day, Lori sat in class and while listening to her science teacher talk about physics, she couldn't help but glance out the window and saw Michael's van parked across the street with him standing next to it.

He just stood there staring at Lori and she, not recognizing him, squinted at him until the bell rang and it signaled the lunch period. The students rose from their sits and hurried out the door.

Lori gathered her supplies and got up to meet Will outside. Before she left, she looked back outside to see Michael and his van were nowhere in sight.

"I hope I got enough sleep last night." Lori thought to herself; now wondering if she was beginning to hallucinate. She headed outside and met Will near his car.

"Did you hear anything so far?" Will said to Lori.

"Nothing and no one's staring at me like they did last year." Lori said and before the couple got in their van to wait for the rest of their friends, one teen came up to them.

"Lori, Will, do you have a minute?" The teen, Jeffrey Katz, asked them.

"Sure, Jeffrey." Lori said.

"I'm sorry about Todd and Matt." He said and Lori and Will nodded in gratitude.

"Thanks a lot, Jeffrey; it really means a lot to us." Lori said.

"Don't mention it." Jeffrey said before moving on and then Erika showed up.

"Ready." She said and the three loaded into the van with Danny and Dana driving behind them. Freddy's spirit snarled in irritation that no seemed to be thinking about him and he began flying around the community until he found three teen stoners; Dirk Curtis, Donnie Mancini, and Charlie Cyphers; smoking weed in their van.

"Dude, this whole murder thing with Todd and Matt is insane." Dirk said.

"Yeah, who could have done it in the same night in such a short amount of time?" Donnie asked.

"Who knows?" Charlie said as he blew out a puff of smoke and it flew out.

"Wait, what if that's guy?" Donnie asked.

"What guy?" Dirk said.

"Y'know, that guy who our folks nearly shit themselves at the first time any of us talked about him." Donnie answered.

"What was his name again?" Charlie asked.

"It was Freddy Krueger, I think." Dirk said.

"Yeah, that's him." Donnie said.

"From the way our folks nearly flipped at saying his name, I wouldn't be surprised if he did do in Todd and Matt." Charlie said.

"That makes sense though it could be that hockey-masked guy, Jason, from the cornfield." Donnie said.

"Isn't he supposed to be in Jersey somewhere?" Dirk asked.

"I think so but I really think this Freddy psycho did it." Charlie said and Freddy's spirit chuckled as he vanished into the great beyond; knowing it wouldn't be long before his powers came back.


Lori and her friends ate lunch in front of a Dairy Queen. They all chatted in an attempt to take their mind off the tragedy from the night before and though it didn't exactly do that, it kept them talking.

"Hey, guys, do you still think we should go to the concert?" Dana asked.

"Gosh, I have no idea." Erika sadly answered.

"Maybe we should. It will help not think about…you know." Will sighed.

"Yeah, they would have wanted us to go." Danny said.

"Yes, they would." Lori said while trying to smile for her friends; doing her best to cheer them up though it wasn't an easy task. After they finished their lunch, they got into their respective vehicles and drove back to their school; unaware that Michael watched them from his van across the street.


While Lori and her friends sat in study hall during their last class of the day, Donnie, Charlie, and Dirk played dodge ball with Jeffrey. However, do to them still slightly being stoned from the lunch period; they threw the balls at Jeffrey's respective team to the point of them easily dodging them.

The coach called off the game and allowed the students to take a breather. Jeffrey sat on the bleachers and wiped the sweat off his forehead while the three stoners sat near him.

"Hey, Jeffry-boy, you know about him, right?" Donnie asked.

"Do I know about whom?" Jeffrey said.

"Freddy Krueger." Donnie deliriously chuckled,

"Isn't he supposed to be a myth?" Jeffrey said.

"Not according to our folks." Charlie said.

"What about him?" Jeffrey said.

"We think he did in Todd and Matt." Dirk said and Jeffrey, along with the other students in gym listening, couldn't believe his ears.

"You guys have been smoking that grass for too long. I can't believe you'd even say that about Todd and Matt." Jeffrey said as he stood up in disbelief.

"Chill out, Jeffrey, we just want to share about Freddy." Donnie said.

"Yeah, we hear he takes you out in your dreams. Since Todd died in bed last night, we figured Freddy must have got him and Matt must have gotten wasted so much that he passed out." Dirk said and Jeffrey, not wanting to hear any of the stoners' crazy talk, begin walking away after gathering his stuff.

"Come on, Jeffrey, we just want to warn you not to sleep too soon." Dirk said as Jeffrey left and the coaches didn't notice the half-freaked out looks on the gym classes' faces from the stoners' words.

Then the bell rang and students flooded out of the building to rest up enough for the Kyuss concert; which begin at 8:00 P.M and ended at 11:15. Lori and Will left to his car while Danny and Dana drove Erika home and the friends arranged to meet at the concert later on.

Will drove Lori home and they felt relieved not to have heard anything about Freddy. He looked to Lori and she looked back at him.

"See you soon, Lori." Will said before Lori kissed him.

"So long, Will." Lori said before getting out of the car and heading into her house. Will drove off while Michael watched from his van as he drove to his home on the other side of the street at the end.

"I'm home." Lori said as she entered the kitchen and looked at a note.

"Dear, Lori, I'm gathering as much as Hypnocil as possible and I'll be back later. In the meantime, have fun at the concert and be sure to keep the Hypnocil you have left with you at all times. Love, Dad." The note read and Lori sighed. She made a small snack and went into the living room to relax.

Later on, it became 6:00 and she called Will if he wanted to go eat somewhere before going to the concert. Will agreed and the two set out to an restaurant, where they'd eat before heading to the concert; which would be held at a lake past the cornfield.

After eating their fill and hanging out by the park, Lori phoned Erika an hour later.

"Hi, Lori, are you and Will ready to rock?" Erika's voice said.

"Yes, we are." Lori answered

"Great! Danny, Dana, and I will meet you two there in a bit, ok?" Erika said.

"Sure thing, Erika." Lori said.

"See ya there." Erika said.

"Will do." Lori said as they hung up their phones before she and Will got into his car to drive to the concert.

An hour later at the cornfield

"Gladys, I'm going to bring in some corn." John Revell, the owner of the cornfield, said to his wife Gladys.

"Ok, then." Gladys said as her husband headed into the cornfield and he began to cut down some of the cornstalks with pruning shears. He whistled as he cut down the shears and placed them into the basket.

John smiled as he gathered the corn and got up. As he walked through the large field, he heard rustling nearby and he looked around.


He didn't see anything and chuckled to himself; thinking that his imagination was getting the better of him. John soon heard rustling again and he looked to the side.

"Who's there?" John asked as he held up the shears in a threatening fashion and he heard what sounded like deep breathing coming from within the cornstalks. When he received no response of any kind, he put down the shears and let out a breath of relief.

John turned and he found himself staring at Jason, who towered over the farmer.

"Who the hell are you?" John asked Jason, who cocked his head to the side. The farmer was irritated by a lack of a response from the hockey-masked murderer and glared at him.

"Look, get off my property before I blast that mask off your face!" John said as Jason began to lumber forward in a menacing fashion.

"Don't give me any reason!" John said as he raised his shears at Jason and held them at him. He snatched the shears away from John and slammed his hand over the man's mouth.

John began to yell as loud as he could but Jason's hand over his mouth blocked all of his vocal sounds and he punched at him. His punches didn't bother Jason at all as he brought the man closer and stabbed the left side of his throat with the shears.

John's eyes widened as Jason slowly began to slice his throat apart and his screams turned into muffled coughs as blood oozed from his mouth down his chest. Jason tightened his grip on John's mouth as he finished slashing his throat apart and once he was done, he let him drop onto the ground.

John gagged a couple of times before finally succumbing to his slit throat and Jason tossed away the shears. He began to lumber forward and as he approached the farmhouse, he heard Freddy, who had just returned to his mind after his daily watch of Springwood, gently speaking to him in Pamela's voice.

"Mommy's back, sweetheart. Now, let's go teach those kids a lesson." Freddy said to Jason, who looked at the calendar and it read Friday the 13th. Freddy began skimming through Jason's memories and found out why he was staring at the calendar near the front door.

"Happy birthday, Jason!" Freddy said in Pamela's voice after Jason began to leave the cornfield and the silent slasher couldn't help but feel happy since it was the first time since his childhood that he heard his mother's voice wishing him a happy birthday.

"Stupid mutt." Freddy muttered under his breath as he guided Jason elsewhere.

Again, happy Friday the 13th and let's all wish Jason Voorhees a happy birthday! Despite the fact that Monica Keena looks nothing Jamie Lee Curtis, Michael thinks Lori really is his sister and that is based off the fact that if anyone reminds him of his family in any way, he'll come after them.

Aren't stoners perfect for horror stories? It looks like Freddy will get his strength back very soon and once again; I've named some characters after actual people in the horror community like Jeffrey Katz is named after Freddy vs. Jason development executive Jeff Katz, who I respect somewhat; I say that because he once said that Ken Kirzinger's version of Jason is more frightening and brutal than Kane Hodder's Jason and any hardcore Friday the 13th fan knows that's completely absurd.

Donnie Mancini is named after Child's Play creator Don Mancini and Dirk Curtis is named after Doug Curtis, a producer from Freddy vs. Jason(it was originally Douglas but Dirk sounds more like a stoner name)while Charlie Cyphers is named for Charles Cyphers, who played Sheriff Brackett in Halloween and Halloween II.

Finally, John Revell is named after Graeme Revell, who scored Freddy vs. Jason and today I'm going to have a Friday the 13th movie marathon. So, the next chapter will be likely be released on Halloween and I hope all of you have a happy Friday the 13th.