In no time hummingbirds in her room wasn't the biggest problem to our little princess.

"What is it? Tell me!" Tooth shouted angrily when her servant looked away from her, trying to find the right words.

"Well... People are not very happy. They are desperate and they want food. They are ready to fight for it", servant said quietly, before first time in his time of being a servant, he looked straight into Tooth's beautiful eyes. He almost lost his voice for that. "They are ready to kill you."

Tooth turned around and looked out from the window of her huge dining room. The people were really trying their best by trying to get into her palace. They were using everything you could image to be used as weapons: knives, stones, wood sticks, someone even had wooden spoon. They were really angry.

"We must get you into safety", the servant said. Tooth was just about to get into safety but then something just klicked in her head. She must be crazy for saying this but

"No. Take my sisters into safety first. They are not part of this and they shall not be harmed because of my mistakes, got it?" Tooth said firmly. The servant just stared at her with open mouth. For first time in her life she really put someone else before herself.

She turned around only to face her servant who was just standing there.

"Don't just stand there looking like a fish on dry land, get them into safety, NOW!" She ordered. The servant jumped a bit and ran away.

Tooth turned to look at the people who were fighting their way throught her guards. She swallowed. It was werid. She wasn't worried about herself but her sisters. She still wasn't sure did she like this new feeling.

Then the people passed her guards. She turned away from the window and leaving her beautiful high-heels behind, she ran upstairs where her sisters were.

All her sisters were in the highest tower of the palace. That was the safest place. All they were sitting on the floor, close to each other. Shivering from fear. Tooth couldn't help but stand on the doorway and stare them. She had caused this. Her sisters had nothing to do with this and still they were tragged into this.

She had to do something to make it better for them.

"Hey, ladies.. Do you remember when couple years ago we played in the garden of our old house? The garden was so big and beautiful in summer, remember?" Tooth asked as she sat down and took her youngest sister on her arms.

Her sister hugged her tightly. The older sisters looked at each other. What was Tooth doing?

Tooth contiuned on talking, repeating their best memories of childhood. They all started to tell their best moments in their lifes. One story after another, they started to forget their fears and they really enjoyed this. Spending time with their beloved big sister who usually was so distant.

Tooth was a bit shoked when she realized that she actually liked this too. Her sisters knew almost everything about her. They had grown together after all. And she loved that they understood her.

There was nothing closer to you in the world but your siblings. Tooth realized how much she really loved them. All their diffrent tempramentes. Some of her sisters were clean from hair to toe. Others were a bit more messy. Like teeth you don't brush so often. But they all were beautiful in their own way. And she loved them. Loved them with all her heart.

When Tooth heard noices coming from the stairs, she stood up, excused herself and told her sisters that everything will be fine. With that, she left the room without any of her sisters knowing what she was about to do.

She was going to safe them. Safe their lifes and memories. Tooth wanted them to remember her as loving big sister and not the tyran who she may have been almost her whole life.

She walked down the stairs. The people ran towards her with their weapons ready. They were shoked of her beauty for first so she had time to talk to them for couple seconds.

"Here I am. Do what you want to me, but you will not go any furter up to the tower. Understood?" Tooth said. People didn't really listen to her.

Tooth felt the pain when a kitchen knife stabbed her in her heart. But then there was nothing. Nothing but memories of a beautiful girl who had everything but never loved nothing but her sisters.

Tooth loved every single tooth she got in her hands. They were so similar with her sisters. Every single one of them were diffrent. They all had diffrent memories. And that was the reason why she was a guardian.

She was the Tooth Fairy. The Guardian of Memories. Who loved nothing but all children's teeth, her friends and her fairies. She loved her life. There were nothing better than bretty teeth with blood and gum on them.

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