Disclaimer: I don't own Rosario Vampire, Hellsing, or any anime mentioned here, I only own most of the OCs that will appear and I don't make any money or profit from this story, this fic is from the depths of my imagination,

Dragonlord1337 has given me permission to use a couple of his OCs for this fic, thank you man they will be very helpful down the road in the story

Summary: Soshi Niji the small, young, cute, kind-hearted prince of an entire alien race, is going to Yokai. How will his Yokai adventure go? And what happens when he forms a brotherly bond with the average human Tsukune Aono? Fairy Tail is in cooperation with an old ressurected enemy of the vampire king Alucard called Millennium (Hence the Hellsing crossover part).

OC-centric, slight crossover with Bleach (As in some characters will somewhat resemble Bleach Characters)and DBZ

Pairing: OcxFem. OCxMokaXKurumuxMizoreXYukari XRuby large Harem, TsukuneX 3 girl mini-harem

Warning: Straight Shota: A young boy gets a harem of older girls, if you don't like this type of relationship don't read it! But don't ruin it for other people!

Chapter 1: Yokai Academy

A rickety old school bus was driving towards a tunnel. Two boy sat on the bus. One boy was 15 and was average in looks, size, and build. He had short dark brown hair and brown eyes. He wore a green shirt, red tie, white undershirt, brown pants, and black shoes. He was Tsukune Aono a completely average every day boy. He had barely passable grades, not popular with other boys or girls, just your average everyday Joe.

The second boy thought was much more unique in that fact that he was really small and tiny standing only 3'4 ft. He was tiny in size and weight, yet had a lean slight muscular build, the reason he was so small was because of a birth defect, he would never grow beyond 4'3 in his teen and adult years because of it. His hair was a unique silver color and it was about waist length. Soshi kept his hair back in a ponytail, two jaw length bangs framed his cute girlish face perfectly, his eyes were an exotic rainbow color with purple pupils and the other colors forms 6 beautiful rings. This boy was a Bish┼Źnen. His name was Soshi Niji, and he was not average in anyway. Soshi like Tsukune wore the same green outfit. This boy was shockingly only just 10, he had just turned 10 a week ago before school started. Another unique thing was this boy was no human and not even of this planet. He was a Tenkian a super-powerful extraterrestrial being from the distant planet of Tenki. Not only that he was the prince of the entire Tenkian race, his mother Lucretia was the queen. They moved to earth with help from a friend when he was just a baby, his father had died on their home-world of Tenki it was being destroyed by rival races.

Tsukune looked shocked. 'What's a little kid doing here?'

Soshi was humming to himself smiling. 'I can't wait! My first day in high school!'

"Um excuse me?" Tsukune called.

"Yes?" Soshi replied kindly.

"Are you lost little guy? Won't your mother worry?" Tsukune asked.

The young alien laughed. "Oh mom knows that I'm going to high school at the same place you are!"

Tsukune's mind went blink. "W-W-W-WHAT!? But you're only 10!"

"True, but I'm a child prodigy, my IQ is over ~500~!" Soshi replied with a smile and ending it with a sing-song tone.

Tsukune was shocked. 'IQ of over 500?! How is he still acting like a normal child?!'

Soshi held out one hand. "I'm Soshi Niji."

Tsukune couldn't help but smile back and took his hand. "I'm Tsukune Aono...It's nice to meet you Soshi-san."

"You too Tsukune-san." Soshi replied kindly.

"So entering Yokai Academy, eh? The driver asked the two.

Tsukune was startled. "Uh...Yeah."

"That's right!" Soshi answered smiling.

The driver chuckled and looked back at them with ominous glowing eyes. "I hope you said all your goodbyes...Because as soon as we come out of this long, long tunnel...You'll see the academy. And perhaps-never see anything again!"

Tsukune was terrified. "Whaaa?!"

Soshi smiled. "I can't wait!" He had heard the rumors of Yokai academy from his father figure Alucard, the king of all vampires. Soshi's real father died on their home-world when he was just a baby. The Tenki prince doesn't even remember the man.

Tsukune gaped at the boy. 'What's with Soshi-san?! It's like he's too innocent to be afraid!'

The bus finally emerged from the tunnel on a cliff-side road and stopped near a dead tree and pumpkin headed scarecrow.

The bus driver announced as he opened his doors. "Welcome to your new school...Boys. You take care now."

Tsukune saw the 'area' and was shocked. "Wait a minnit! What kinda of school is this?!"

"Wow! It looks like one of those horror movie scenes!" Soshi's eyes were starry. "Earth is such a beautiful planet!"

Tsukune blinked. 'Earth? Why would he say the name of our planet unless he was...An alien!'

Soshi looked to Tsukune, tilting his head cutely.. "Tsukune-san? What's wrong?"

Tsukune shakes his head. "Naw, it's nothing Soshi-san..." He shivered as he looked to the scenery, it looked like a scene out of a horror movie. "I...I can't believe how creepy this place is..."

Soshi nodded. "I know Tsukune-san, it's like we're in a whole different world isn't it?"

Tsukune looks back at the tunnel and shivers. "Okay...This is scary. But Yokai itself can't possibly be as..." He stopped when he saw the building in the distance. "Could that be...The school?! It looks more like a haunted house! That's it! I'm going home!"

Soshi replied. "Tsukune-san, where's your-" He heard something. The 'Chi-ching' of a bike and the sound of a tire screeching.

A girl's voice yelled. "Look out!

Tsukune turned. "Soshi-san!"

Soshi turned as a girl on a bike came right at him. "Hm?"

Tsukune freaked out and closed his eyes.

There was a crash as the girl and her bike collided with the little boy.

But shockingly Tsukune opened his eyes and saw a most shocking thing: Soshi had the bike on his back but he wasn't even fazed, the girl laid disoriented in front of him.

"Oh my, that was rather dangerous wasn't it Tsukune-san?" Soshi said rubbing his head. He moved his other hand to get up and felt something really soft. "Huh?"

Tsukune was just stunned.

Soshi looked to see a tall girl with long pink hair and wearing the girl version of his outfit laying before him. He noticed a strange black choker around her neck from which dangled a large silver crucifix cross with a red jewel in the middle on a short chain link. 'Jewelry? I wonder what it could be?' his super-genius brain began to form theories. 'Either it's a fashion statement, a gift from an admirer, or a seal of some-kind. Judging by the energy I feel from it I'm assuming it's the latter.'

The girl held her head as she apologized. "Oh...I'm sorry...I'm anemic...I get a little dizzy sometimes..."

Soshi asked. "Are you okay?"

The cute girl cleared her vision and looked up with a pair of bright emerald green eyes which stared into Soshi's own exotic rainbow eyes. The girl gasped seeing such a small young cute boy. 'A little boy...and he's so adorable!' She blushed and asked. "Did you help me little boy?"

"Yes I did..." Soshi replied with a warm smile that sent butterflies into the girl's stomach. Soshi titled his head seeing her blush. "Are you ok?"

The pink haired girl blushed deeper from his concern. 'Kawaii! He's just too cute!' "Y-Yes...I'm alright." She got to her feet but then fell to her knees.

Soshi walked up to her concerned. "No you're not you look like you're woozy, you should rest."

The girl noticed even on her knees, her head easily was eye-level at his neck line. She suddenly detected a sweet scent. "Oh blood!"

"Huh?" Soshi looked at his hand, he had accidentally cut it on the ground earlier. A tiny cut was spilling a little blood. "Oh that's nothing." The cut began to heal.

"H-here..." The girl brought out a handkerchief from her pocket. She stopped when a delicious scent hit her nose. "Your blood...I can...smell it...It's so sweet." She then fell against the boy. "Oh no..It's happening again..."

Soshi was surprised. "Huh?" 'What is she doing?' He felt his face heat up as she got closer.

The girl was now face to face with him. "I'm sorry...But...You see..." She moved to his neck. "I'm a vampire."


Soshi blinked feeling sharp teeth puncture his skin. 'Whoa a vampire? What are the chances of meeting one here?'

The girl moaned in delight. 'His blood is so lively, so warm, and nourishing! Oh kami!' She almost orgasmed with how good this boy's blood was.

Tsukune was gaping and blushing at the scene before him. 'She's kissing a child! Could it be...a real Shota pairing?!' He gained a nosebleed at that thought. Then his brain realized what she had told them. 'Vampire?!' He fainted from what he was witnessing.

Soshi felt his neck as the girl pulled away and the bite marks on his neck began to heal. "Did you just suck my blood?"

The girl apologized. "Oh, I'm so sorry! My name's Moka Akashiya! I'd never dream of doing anything like that...If I weren't..."

Soshi inquired."A vampire? The kind that hates garlic and crosses?"

Moka gushed. "Uh-huh. And I have to say, you have really delicious blood little cutie!" She cutely held the sides of her face.

Soshi just smiled. "Thanks." The bite marks were fully gone leaving nothing but smooth skin.

Moka, Tsukune, and Soshi were now walking on the path together. Soshi revived Tsukune from his sleep.

Moka asked. "So...Um...Do you not like vampires?"

Tsukune said. "Me? Not like vampires? I love vampires!" The hapless human boy was in a state of shock.

Soshi smiled. "Me too!"

Moka was really happy. "Oh, I'm so glad! Then we can be friends! I was worried because I'm new here!"

Soshi introduced himself. "I'm Soshi Niji."

Moka dropped her bike and hugged Soshi to her, she just couldn't keep her hands off the adorable little 10 year old. "Nice to meet you Soshi-kun!"

"Uh...My name is Tsukune Aono..." Tsukune introduced himself.

Moka smiled to Tsukune. "It's nice to meet you too Tsukune-san!" She kept hugging Soshi for a little while. "Soshi-kun! Let's talk more after the entrance ceremony!" The cute girl left the two boys.

Tsukune was still shocked by the news. 'Did she say...'Vampire'?!'

"Tsukune-san?" Soshi grabbed Tsukune's hand. "Let's go inside!"

"O-Ok..." Tsukune said trying to be brave for the little boy. They went inside the building.

Several girls stopped what they were doing and saw the cute little 10 year old, they all crowded around. They studied him.

Soshi blinked. "What's with them?" His cute tone of voice alone made them react.

The girls all squealed. "KAWAII!" They clamored to reach and snuggle the cute little boy.

Tsukune grabbed Soshi's hand. "Let's go Soshi-san!" He ran off with the boy.

The girls complained and chased after them.

Tsukune ran as if his life decided on it, which it did.

Soshi was laughing enjoying the little run.

But it only worked the girls up more. They were upset such a plain boy like Tsukune had managed to make the new little heart-throb so happy.

The two boys finally managed to avoid the mob of crazed straight Shotacon fan-girls.

"Tsukune-san! That was fun!" Soshi declared.

'Yeah maybe for you.' An exhausted Tsukune grumbled in his mind. The human boy had never ran that fast ever in his school life.

"Hey Tsukune-san relax...I found the homeroom!" Soshi pointed to the classroom before them numbered 1-3.

"Oh wonderful Soshi-san!" Tsukune replied.

"Let's go in!" Soshi said happily pumping his fist up.

"Ok." Tsukune answered.

Tsukune opened the door and both boys entered. Instantly Soshi got a lot of looks from the girls sitting in their desks.

Even the teacher who was a blonde woman with part of her hair resembling cat ears, she wore a white coat, orange shirt, and black skirt. her eyes were seemingly permanently closed and she wore glasses. A tan cat tail grew out from under her skirt all frizzled out. Nya! Soshi-kun is so cute! I just want to snatch him up and take him home with me!' She was just barely resisting the Shota urge to shower the little boy with all manner of love and affection. Her arms were twitching with the suppressed urge.

The other girls were talking and gushing over the adorable little boy in their classroom. They gave him looks of adoration.

"Aw so kawaii!"

"Is this little cutie really going to be our classmate for the next three years?!"

"I wonder how his parents approved him going here?"

"He's so adorable! Oh I just want to snatch him up and keep him for myself!"

The other boys glared at the little boy and had different views.

"Little runt should go back to pre-school."

"Yeah, little babies don't belong here!"

"He's gonna steal the hearts of the girls and leave nothing for us!"

Soshi sweat-dropped. "Tsukune-san, I have the sudden urge to make a run for it." He may be a child prodigy and quite intelligent and mature mentally for his age, but is still physically and emotionally a child, despite being able to act mature for his age, thanks to his super-intelligence.

"It's ok Soshi-san, it's your very first day of high school I know how you feel." Tsukune replied holding the much younger and smaller boy's hand.

The blonde teacher spoke up to regain control. "Everyone settle and let our new classmates find their seats."

Soshi found a desk in a row filled with girls.

Those girls were happy while the others complained.

Tsukune sat in a desk in the middle row.

"Welcome, everyone, to Yokai Academy! I'll be your homeroom teacher, Ms. Shizuka Nekonome. As I'm sure you all know..." Shizuka cheerfully explained. "Yokai...Is a school for monsters!"

Tsukune froze at that.

Soshi nodded he already knew everything about this academy, he read the book on it.

Shizuka continued her explanation at the board. "Now! Like it or not, human beings run the world! For us monsters to survive, we must learn to coexist peacefully with them! And that's the mission of the academy! Living peacefully in a human world!

Tsukune was looking around shocked. 'Monsters?! What's she saying?! What the joke?!'

'Tsukune-san?' Soshi looked concerned. The young Tenkian prince knew that Tsukune was a human, he recognized the feel of his aura.

Shizuka announced. "Which brings up rule#1! You will retain your human appearance! Does everyone understand? The first key to survival among humans is to be able to disguise yourself as one of them! To practice the art of disguise, please don't reveal your true nature-even to your fellow students!

Soshi smiled as his kind the Tenkians were the most genetically and physically close to humans out of any alien, they had no extra features like other aliens and could be easily mistaken for humans. The only differences were their array of incredible powers, advanced intelligence, and enormous appetites. Soshi was already in his true form.

A brutish brunette boy asked. "But ma'am, can't we just eat all the humans? I could start with all the cute girls."

Soshi frowned. 'Sick, this guy is really mean! His aura is foul.'

'No, no, no, no, no, no!' Tsukune screamed in his mind shivering.

Shizuka replied. "Silly...! But don't worry about running into any humans here! All the faculty and staff are monsters just like you! And since the academy located inside the secret 'Border-Lands'...No humans has ever even seen it. At least-Not seen it and lived!" Several students laughed.

Tsukune was shivering. 'So-If they find out I'm human-They'll-They'll-?! But how?! How did I get into this school?! How?!'

Soshi looked determined. 'Tsukune-san...You were the first person I met here, you're my first friend, I'll protect you...'

Tsukune clasped his hands together. 'Arrrgh! I've got to find a way out of this place!'

Soshi was about to speak to him when a girl's voice called out.

"Oh...! I'm s-sorry!" A girl came into the room. "I got lost in the halls after ceremony and...Sorry I'm late!"

Shizuka replied. "It's all right just take any empty seat. What a polite girl!"

"Thanks!" The girl was none other than Moka Akashiya the same cute girl whom Soshi and Tsukune met earlier.

Soshi was surprised.

Tsukune was shocked.

The other boys all gasped, they were all instantly smitten with the girl.

Soshi noticed their reactions and as he was so young was confused on why they were were acting so weird. "Um Tsukune-san?" He saw the human speechless too. 'What's the big deal?'

Moka walked around as boys cheered.

"Moka-san! Hi!" Soshi called out to his second friend here smiling.

"Moka-san..." Tsukune said.

Moka stopped when she saw them. "Huh? Tsukune-san? Soshi-kun?" She brightened at the sight of two familiar faces and hugged the two boys happily. "Soshi-kun! Tsukune-san! It's you! Oh, I'm so happy we're all in the same class!"

The other boys protested in anger.

The same brute boy from earlier licked his lips eyeing Moka. "Hmm."

The girls all complained about Moka hugging Soshi. One silent girl had knee-long raven hair and crimson eyes. She then smiled revealing her teeth were elongated and sharp. Her crimson slit eyes began to glow. She wore a Gothic style black dress that stopped at her knees, she had red stocking and black shoes, her top was v-cut showing her sizable cleavage off. Her breasts were large E to small F cups and the surprise was this wasn't even her true appearance just a 'disguise' she wore. Her nails had dark red almost black polish on them and they were long. Her true look was even hotter than this.

The girl whispered in a loving tone towards the boy. "My little Soshi-kun, you finally came love..." She narrowed her eyes staring at the pink-haired girl hugging him. 'Who is she and what does she think she's doing hugging him like that?'

Class was let out early and the girls even Shizuka instantly swarmed Moka to get to Soshi. Tsukune quickly pushed them both of the way and was trampled.

"Tsukune-san!" Soshi called out concerned.

"He's doing this for us Soshi-kun." Moka said grabbing Soshi's hand and making a run for it.

The raven-haired girl watched the crowd in amusement. 'So they think they have a chance huh? I know Soshi-kun needs multiple women as he is the last living male Tenkian, but I will only share him with worthy girls! They must love him for who he is like I do. I will teach those pests a lesson...And I must discover who that pink-haired girl is and how she met Soshi-kun.' She then summoned a bat.

The bat squeaked.

The raven beauty gave her order. "Follow them I want to know who that girl is and how she met my Soshi-kun."

The bat squeaked in affirmation and flew after the escaping pair.

The raven beauty looked to the fallen Tsukune. 'This boy smells like a human.' She smiled. 'Soshi-kun, you made your first human friend. I'm so happy for you love.' She then retreated into the shadows.

Three girls who weren't part of the Shota girl mob carried Tsukune to the infirmary. These girls were drawn to the hapless human boy as he had selflessly pushed Moka and Soshi out of the way of that mob.

Moka was running from the mob still holding Soshi's hand, so the little boy was not even touching the ground. "Soshi-kun what do we do?!"

"Stop for a moment Moka-san." Soshi said.

Moka was reluctant. "But!"

"Trust me. I'll get us out of here Moka-san." Soshi replied.

"Ok" Moka stopped.

Soshi smiled. "Let's go!" He then began to run and was a blur easily dragging the pink-haired girl behind him.

Moka blushed. 'Oh my! Soshi-kun sure can run!'

Soshi then jumped all the way to the second stairs almost flying and landed far away the mob.

All the girls were in awe of the little boy's incredible physical abilities. They all squealed.

"So athletic!"

"So kawaii!"

"Why can't the other boys be like him?"

The other boys grumbled threateningly.

Moka was in awe. "S-Soshi-kun, for someone so small you are sure strong and athletic!"

Soshi smiled. "Thanks Moka-san, even though I'm young I've trained intensely since I was 3. My mom first wouldn't allow it, but eventually after discovering how strong I was for my age and size she relented."

Moka smiled. 'Amazing...I wonder how strong he really is?'

"I'm also a child prodigy, Moka-san my IQ is 500." Soshi explained.

Moka blinked in surprise. '5-500?! His IQ is 500?!'

Many girls squealed more.

"Cute, smart, and strong!"

"He's a perfect package!"

Soshi sweat dropped. 'What are they talking about?' "Moka-san, let's go visit Tsukune-san in the infirmary."

Moka smiled. "Sure Soshi-kun!" They walked toward the infirmary together hand and hand. The other boys and girls protested seeing this.


Tsukune groaned as he wakes up. "Ow what happened to me?"

"You did something completely stupid but very brave." Said a girl's voice.

Tsukune looked to see three very beautiful girls surrounding him.

One girl had long purple hair tied in a ponytail and golden eyes that reminded him of a cat's. She had a beautiful tan color to her skin. She wore a different outfit than the other girls, it was a backless, black sleeveless undershirt, an orange over-shirt with two white straps on each shoulder, a large beige sash around her waist, and black stretch pants with a pair of lightweight brown colored shoes.

The other girl had long golden blonde hair as long as Moka's own pink hair and bright blue eyes. She wore the normal outfit.

The third girl had mid-length red hair tied in a braid and red eyes. She wore an altered version of the uniform. The top was red with no white anywhere.

Tsukune blushed. 'Oh man, these three are as beautiful as Moka-san if not more!'

"You know that was a really brave and foolish thing you did." The tan purple-haired beauty said grinning.

The red-haired girl spoke next. "Yeah, you risked your life to help that little boy escape that mob."

"I love a thoughtful man like you..." The blonde beauty said crawling onto the bed and up to Tsukune.

Tsukune blushed as she drew close to him and whispered her name in his ear in an very sultry tone. "My name is Konoka Yoko."

The tan beauty winked and blew a kiss to Tsukune. "Name's Yoruichi Koneko, cutie."

"And I am Kiriko Harukana." The red-haired girl said winking to Tsukune as well.

"M-My name is..." Tsukune stuttered.

Yoruichi giggled. "We know who you are Tsukune-kun."

Tsukune was shocked. "How'd you know my name?"

Kiriko smiled. "We guessed and we got it right!"

Konoka explained. "We were drawn to you Tsukune-kun, something about you attracts us to you."

"Tsukune-kun we know you're human." Kiriko explained.

Tsukune flinched. "How?"

Yoruichi explained. "Your scent, both Konoka-chan and I could tell you were human by your scent and looks." seeing his scared face, she quickly moved to his side and stroked his face. "We won't harm you Tsukune-kun, we'll protect you."

Tsukune looked relieved. "S-So since this is a school for monsters are you three?"

Konoka nodded. "Yes, we're monsters Tsukune-kun, I'm a Kitsune..." Her ears vanished under her golden hair and a pair of golden fox-ears grew out of the top of her head along with 6 long beautiful golden fox tails.

Yoruichi gained cat-ears on her head and a cat-tail the same purple as her hair grew out behind her. "I'm a Neko-Musume Tsukune-kun..." She winked at the blushing human boy.

Kiriko smiled and flames erupted in her palms yet she didn't look at all effected by them. "I'm a Fire Girl Tsukune-kun. You know about the snow girls of legend right?"

Tsukune nodded. "Yeah."

Kiriko explained. "Well my people are basically their fire-wielding counterparts."

Tsukune was in awe at the three beautiful monster girls around him. He had been gaining a small crush on Moka, but seeing how she preferred Soshi..He got rid of that crush pretty quickly. Now he is surrounded by three very lovely girls each easily rivaling Moka in looks.

There was a knock at the door and then it opened to reveal Soshi and Moka.

"Tsukune-san." Soshi saw the three girls around him. "Are you ok?"

Tsukune smiled to the little boy. "Yeah Soshi-san I'm ok...Hey Moka-san."

Moka saw these girls with Tsukune, but she unsurprisingly felt nothing about it. She placed one hand on Soshi's shoulder. "I'm glad you're well Tsukune-san, when you're cleared come find Soshi-kun and I ok?"

Tsukune nodded. "Sure Moka-san."

Yoruichi assured. "Don't worry Moka-chan, Tsukune-kun will be safe with us."

"Come on Soshi-kun, let's go and let Tsukune-san get some rest." Moka gently led him out.

"Ok Moka-san, Tsukune-san get well soon." Soshi said letting himself be led out.

"Thanks Soshi-san."

Yoruichi smiled. "You are a good soul Tsukune-kun, you will make a wonderful father."

Tsukune blushed and stuttered.

"Don't try to deny it Tsukune-kun." Konoka replied.

Tsukune blushed. 'I think I'm gonna love my time here in the infirmary.' The Nurse who was some kind of mummy monster said that Tsukune had suffered several broken bones and possible contusions in being trampled so he might be in here for a few days.

After leaving the infirmary, Moka and Soshi were checking out the rest of the school.

Moka was holding Soshi's hand excitedly as they explored the hall.

Soshi was in awe.

The other boys were clamoring about the beautiful pink haired girl, but seeing the little boy with her, they threatened him with bodily harm.

But then someone blocked the two from going any further. It was the same boy from their class earlier. "They're right, you know...You are cute. Moka isn't it?" He winked at Moka. "My name is Saizo Komiya. Remember it."

The crowd all gasped when he told his name.

Saizo grabbed the little boy by his shirt collar and lifted him into the air. "What I want to know is...What's a girl like you doing with a little brat like this?"

Now most little boys would be freaking out at their position, but not a little boy who's the last living male of a race of super-powerful extraterrestrial beings. Soshi just looked confused. 'What did I do?'

Moka looked really scared and worried for the little boy.

A black bat was watching.

People commented.

"Saizo Komiya! I've heard of him!"

"They say he's a real monster masher, ha, ha!"

"He's always chasing girls-Human girls."

"He caused so much trouble in the human world they sent him here-kinda like reform school!"

Saizo threw the little boy on the ground. He then grinned to Moka, who was checking on the little boy. "Or maybe you just haven't had much to compare him to yet. You just need to experience something better- a real man like me." Then he loomed over Moka. "When should I pick you up?"

Moka quickly pulled Soshi up and then ran off holding the little boy's hand. "Sorry! I'm hanging with Soshi now!"

Soshi blinked. 'Moka-san?'

Saizo watched them leave. "Are you? Well...Enjoy him..While he lasts!" He held one hand up and the muscles twitched.

Moka and Soshi stopped at just under the stairs.

"Whoo! That was kinda scary, huh? Are you all right Soshi-kun?" Moka asked.

Soshi look at her with a smile. "Uh...Yeah! I'm fine! But...Why are you being so nice to me, Moka-san? I mean...I'm just your average child prodigy..." Soshi was no braggart and wanted to keep a low profile about his true capabilities. Tenkians were not arrogant beings.

Moka grabbed his hand. "Don't say that! You're hardly average to me, Soshi-kun!"

"Huh?" Soshi looked up at her.

Moka looked away shyly. "Besides...You..." She gushed and held her hands to her face. "Already let me suck your blood!"

Soshi blinked.

"You should be proud! Your blood is awesome way more delicious than any I've drunk out of transfusion bags! The flavor, the balance, the aroma, the body..." Moka listed off.

Soshi tilted his head cutely. "So am I like your private juice-box now or something Moka-san?"

Moka replied shyly. "Well...To tell the truth...Soshi-kun...Y-You were my first..."

Soshi blinked at her words. "Huh?"

"The first person I really sucked blood from! Really! And a girl never forgets her first time!" Moka explained.

"Ah, ok I see." Soshi said with a smile.

Moka pumped her fist up. "Let's go explore the school!"

"Right!" Soshi replied.

The two spent the entire day exploring the school grounds unknowingly being followed by a tiny bat.

Moka pointed to a direction. "Look, Soshi-kun! It says this is the dorm we'll be living in!"

Soshi looked at the run-down dorms. "Whoa...They really went that extra mile for authenticity. This place looks like it was built to house the dead."

Moka was dreamily. staring at the building with her hands clasped together. "It's heaven...Have you ever seen a building with such personality?"

Soshi blinked. "Are we looking at the same dump?"

Moka turned to the boy. "Huh? But this place is a monster's dream!"

Soshi studied the building. 'I guess monsters would call this dump home.'

Moka asked. "By the way, what type of monster are you?"

Soshi thought. 'She thinks I'm a monster but I'm not a monster I'm an alien...and mom told me to keep a low profile.'

Moka remembered. "Oh, that's right it's against the rules to tell, huh? Sorry! Forget I asked!"

Soshi replied. "But I have to say, Moka-san. You look completely human from every angle! Are you really a vampire?"

Moka smiled. "Oh, you know I am! I may look like a human now..." She then gestured to the silver crucifix nestled in-between her breasts. "But...When I take off this 'Rosario' I get REALLY scary!"

'I knew it, that's a seal...But why is she wearing a seal? Karin-chan doesn't need a seal for her powers.' Soshi thought.

Moka explained. "It's crucifix with a rosary bead in the middle. It locks up vampiric powers. I don't like causing trouble anyway...So I'm happy to wear the Rosario and keep my powers in check!"

Soshi was surprised by Moka's conviction. 'She's so serious...She is pretty different from me! But is she really a vampire?'

Moka moved closer to the little boy and knelt down placing her hands on him. "Of course, even with her powers locked up, a girl still needs blood!" She bit into his neck.


Soshi let her drink as he would heal fast from this.

The bat flew into a dark shadowy place and landed on the outstretched finger of a beautiful raven haired girl.

"Report..." The girl brought the bat to her ear as it squeaked out what it saw. It finished and then the raven haired beauty's crimson eyes began to glow. "I see, so this girl is a vampire too. But she looks far too innocent to be a true vampire." She then smirked baring razor-sharp teeth. "I'll have to teach this little soft girl what a true vampiress looks like and does."

After being released, Soshi decided to explore more...But the boy met Saizo.

Saizo was leaning against a tree with his arms crossed. "Yo, wait up, lady-killer." He then grabbed Soshi by the tie and slammed him against the wall. "I hear you and Moka spent a lot of time together yesterday. Just who do you think you are you damn runt?!" He snarled. "What's your true nature, anyway?! Huh?!"

Soshi just looked to Saizo calmly. "My true nature? You want to know my true nature?"

"Yeah what the hell are you?!" Saizo snarled pressing the boy deeper into the wall.

Soshi sighed. 'I have to keep a low profile, mom told me to.' "Sorry Saizo-san, it's against the rules to tell you."

Saizo twitched. Then the bully released the boy's collar and then punched the wall, shattering it in a single blow and earning an applause from the other boys.

Soshi just stared not even fazed by that show of strength, he knew he was far beyond Saizo in power and skill. The older boy was barely equal to the young Tenkian at one-millionth of his real power. 'Saizo-san is much weaker than me. But unlike him I defend the weak, not pick on them.' Soshi thought with a frown.

Saizo thinking the boy was frozen in terror showed his much bigger clawed arm off. "I don't give a shit about the rules or about you, don't let me catch you with Moka again. You even speak to her, you're toast runt." He said this as he departed.

The other students were really surprised to see the little 10 year old boy just staring at Saizo's back.

Soshi sighed and brushed the debris off his uniform. "Man, is he mean..." Soshi saw the broken wall and gasped. "Oh no, the teachers are going to have a cow, when they see this ruined wall...I'll fix it!" The boy stared at the rubble and to the gathered students' shock the debris of the wall floated up and filled the hole before the cracks faded away leaving nothing but smooth concrete.

The students were in awe at what they just witnessed. They began to chat wondering just what kind of creature this little boy really was.

The next day, Soshi was alone he was just enjoying the scenery in the graveyard. "Hm, this place is definitely fit for monsters."

Another boy was watching his back. This boy wore an expensive looking black Victorian uniform, he was 15 years old and stood 5'5. His hair was slicked back and was a silver color and he had red slit eyes. He grit his teeth showing sharp canines. This boy was named Fuzen Williamson from the noble Williamson vampire family. Fuzen was a rich little bastard but he was also a vampire, one of if not the strongest monster.

Fuzen smirked. 'How nice brat, you're all by yourself!'

"Soshi-kun!" It was Moka who came up behind the boy and hugged him.

"Moka-san." Soshi was taken by surprise.

Fuzen gaped. 'Whoa who is she?! She is cute! Too good for that little runt!' He suddenly heard stomping.

Soshi and Moka both froze as they heard it. The stomping was coming from Saizo, he was pissed.

Saizo snarled. "I warned you runt!"

Soshi spoke. "Moka-san, stay behind me I'll protect you."

Moka looked really concerned. "Soshi-kun. Are you sure?"

Soshi looked back at her and the pink-haired vampiress was surprised by the determination in his beautiful blue green tinted eyes. "Don't worry Moka-san. I can handle him."

Saizo sneered. "Bring it on runt!"

Soshi announced. "Moka-san, it's time I finally told you what I am...You are my friend and deserve to know. I'm not a monster but I'm not human either."

Moka was surprised. 'Not a human, nor a monster...Is he a border being?'

Saizo laughed. "You're not human or a monster?! You must be a filthy border being!"

Soshi shook his head. "No I'm not a border being either I am not of this planet...My true form is a Tenkian from the planet Tenki."

Moka was stunned. 'A Tenkian? Soshi-kun is a Tenkian?' She had heard rumors about these super-powered extraterrestrials they were said to even rival her race in power they showed up 10 years ago an the yokai world already heard many stories about them lurking within the human realm. They were said to be very genetically similar to humans which allowed them to hide among humans easily.

Bite Sized monster dictionary:

Tenkian: A super-powered extraterrestrial being from another planet. They are very genetically similar to humans allowing them to hide and mingle among humans. They have extremely long life-spans rivaling that of even vampires. Their powers are the most versatile out of any non-human beings.

Saizo roared. "A Tenkian?! One of the most powerful alien species, that are said to rival even vampires?! You a Tenkian?! Prove it runt!" He transformed growing much larger and uglier. "Prove it by fighting me! "

Soshi got into a strange stance, he moved his right foot back so he was facing Saizo at a slight angle, his knees were slightly bent, feet planted firmly on the ground, his arms were flared open slightly, his fingers were curled resembling the claws of a predator (Think Gohan's fighting stance).

"I'm ready Saizo." Soshi said.

An arrogant voice called. "But are you ready for me brat?" A boy with slicked back silver hair, crimson eyes, and expensive black Victorian suit came out of the forest smirking.

Moka was stunned. "Who are you?"

Soshi was surprised. "Fuzen!"

"Nice to see you again brat." Fuzen said snidely. He flashed over to Moka and smiled to her. "Hello beautiful."

"Eep!" Moka looked nervously at him. "H-Hello?"

Saizo roared. "Who are you?!"

Fuzen snorted arrogantly. "Normally I won't even glance at such low-class trash, but today I'll make an exception. I am Fuzen Williamson."

Moka blinked. 'Williamson? Why does that sound so familiar?'

Saizo was confused. "Williamson? Never heard of you."

Fuzen did an overly dramatic hair flip. "Such a lowly cur like you wouldn't know one of one the most prominent vampire families."

Moka was surprised. "You're a vampire?!"

Fuzen smiled to her and knelt down taking one of her hands in his own. "Yes my dear, and what an honor it is to meet a fellow vampire like you."

Saizo was stunned to learn that this boy and Moka were vampires.

Moka looked uncomfortable at his grin. It twisted her insides but not in the good way more like the creepy pervert molester way. "Um yeah..."

Saizo snarled. "Get away from my woman."

Fuzen scoffed. "You think a lowly cur like you is worthy of dating a vampire?"

Saizo clenched his fists and roared. "You're going down!" He charged at Fuzen and tackled him away from Moka.

The two began to slug it out but Fuzen being a vampire easily gained the upper hand and began to mercilessly pummel Saizo.

Moka blinked and felt her hand be grabbed again. "Huh?" She saw Soshi and blushed. "Soshi-kun."

"Let's get away, while they're fighting Moka-san." Soshi said.

"Right!" Moka agreed and the two turned and made a run for it.

Fuzen stopped beating Saizo when he detected Moka's youki getting further away Soshi's aura was right with her. "That little brat! How dare he?! First the lovely Karin-hime and now the beautiful Moka-san?! He will not get away with that!" The angry young vampire male followed after them. He himself being followed by a black bat.

Saizo was left badly beaten up on the ground and mumbled with a broken jaw. "You'll pay for this you arrogant bastard..."

Moka and Soshi ran until Fuzen landed in front of them.

Fuzen's eyes were glowing. "You aren't taking that vampire beauty you brat!"

"Taking her? Moka-san is my friend." Soshi replied confused by Fuzen's words. 'Why would I 'take' her?'

Fuzen sneered. "Don't lie brat! You know she likes you as more than just a friend just like Karin-hime!"

Moka blinked. 'Karin? That name sounds familiar.' "Who's Karin?"

Fuzen smiled to Moka. "Oh Karin is the princess of our race Moka-san, her father is the vampire king."

Moka gasped. 'That's right I do faintly remember the vampire king visiting the Shuzen castle once! He talked with father about something and he brought his only daughter Lady Karin with him, she was everything I wanted to be as a vampire woman, brave, beautiful, and strong...' She looked to Soshi. 'I wonder how Soshi-kun knows Lady Karin?'

Fuzen smiled. "This little brat is important to Karin-hime...She actually believes she's in love with him...But it's just a phase...It will pass."

Moka was surprised. "Ladys Karin has a relationship with Soshi-kun?"

Fuzen snorted. "If you're naive enough to believe it like he is..."

The bat flew back to it's mistress and landed on her finger.

The raven-haired beauty, Karin Victoria said. "What is it?"

The bat squeaked it's report.

Karin narrowed her eyes. "So that teme Fuzen refuses to believe my feelings for Soshi-kun are true huh?" Her eyes glowed brighter in her anger and then a shadow mass rose from her back, it had many red eyes and even several mouths filled with razor-sharp fangs which drooled hungrily (Think FMA manga/brotherhood Pride's shadows after he absorbed Gluttony). "I think it's time to show him just how true my feelings really are..." The shadowy mass then went back into her body. She then looked to where she could feel Fuzen's youki, along with the unique aura of her young beloved and the youki of that pink-haired girl. 'And I believe it's time to say hello to Moka too. I can now remember a vampire named Moka. Daddy took me to this castle several years ago.' A memory started to play in her mind, she recalled when she was 10 years old her father Alucard (Hellsings Alucard if you hadn't already guessed) took her a European style castle and she met it's lord Issa Shuzen and his daughters Akuha, Kahlua, and Kokoa Shuzen and his favorite daughter Moka Akashiya, Moka was a nice but annoying girl, she actually sparred with Karin during her visit, Karin of course easily beat the younger vampiress and then Moka's little half-sister Kokoa Suzen challenged her after that, Karin won that battle with one chop to the younger vampire's neck in just a second into their match. Karin shook herself back to reality. 'I'll think about those later, Soshi-kun needs me.' She then sped up becoming a blur of light as she headed towards the area her beloved was in.

Fuzen charged at Soshi. "Die brat!" He swung his fist making for the little boy's head.

Soshi easily blocked his fist with one hand. "Fuzen, I know you can do better than that."

Fuzen was shocked. "What the?!" He mentally cursed. 'Damn it he's only gotten stronger!'

Moka was in awe. "Soshi-kun blocked a blow from a vampire. How strong is he for real?"

Fuzen jumped back. "Not bad runt...Take this!" He jumped with a swing of his leg in a kick.

Soshi calmly brought up one arm and blocked the leg easily. "Fuzen, are you even trying?"

Moka was stunned by what she was seeing. Her rosary bead wasn't a bead right now it was a red slit eye watching the fight going on before Moka.

Fuzen growled. 'This is impossible! I am an elite Vampire, how can this little runt be evading and blocking my moves?!' Fuzen's dark purple-red youki began to surround him the air in the area turned heavy.

Moka was barely standing. This youki was immense, dark, powerful.

Soshi didn't look even fazed from the immense power blowing around him. "Your power's pretty good Fuzen...But it's not much compared to mine." The boy crossed his arms in front of him in a X fashion. The area began to quiver and shake, rocks lifted up, the ground began to crack around them. Finally Soshi thrust his arms with his fists clenched and screamed as his own power erupted around him in a strange wind like fashion. The wind roared for several minutes before massive white flames erupted around him in a fire storm, which became a single massive aura around him, and then it condensed to more fit his body and it was very bright.

Fuzen was shocked. "No way!"

Moka felt the boy's power washing over her. It was easily as strong as her youki only without the malice or darkness in it. If a Shinso vampire's aura was darker than the blackest abyss then a Super Tenkian's aura was brighter than even the sun itself.

Karin was running when this familiar power hit her senses. "That is Soshi-kun's power I'm sensing! Looks like he's primed for a fight!"

Soshi got back into his fighting stance. "Let's go you creep."

Fuzen smirked. "Let's go then boy!"

The young vampire and child Tenkian then both charged at each other and collided with twin punches.

Soshi and Fuzen than began to both trade blows. Soshi being smaller and faster quickly gained the upper hand. He rammed his fist into Fuzen's gut and then uppercutted the vampire, but Fuzen managed to recover though.

Moka was in awe at the little boy's strength despite being much smaller and leaner than Fuzen. The eye on her rosary suddenly became a gem again.

Fuzen snarled. 'I must find a way to get the upper hand...' He then smirks and then kicks up some dirt and sends it into Soshi's face.

"Ah you cheater! My eyes!" The young Tenkian rubbed his eyes to clear the irritant.

Fuzen smirked and then lunged forward actually landing a blow on the smaller boy, he rammed his foot into Soshi's stomach and sent him crashing into the nearby tombstones.

Moka ran towards the boy worried. "Soshi-kun!" She was surprised as Soshi was back up on his feet with some blood dribbling down his lips and some leaves and gravel debris in his hair.

"It's ok Moka-san, I can take much harder hits than that..." Soshi smiled and wiped the blood from his lips. He moved forward to continue his fight with Fuzen. But however, he tripped on a piece of tombstone that broke off when he crashed through them. The boy stumbled and reached around for something to regain his balance, his fingers brushed something cold and he reached and felt something cold and metal and pulled. There was a 'Clink' sound.

Soshi blinked as he looked at what was in his hand, it was Moka's rosary crucifix.

Moka was surprised. "My rosary...It came off?" There was a dull pink light that erupted from Moka darkening the entire area into night with a pink moon, a flurry of bats suddenly flew down and surrounded Moka, disappearing into her very body as she transformed. Her hair turned a silver color, her eyes became red with slit pupils, her body grew more mature looking, her nails lengthened, and a massive energy emanated around the area. Then the bats all flew away to reveal the transformed Moka.

Soshi was in awe. 'Wow, so that's Moka-san's true form.'

Fuzen was surprised. 'Wow she's beautiful!'

Karin felt this demonic power. 'This energy..' It was really strong but still nothing compared to her own demonic power.

The new Moka looked to Fuzen. "To think a fellow vampire would stoop so low as to pick on a young child, it's disgraceful to our kind." her voice was deeper and sounded more womanly. Her red eyes narrowed at Fuzen who flinched. "You claim to be worthy of me?"

Fuzen grinned. "Why yes Moka-chan, we are both powerful vampires are we not?"

Moka spoke coldly. "You have not earned the right to be so familiar with me."

"You will be mine!" Fuzen charged and threw a punch at Moka only for the silver-haired beauty to easily catch it with one hand.

"This is all you can do? You are a disgrace to vampires." Moka said and she then leapt at Fuzen and kicked him in the head. "Know your place!"

Fuzen went flying through the area and crashed through all the tombstones and trees. He was knocked unconscious after 15th stone and he stopped at the cliff itself being embedded in it.

Soshi ran up to silver-haired Moka. "So this is the true you Moka-san? How cool!" He smiled.

Moka looked at the Tenkian boy. "You aren't afraid of me?"

"No why would I be?" Soshi asked his smile getting brighter. "We're friends!"

Moka looked surprised. "You want to be my friend?" She recalled watching behind the rosary seal his fight with Fuzen, before he released her. She then smirked and walked over to the boy, she knelt down and placed one hand on his shoulder. "You interest me Soshi, you are so young, yet you have the power to rival even a vampire. Perhaps I will take you on your offer to be friends."

"Thank you Moka-san." Soshi replied.

Moka gave a very slight smile. "No Soshi, thank you."

"Why Moka-san?" The little Tenkian tilted his head in a way that made even Inner Moka want to cuddle him, but she just managed to slightly suppress the Shota urge.

"You fought to protect my other self, you have been nothing but kind to her since you met." Moka explained. She then leaned in closer and stroked the little boy's cheek in an almost tender manner. "My other self is already quite fond of you Soshi, and your blood is delicious...It is very intoxicating." She almost orgasmed from remembering how good his blood was from her outer self drinking it.

Soshi blushed at her praise. Moka took her rosary crucifix from his hand.

"It's been a while since I was awakened...I'm still drowsy." Moka then placed her crucifix back on the chain. "Until we meet again, you just keep watching over my other self, Kay Soshi?" The chain glowed and then Moka reverted back to her more girlish pink haired self and fell.

Soshi caught the now sleeping vampiress in his arms. 'Wow Moka-san, you're much stronger than I first thought!' He suddenly felt a familiar presence and smiled. "Karin-chan? Is that you?"

A girl's voice answered him and it sounded really close, right beside him. "Yes Soshi-kun, it's been a while since we've last seen each other hasn't it?" Another beautiful girl then phased out of the tree beside him. She looked 15 and had long raven hair and crimson eyes like the other Moka's, only her red eyes had a permanent glow to them along with several rings around her cat-like pupils. She wore a black dress.

Soshi looked at her and asked. "I take it that's your 'disguise' Karin-chan?"

Karin smiled. "I can't fool you can I Soshi-kun? Yes this is my 'human' form" She then then pulled Soshi into a hug. "I missed you Soshi-kun, I'm glad you finally came to Yokai. I'm actually a second year but I held back, waiting for you..."

"Thank you Karin-chan, I missed you too." Soshi replied. "Oh, this is Moka-san."

Karin explained. "I know who she is Soshi-kun. I met her once before, I even know of your human friend Tsukune Aono."

"You know of Tsukune-san?" Soshi inquired.

"Yes I do," Karin leaned down and kissed Soshi on the forehead. "I'm happy that you made your first human friend Soshi-kun."

Soshi blushed. "Thank you Karin-chan."

Karin stroked his cheek. "You've had a very eventful first day haven't you Soshi-kun? You meet a human and another vampire as your first friends here, then you have your first fight."

Soshi smiled. "I think I'm going to like it here Karin-chan!"

Karin giggled. "And I'll be able to bare this place better now that you're here Soshi-kun."

The Bus driver had been watching from the cliff and chuckled as he took a drag of his cigarette. "You are awfully young for this place kiddo...Good luck to you."

Fuzen woke up moments later and vowed revenge. Saizo was found and taken to the infirmary.

The next morning, Soshi stood outside the gate that would lead him into the school. He smiled. "This place is fun! I swear mom can be such a worry wart, Yosho-sensei too. I can handle some things myself." He smiled thinking of his father/brother-figure, the man who brought his family and the other survivors of Tenki's destruction here to Earth. Yosho was a Dragon yokai of immeasurable power and had helped Soshi's family ever since he brought them here, helped adjust to their new home-planet. He even trained Soshi in martial arts which was one of the reasons why Soshi was leaner and more fit that most 10 year old boys and the fact that Soshi was also a super-powered alien helped too.

"Soshi-kun! Good morning! Whatcha doing!" Moka called running up and hugging Soshi from behind.

Soshi looked back and smiled."Oh morning Moka-san."

"Hello Moka-chan..." Karin greeted as she partially phased from the ground in front of Moka.

Moka jumped letting Soshi go. "Eek! Lady Karin don't do that!"

Karin grinned as she fully came up from the ground. "If you were a true vampire, you wouldn't be jumping like that Moka-chan." She then and hugged Soshi from behind. "Good morning Soshi-kun."

"Morning Karin-chan." Soshi greeted back. The young Tenkian then looked into the distance with a smile. "Karin-chan, Moka-san, let's go!"

Karin nodded. "I'm with you Soshi-kun."

"Me too!" Moka piped up.

Meanwhile elsewhere in the human world in a large beautiful manor, a beautiful tall woman was really worried. She stood 6'4 and was pacing back and forth. She had long silver hair and the same eyes as Soshi. She wore a white shirt which strained because of her large I cup breasts, and blue jeans. Her name was Lucretia, Soshi's over protective mother. Lucretia was 34 years old in earthling years but looked no older than in her 20s, Tenkians had immensely long lifespans, they were comparable in their life-spans to even vampires. Lucretia was over 34000 years old in her kind's time, as one earth year equaled 100 Tenki years, 10 earth years equaled 1000 Tenki years and so on and so forth. Tenkians had the gift of eternal youth, they aged differently than earthlings and once they hit their 20s physically they stopped physically aging permanently.

"Oh why hasn't Soshi-kun called yet?!" Lucretia said worried.

"Mom relax, I'm sure he's just distracted with his school work or is exploring that school, from what I heard Yokai is a really big place." A girl who resembled a carbon copy of Lucretia said without looking up from her magazine. This girl looked to be 19 and was over 19000 years old in her kind's years. Her hair was kept in a ponytail and she had blue eyes. Her outfit was a simple blue dress. This was Soshi's eldest sister Aiko Niji.

Lucretia narrowed her eyes at her eldest. "I know that Ko-chan, he is smart even for our kind. But my little Soshi-kun is still so young! He's barely just reached over 1000 years!"

Aiko replied calmly. "He certainly is very mature mentally for just reaching over 1000 years old. Most of our kinds' males don't reach full mentally maturity until they hit 1600 and beyond."

"Where are Akemi-chan, Ai-chan, and Megumi-chan?" Lucretia asked noticing the absence of her other daughters.

Aiko turned the page of magazine. "Eh Akemi and Ai are staying at a friends' house and Megumi's at a karate tournament. It's just you and me right now mom."

Lucretia sighed. "I guess it's a good thing I sent Yosho over there, he'll keep watch over Soshi-kun."

Aiko nodded. "Yeah I know mom, we can completely trust Yosho with otouto-kun's safety."

Lucretia agreed. "Yes after all he was the one who brought us all to Earth after our beloved original world Tenki was destroyed."

Outside the gate, a tall man stood gazing at the school, he stood 6'5. He was moderately muscled enough to be ripped but not overly bulky he is built for both speed and power. He has short black hair with traces of silver in it, it waved in the slight breeze. he has dark sapphire blue eyes. A tattoo decorated his right shoulder, it was the image if a katana blade pointing downward with a winged serpent coiled around it bordered by two eastern dragons going in a circle nose to tail. his outfit is a dark blue sleeveless top with silver trim that is tight enough to show off a hint of his muscle tone and black combat cargo pants and black finger-less gloves.

The man spoke in a deep strong tone. "Soshi is at this school and I heard that bastard Mikogami allowed him to be attacked without sending any assistance." The man's pupils narrowed into slits like those of a reptilian and a silver star-burst pattern was around his pupil. He began to glow blue like that of lightning before the the glow faded and the man vanished with a clap of thunder.