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Arriving at the Retirement Home, Booth looked around and found his grandfather playing dominoes in the game room. Walking up behind Hank, Booth overheard his grandfather talking. "Yeah, it'll be any day now and I'm going to be a great-grandfather again. Not too many guys are lucky enough to say something like that."

His hand placed on his grandfather's shoulder, Booth smiled at the older man. "Hey, Pops, I thought I'd come by and pick you up and take you home for a few days. Bones wants the company and so do I."

Surprised, Hank turned and looked up at his grandson. "Hey, Shrimp, it's a work day what are you doing here. Why aren't you at work?"

Shrugging his shoulders, Booth glanced at Hank's friends and then back at Hank. "I had a long day yesterday and I took the day off today. Bones and I were talking last night and we wanted to see if you'd come over to the house for a few days. She's finally off of work for awhile for maternity leave and she doesn't want to be in the house by herself. We were wondering if you'd do us a favor and come stay at the house for few days, maybe even a week or two. Just to keep her company."

Pleased that Brennan wanted him to visit, Hank stood up. "Sure thing, if that's what you guys want. I may not be able to do a lot, but I can be company."

Patting Hank's shoulder, Booth tried to contain his excitment. "Great, Pops. Why don't you pack a bag and I'll go warn the front desk that you're going to be gone for a week or two."


Arriving at the Booth/Brennan house, Hank walked into the living room and looked around. "Wow, Seeley, you guys did a great job fixing this place up. It's beautiful."

Pleased at the compliment, Booth carried Hank's bags in to the house behind his grandfather. "Let me take these bags up to Parker's room and then I'll tell Bones you're here. Make yourself at home, I'll be right back."

Taking in the ancient statues and art work, Hank walked further into the living room and sat down on one of the couches. Glancing at the wall where the TV was, he studied the knick knacks resting on the shelves surrounding the fire place and TV.

Hank had only been alone for a few minutes when he heard Booth coming back down the stairs. Looking around, he stood up and exclaimed, "What's this? What have you got there?"

Booth moved off the stairs into the room holding his new born daughter in his arms while Brennan slowly followed him down the stairs. "Bones had her baby yesterday. We want to introduce you to your newest great-grandchild." Stopping a few feet from the stairs, he waited for Brennan to arrive at the bottom of the stairs, so they could present their child together. Smiling at each other, Booth placed the baby in Brennan's arms and looked at Hank. "Pops, this is Christine Angela Booth. The newest edition to the Booth and Brennan clan."

Stunned with the news, Hank walked over to where Booth and Brennan were standing and stopped close enough to see the sleeping baby in Brennan's arms. "My God, she's beautiful . . . She's just so beautiful."

Her eyes sparkling, Brennan smiled at the old man. "Yes, I know. Would you like to hold her?"

Shocked at the suggestion, Hank backed up a little bit. "What? . . . No, no, I can't hold her. I'm old, I'll drop her."

Shaking his head, Booth protested, "No way, Pops. You won't drop her . . . Tell you what, go sit on the couch and hold her sitting down if it'll make you more comfortable."

He really did want to hold the baby and that seemed like a good plan to him. "Yeah, that'll work." Turning, Hank walked over to the couch and sat down. Suddenly nervous, he cleared his throat. "Look, maybe you should stand near me just in case."

Taking the baby from Brennan's arms, Booth walked over to the couch and knelt in front of his grandfather. Placing his baby daughter in Hank's arms, Booth smiled at his nervous grandfather. Brennan, noticing the worried look on Hank's face, sat down next to him and placed her hand on his knee.

Holding Christine carefully as if she were fine porcelain, Hank looked down at the sleeping baby in his arms. After a minute of pure pleasure, Hank realized that he was crying. "She's beautiful . . . just beautiful . . . I never thought I'd live to see another great grandbaby. I just never thought that was going to happen again. Now look, Temperance has given us another Booth. God I am so happy I could just bust all of my buttons." Glancing up at Brennan, Hank laughed. "You had your baby yesterday and you're already home? Wow, things sure have changed from when my son was born."

His tongue moving across the bottom of his teeth, Booth finally broke the news to his grandfather. "Yeah, well . . .uh, Bones didn't actually have her baby in a hospital yesterday."

Puzzled, Hank rocked Christine a little and then asked his grandson, "What do you mean?"

Glancing at Brennan and then back at Hank, Booth cleared his throat. "Bones went into labor and we were too far from a hospital, so she had her baby in a horse stable. I delivered Christine."

Totally Shocked, Hank shook his head. "Jesus, don't tell me anymore. That's all I need to hear." Shaking his head, Hank glanced at Booth and then Brennan. "I guess he did a good job. You look okay to me and the baby looks perfect."

Nodding her head, Brennan smiled. "Booth did a very good job. He was very calm and he knew exactly what to do. I couldn't have asked for better care than the care that Booth gave me. I am very proud that he was there for me and knew exactly what had to be done."

Proud that she thought so much of him, Booth smiled, reached out and took her hand in his. "Thanks Bones. That means a lot to me."

Smiling in return, Brennan placed her hand over their clasped hands. "I told Booth that it wasn't necessary to deliver Christine at the hospital and I was correct. No one at the hospital could have done a better job than the job Booth did."

Hank, watching Booth and Brennan staring at each other, smiled at the baby in his arms. "Well, Christine, with genius parents like you have, God help the rest of us when you get older. The world better be prepared because ready or not, here you come."


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