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Warning: Straight Shota: A young boy is sought after by older girls and has a harem of them, if you don't like this type of relationship then don't read.

Chapter 2: The Succubus

In the headmaster's office, Mikogami was chuckling as he spied on little Soshi. 'This boy, he could be the one to unite humans and monsters, his innocence and pure-heart could be enough to unite everyone with the help of the human Tsukune Aono.' He knew about the boy's already close bond with the daughter of the Vampire King Alucard.

There were footsteps and then a tall imposing man walked in and stopped before Mikogami, his eyes were blue with a silver star burst pattern and slit pupils like those of a reptile. This man was Yosho, the High Dragon lord, and Soshi's sensei. The one who brought the infant Soshi and his family to Earth and helped take care of him over the years.

Mikogami was crushed through his desk and plastered onto the floor not even able to move or breathe because of the immense power holding him down.

"Alright Mikogami, explain yourself..." Yosho said in a deep rumbling voice (Think Shenron/Porunga voice). "Why did you allow my pupil, the last living male Tenkian to be attacked? Even though thanks to my training, he's ready for practically any opponent."

Mikogami could barely breathe from the dragon's power.

"Let me guess, it was all part of your plan to manipulate my student." Yosho growled, the dragon lord then drew his unique blade and pointed it at the frozen dark lord. "Mikogami, I will warn you...Do not attempt to manipulate my student as you do yours...Soshi is only here because he wanted to be...And to make sure you don't pull any of your dirty tricks I'll be working here too. I have just the teaching position in mind."

Mikogami could only nod weakly.

Yosho then sheathed his blade. "It seems I've gotten my message across." His voice returned to its human form tone. The dragon lord turned and left the Headmaster's office.

Mikogami got up releasing a breath. "He really is a true monster." He muttered in a frightened tone.

Soshi had visited Tsukune in the infirmary again today. The older human boy smiled and told Soshi that it would only take 4 more days of rest, before he could be released. Soshi even met the three girls who helped Tsukune here. He was happy his first friend had some constant company, it would be rather boring being in the infirmary alone. Now the young Tenkian was walking to class. Normally the girls would be trying to get at him, but not now. Karin his closest and dearest friend (girlfriend/mate after Soshi gets the talk) was within the shadows keeping guard. When the girls tried to come near the boy, a large shadowy canine outlined with red-light and multiple demonic red eyes leapt out of the shadows snarling at them, this was no mere hell-hound, this was a hell-wolf; one of Karin's familiars. The girls backed off and then the shadowy beast retreated back into the shadows.

Soshi suddenly heard other boys gasp and shout.

"Hey look!"

"It's her! It's Moka! She looks even cuter than usual...Like there's a golden light all around her..."

Moka was walking minding her own business. She gave a kind cute smile.

The boys were blown away.

"So...Bright! So bright!"

"Moka Akashiya...The hottest girl in school...Ever!"

In the shadows, Karin scoffed in disgust. 'And they call themselves monsters pathetic, daddy would whip this bunch of wimps back into shape.' She contemplated eating a few of them to reduce the stupidity her young beloved would face; but then she decided not to as these guys were canon fodder and probably wouldn't taste so good and she would rather not have these weaklings as familiars, they would be utterly useless.

Moka looked around until she spotted a familiar boy.

"Morning Moka-san!" Soshi waved his raised arm excitedly to see one of his first friends here.

"Morning Soshi-kun!" Moka pulled him into a hug.

The older boy complained in protest.

"Moka with a boy?! I won't stand for it!"

"That brat again! Why him?! Why him?!"

Soshi felt several energies being aimed at him but it didn't even faze the young Tenkian. 'Why are they so upset at me? Moka-san and I are friends.'

Karin smiled baring her razor-sharp teeth which gleamed white in the shadows, her eyes glowed brightly like two crimson beckons of death ,anyone who looked into the shadows and saw this would definitely die of fright. 'Looks like Soshi-kun found his first concubine.' She saw the other boys glare and release their youki at her beloved and released some of her blood-lust directly at them. 'It's not Soshi-kun's fault he's more attractive than you morons.'

The boys suddenly froze in sheer terror and then they looked into the shadows besides Soshi and then wished they didn't Many demonic red eyes were staring at them and then the same number of fang-filled mouths opened and gnashed hungrily, drool dripping down the fangs. Then all the mouths combined into one giant fang-filled maw which grinned hungrily at them, drooling. They all fainted in terror and when they did the giant maw and all the other red eyes closed and disappeared, leaving just one set of glowing red eyes.

Moka blinked seeing all them faint. "What happened?"

Soshi knew instinctively what had just happened. 'Karin-chan decided to scare them a little.'

Moka was confused wondering what scared those boys.

Karin laughed reading Moka's current thoughts. 'Poor naive Moka-chan, you really have a lot to learn.'

"Soshi-kun." Moka said. "It must be hard being the only Tenkian here. But I'm here for you. If there's anything I can do...Just ask, okay?"

Karin rolled her eyes. 'I need to test her to see if she's truly worthy of being with Soshi-kun, if she can truly protect him if I'm off hunting somewhere.'

Soshi nodded. "Thank you Moka-san."

Moka drew closer to the boy. "Sure Soshi-kun, I will protect because I...I..." she blushes as she draws closer. they are soon face to face.

Soshi blinks.

Karin narrowed her eyes. 'I don't really blame her...Soshi-kun's blood is divine...'But he is MINE. She will ask permission from me before drinking from him.' she nearly orgasmed in her panties remembering the last time she tasted his blood.

Before Moka could bite Soshi, a shadowy tendril extended and cut in-between them and Karin emerged from it. Her red eyes burned into Moka's emerald.

The vampire princess gave a stern look."Moka-chan, as you're a fellow Vampire I understand the need to drink blood even if I don't have to feed as often as you do...But you will ask me permission before drinking Soshi-kun's blood...I let the other two times go as I didn't know you then. But I will not let this go on anymore..."

"Lady Karin, I humbly ask your permission to drink some blood from Soshi-kun." Moka asked.

Karin looked to Soshi. "Soshi-kun, are you ok with Moka-chan drinking your blood?"

Soshi smiled. "Of course Karin-chan and Moka-san doesn't need to ask me permission I will willingly let her drink my blood just as you may if you need it Karin-chan."

Karin blushed at his smile, she was again reminded why she loved him so much. She vowed to mark him as her mate and give him the 'Talk' really soon.

Moka blushed touched by his words.'Soshi-kun, thank you!'

Karin replied. "Okay then Moka-chan, you have my permission to drink Soshi-kun's blood whenever you need it as long as he's willing to allow it."

"Thank you for your kindness Lady Karin...and thank you Soshi-kun." Moka said happily. She then knelt down and then bit his neck, slurping noises where heard as she drank her fill of his blood.

Soshi had a very high pain tolerance thanks to Yosho's training and his own enhanced alien endurance.

Soshi then got up after Moka released him, his skin already healed. "I'll be back Karin-chan, Moka-san, I'm going exploring."

"Ok Soshi-kun." Moka called back as the little boy walked off exploring.

Karin vanished into the shadows to follow him. "I know Soshi-kun can handle himself, but I just want to spend this time with him, it's been 5 years since I last saw him."

Moka watched the vampire princess meld with the shadows. 'How does she do that?'

Soshi was looking around the grounds. "It's amazing how old and rotted everything looks, it's be expected of a monster school."

"Oh...Ohhh...S...Someone please..." Said a weak voice.

"Huh?" Soshi turned to see a very cute girl with light blue hair on her hands and knees on the ground. This girl had a purple scrunchy with a yellow star in her hair. She wore a tight yellow sweater which showed off her huge breasts, green skirt, white stockings, and black shoes. Her eyes were a beautiful violet.

Karin read the girl's mind and laughed. 'This girl is only acting like she's weak! She plans to 'Charm' the first boy who 'helps' her! Ooh and it looks like she has a whole little plan to gather male followers, Soshi-kun is a Tenkian and immune to mind-manipulation of all kinds, this should be amusing.' "Soshi-kun help her."

"Really Karin-chan? You don't mind?" Soshi inquired.

Karin replied. "Not at all, you'll gain another friend!"

"Ok!" Soshi exclaimed happily. He ran over and assisted the girl. "I'll help you."

"Oh thank you so much." The girl said gratefully. She looked down at the little boy before her and blushed at his looks. 'KAWAII He's so adorable! Maybe he'll join my plan!'

Karin was laughing so hard the shadows were shaking. 'What a naive little girl!'

"Who's laughing?" The girl asked.

Soshi shrugged. "I'm not sure."

The girl looked to the little boy and hugged him, his face directly level with her breasts. "I haven't thanked you properly for helping me! My body has always been weak. Please look into my eyes."

Soshi's own aquamarine eyes looked up into her violet gaze.

"My name is Kurumu Kurono. Let's be friends...Okay?" the newly named Kurumu said smiling sweetly.

Soshi had enhanced alien vision, he saw tiny ripples emanating from her eyes. They entered his eyes and tried to manipulate his brain. Sadly for Kurumu, she had never met a Tenkian before. Soshi's super alien brain was immune to all forms of mind-control; when they reached it the hypnosis waves deflect away harmlessly. The boy blinked confused. "Your eyes are really pretty Kurumu-san. Is that why you wanted me to see them?"

Kurumu was shocked. 'He's not a bumbling mess...But how? Unless he's too young, but I heard he was a genius! Could it be I simply didn't use enough strength in my Charm?' Then she remembered his compliment about her eyes and blushed. 'He called my eyes pretty! He's so sweet and cute!'

Kurumu heard a girl's voice.


It was Moka who got worried and came to check on Soshi.

Soshi wiggled out of Kurumu's arms and waved at Moka. "Hi Moka-san!"

Moka asked. "Soshi-kun? Who is she?"

Soshi smiled. "She's Kurumu-san!"

Kurumu then quickly hugged the boy whose height was directly face level with her breasts. "Thank you for helping me Soshi-kun. See you later." The blue-haired girl quickly left.

Soshi blinked the recent event still within his mind.

Karin grinned from the shadows. 'Looks like another concubine is found.'

Moka was really confused on the earlier events. Soshi had gone to his dorm room and discovered a large black coffin with a red inner coating laying right next to his bed. Soshi knew that it belonged to Karin as he could smell her scent on it; like most non-human species alien or monster, Tenkians had enhanced senses of sight and smell far superior to any earthling, they need those enhanced senses to help find food .

Moka was walking thinking about what occurred earlier. She didn't know the reason but she was disturbed at Kurumu's affection towards Soshi.

A more mature version of her own voice piped up in her head. "Enough...Quit spacing out...Don't let your guard down."

Moka quickly jolted and looked around. "Huh?! Wh-What?! Who? That voice...?"

"So...They say you're a vampire." Said a familiar voice.

Moka gasped and looked up to see Kurumu sitting on the stair-rail just above her.

Kurumu had a smug smile on her cute face. "It's quite the gossip in Class 1. Moka Akashiya-Right?"

Moka accused. "You! The girl who was just with Soshi-kun! When did you get so friendly with..."

Kurumu hopped down and landed a few feet away from Moka.

The boys cheered.

Whoa! So graceful!"

"Did you see that?!"

"And so petite...Except for her...Her..."

"Incredible! She's almost as cute as Moka! Impossible! Who is she!?"

"I am the Succubus Kurumu Kurono. And I am here...To defeat you." Kurumu announced.

Bite Sized Monster Dictionary:

Succubus: A female spirit identified since the Middle Ages who enters the dreams of sleeping me to seduce them.

Moka blinked. "Wait. Isn't it against the rules to reveal your identity?"

Kurumu pointed to Moka. "I can't stand it! An airhead like you getting in the way of my grand plan!"

Karin who was hiding within the shadows snickered. 'What a naive girl you are!'

Moka looked confused. "P-Plan?"

Kurumu smiled smugly and performed a seductive pose. "Heh...My plan to enslave the entire male student body! Operation Yokai Harem!" Behind her the boys drooled and swooned over the beautiful bluenette.

Moka was just speechless, not knowing what to say.

Kurumu envisioned herself skipping through the hall with many lovesick boys swooning. "My plan was infallible. Every boy in the school would be mesmerized by my beauty. Until..." Kurumu glared at Moka and got right in her face and it was seen that Kurumu was a couple of inches shorter than the pink haired vampiress.

"You came along! And the fools for you instead I will never lose in a battle of feminine charm! Do you hear?!"

The boys were shaking at the tension between the two girls. 'Jealousy! Intense jealously! A refreshing level of jealousy, in fact.'

Kurumu declared. "That's why I decided to show you that you don't have a chance against me...By stealing you little boyfriend from you!" A giant image of Soshi smiling appeared.

Moka gasped. "No! Leave Soshi-kun out of this!"

Karin narrowed her glowing eyes into a dark glare at Kurumu in the shadows. 'If she thinks I will let her use my Soshi-kun to get to Moka, she's got another thing coming!'

Kurumu deduced. "When I got close, I noticed...He has a very pleasant scent doesn't he? Almost like a human.." she then laughed. "Is his blood tasty? Is that what you use him for? Good luck finding another food source...After I take him from you!"

Karin smirked like her father would. 'Foolish little girl, he's not Moka's; he's mine.'

Moka protested. "That's not true...I don't 'use' him..."

"Moka-san!" Called a familiar voice.

Both girls jolted hearing it.

Soshi came running up. "Oh here you are! Sorry about that, I was just looking at my dorm and I found Karin-chan's coffin in it..."

Karin smiled gently within the shadows. 'Of course, as I will make you my mate soon; I must be at your side at all times Soshi-kun.'

Kurumu instantly hugged the little boy pushing his head in-between her large breasts. "Ooo! It's my brave little hero! How can I ever thank you, Soshi-kun?"

Moka watched increasingly getting irritated for some reason that couldn't be explained yet.

Soshi was confused on her actions. 'What was she doing and why do I feel weird in my stomach? Maybe Karin-chan can answer.' He easily pulled himself out having higher physical strength.

Karin narrowed her eyes. 'That little succubus is certainly daring...I'll have to teach her a lesson.' The vampire princess had decided that after dealing with Kurumu, today is the day she gives Soshi 'the talk' and then mark him as her mate; no more waiting, she's through with waiting and is staking her claim as his main mate.

Moka protested at their closeness. "No, Soshi-kun! Kurumu's tricking you! She isn't really nice! Get away from her!

Kurumu held one hand to her forehead and swooned dramatically. "Why? Why is she saying such terrible things? Ohhh...Another fainting spell! Soshi-kun...Catch me!"

The little boy being the pure and kind soul he was easily stopped Kurumu from falling.

Kurumu saw she was close enough. 'Charm!' this time she put much more power into her charm ability. But a Succubus cannot ensnare even a young Tenkian as their minds are far superior to any non-alien being. It failed again.

Soshi blinked and looked to Moka.

The pink-haired vampire pleaded. "Please believe me..she's going to devour you, Soshi-kun!"

Karin grinned darkly at Kurumu. 'No she won't cause if she even tried that I would devour her...'

Kurumu shivered having a feeling like someone just walked over her grave. She knew if her Charm didn't work, she had better try to kiss him. Kurumu quickly picked up the boy and made a run of it.

Karin narrowed her eyes. 'Well ,that was unexpected and clever of her.'

Moka freaked out really worried. "Ahhh Soshi-kun! What do I do?!"

"We go after her of course baka." Karin replied phasing from the wall beside her.

Moka jumped. "Lady Karin!"

Karin's eyes glowed. "Moka, I will show your the strength of a true vampiress, I sensed your true power when Soshi-kun removed your rosary yesterday you could only match me when I fight at a quarter of my full strength."

Moka was surprised. 'She's that powerful?'

"Oh so naive Moka-chan, you have no idea of the true depth of my powers." Karin replied in her mind. "Anyways come on, let's go rescue Soshi-kun from that girl." Karin teleported going after Kurumu.

Moka nodded. "Right lady Karin." She followed as best she could. But Kurumu's words come back into her mind. "Why do I like Soshi-kun? Is it really only for his blood? am I really just...?" She nearly cried.

The same voice from earlier came back, Moka's rosary lifted to reveal a red eye in place of the gem. "Fool! That Succubus is tricking him!"

Moka stopped startled. "Eep!"

"Charm...A typical Succubus spell for enslaving men."

"Wh-What's that...? A voice from my rosario?" Moka asked.

The voice explained."I am your other self...Speaking from deep within your psyche...Using the Rosario as a medium..."

"My other self?" Moka inquired.

Inner Moka replied. "A succubus is a demon who confounds men. It's said that man who s kissed by one will be her slave forever...You better hurry before that poor boy is lost for good!"

'Soshi-kun!' Moka thought worried and then ran faster.

Kurumu had led Soshi into an empty room in the infirmary.

Soshi was confused as Kurumu pushed him onto the bed. "Kurumu-san, what are you doing?"

Kurumu crawled on top of the boy.

Soshi felt his face heat up for some reason. 'The weird feeling in my stomach is back.'

'He is just so young and innocent... and adorable! I definitely want him as a member of my male harem.' Kurumu thought with a deep blush. "Soshi-kun, you'll be my first you know.."

Soshi's face turned pink. He didn't know why but those words sent a really weird unexplained feeling through him.

Kurumu lowered her face to his to seal the deal. 'Just one kiss and it will all be over! Soshi-kun will be mine!'

Soshi suddenly stopped her by moving his face away. "No I can't sorry Kurumu-san, I'm not too sure why you're doing this. But there's someone else. I won't betray her."

Kurumu was shocked. "No way! How can you resist me?!" She quickly pushed Soshi away. "Do you want her so much more?!"

Soshi sensed things were getting really tense. He jumped back and got into a fighting stance. 'Her energy is increasing.'

Kurumu crouched over holding her face in shame. "I humiliated myself for you! I even acted weak for you!" Purple leather appendages erupted from her back, shockingly without ripping through her sweater and unfolded to reveal that they were purple bat-like wings.

Soshi blinked. 'Wings? She's a winged monster of some kind.'

A long spade-tipped tail stuck out from under Kurumu's skirt, her nails extended greatly forming long thin blade-like claws, her ears became elfin in nature.

Kurumu yelled. "Now I'm mad!" She then flew at Soshi with one clawed hand cocked back to strike. "Whatever she loves-I will destroy!"

Soshi narrowed his eyes. 'I have no choice! Karin-chan likes it when we fight together.' The little boy shot towards Kurumu with his fist cocked back.

"Is that so Kurumu? I'm afraid I have a little problem with your plan." Said a voice.

The two combatants froze as Karin emerged from the wall.

"Who are you?! Where's Moka?!" Kurumu demanded.

Karin narrowed her eyes."Such a rude girl." Karin then blurred forward and Kurumu was flung through the window.

Kurumu couldn't even see the punch that knocked her outside.

Moka came running in. "Soshi-kun!"

Soshi turned. "Moka-san?"

Moka explained "I'm sorry I got you into this. That girl is a succubus. She has some grudge against me and she trying to get back at me by going after you."

Soshi blinked. "A succubus? I thought I recognized her style of manipulation, it must have been her Charm ability she tried to use on me earlier today."

"She tried to charm you?" Karin inquired. "Oh this girl is going to get it. First I'll play with her a little." She then jumped out to meet Kurumu in the air.

Kurumu demanded again. "Who the hell are you and why are you interfering?!"

Karin smirked while staying in the air. "My name is Karin Tepes (Alucard's actual last name when he was still human) Victoria and I am a Vampire just like Moka is."

Kurumu sneered. "A vampire huh?! Then I'll take my anger at Moka out on you!"

Karin grinned and spread her arms out. "Go ahead and try girl, I'll let you vent your anger out."

"Fine! If that's how you want to play 'vampire'!" Kurumu flew by Karin and slashed cutting her arms off, blood flowed from the stumps.

Karin just stood there with her grin growing larger. "Is that it?"

"Shut up!" Kurumu flew by and cut Karin's legs off, more blood spilled coating the ground red.

Karin's limbless body fell to the ground with a sickening splat and yet her grin never wavered, instead it seemed to grow even more crazed.

Moka was horrified. "W-What is she doing? She's getting cut up Soshi-kun!" She looked to see the boy's reaction; but he just stood there calmly watching.

Soshi explained. "It's alright Moka-san, that's just how Karin-chan fights; she gets it from her father. He does the same thing, playing around with his foes for a while before getting down to serious fighting."

Karin just laughed. "Is that it? I barely felt those cuts!"

Kurumu was shocked, the girl lost her arms and legs and says she barely felt them?! Kurumu was getting scared and upset now. "S-Shut up! I'll kill you for real! I mean it!"

Karin laughed again. "Go ahead and try girl, I'll come back!"

Kurumu quickly flew down and grabbed the limbless Karin by her hair. "You won't make fun of me!"

Karin mocked her. "Aw poor little Succubus, your race is dying out and you need to have kids as soon possible."

"SHUT UP!" Kurumu poked Karin in the throat with her long blade-like claws and then slid across beheading her.

Moka was even more horrified than before. "N-No..."

Soshi watched. 'That's it then, after this Karin-chan will not play anymore.'

Kurumu laughed. "I did it...I did it! I killed one of the invincible vampires! It was so easy!" Her tail wagged back and forth happily. She then smirked evilly down at Moka. "You're next Moka!"

Moka shivered and looked to Soshi. "Soshi-kun! Hurry remove my rosary!"

The boy didn't budge.

Moka looked worried. "Soshi-kun, hurry!"

Kurumu just laughed and dived down at them. "I guess he grew bored with you Moka!" She had one clawed hand aimed to strike.

When suddenly a massive swarm of bats appeared out of nowhere. Karin's head, limbs, and body were now gone.

"What the?" Kurumu watched as the bats all swarmed and gathered in one spot, the very spot Karin's 'corpse' was once located.

"W-What's happening?" Kurumu said watching transfixed.

The bats were all melding into a shape that looked somewhat familiar but couldn't be fully identified yet, but it had three red lights in the middle, meaning it was a face. The shape continued to form.

"Karin-chan is different from Moka-san, they're both vampires yes but of different types." Soshi explained. "Karin-chan cannot be killed by simply cutting her head off or piercing her heart, she also is immune to the effects of water, silver, and the sun. She is far beyond any vampire of her age." He looks to Moka's rosary. "Moka-san, your other self is strong; really strong, but she would be no match for Karin-chan."

Moka was stunned. Inner Moka watched through the rosary gem which became her eye.

Kurumu was shaking." No it can't be!"

But it was indeed so, Karin fully reformed from the bat flock. "Surprised aren't you succubus?" She grinned very manically baring razor sharp fangs. "Now I'm through playing around, you tried to charm my Soshi-kun and that cannot go unpunished." She briefly glanced to Moka. "Moka, watch closely, this is how a TRUE vampiress does battle." Black and crimson light erupted from Karin's body as she unleashed her youki for the first time in 2 years. Karin's shadow seemed to expand outward and cover the area making it almost pitch-black, the only light came from Karin's dark youki; many huge red slit eyes opened around them in the darkness.

Moka was shivering from the enormous power. 'Her power...It's so strong! She really is the strongest vampire of our age!'

Inner Moka was speechless. She didn't want to believe Soshi, but he was right there was no way she would be any match against Karin.

Kurumu trembled from the massive dark energy that emanated from the ressurected girl. "Is...Is this the true power of a vampire?! No I won't lose! I can't!" She dove at Karin with her claws extended to strike.

Karin smirked and launched herself at Kurumu with her own long nails gleaming.

Kurumu screamed as blood spurted from a cut Karin had delivered to her back just below her wings. Kurumu's own swipe missed Karin completely.

"You're too slow succubus." Karin said, licking her bloody nails in an almost erotic manner. Her tongue lapped Kurumu's blood delicately off her fingers. "Mm but I must admit your blood tastes sweet." Kurumu's memories played in her mind, making the raven-haired vampire smile in amusement. "Oh what an interesting life you've lived up to now, who knew that was how succubi prepare to find their Destined One?"

"Hey that's invading privacy!" Kurumu yelled feeling violated.

"That's funny coming from a sex demon." Karin replied with an amused smirk on her beautiful face.

"Shut up!" Kurumu flew at her again and again tried to swipe at her.

Karin yawned. "This is getting boring succubus. I have some things to do today." She easily evaded Kurumu's swipe and gripped her by the tail.

"Oh! My tail!" Kurumu gasped.

Karin easily lifted the smaller girl over her head with one hand. "What if I pull your tail off? Will you remember your station succubus?" She then let go of Kurumu and then delivered a painful punch to Kurumu's gut sending her sailing (Further than any of Moka's kicks can do).

Kurumu crashed through many trees and hit her back hard on the last tree making her gasp in pain and she slid to the ground defeated.

Kurumu mumbled defeated. "I-I know my station."

Karin then walked towards Kurumu with a red glow around her body, which turned partially shadowed and many red eyes opened in it. "Oh really? I don't believe you." A huge shadowy mass covered in red eyes erupted from her arm with a large drooling maw filled with razor-sharp fangs.

Kurumu was quivering at the thing on Karin's back. "W-What are you?! You're no ordinary vampire!"

Karin smirked. "Unlike you soft weaklings here, I am a TRUE Monster to be feared." The shadow mass gave a sneer and then a loud demonic roar.

Moka definitely agreed with that as she was hiding behind Soshi quivering.

Kurumu was completely paralyzed with fear.

"I believe Moka mentioned something about you devouring Soshi-kun, well I will devour you to prevent that." Karin licked her lips with a crazed gleam in her glowing red eyes and the shadow beast was about to separate and swallow Kurumu whole. its maw opened releasing drool.

Karin's visage then softened as Soshi got in front of the terrified succubus.

"Karin-chan, there's no reason to do that." The boy replied. "I think Kurumu-san has learned her lesson. I recall hearing about the succubi struggling to survive."

Kurumu was shocked he was defending her even after what she had tried to do to him.

"I knew you would defend her Soshi-kun." Karin replied her body reverted to normal and the area returned to it's normal lighting. She smiled and walked up to him. "You wouldn't be my Soshi-kun if you just stood there and let me kill her." She pulled him into a hug for a while before releasing him.

Soshi walked over to Kurumu.

Kurumu was stunned as she took a closer look, the boy was well-muscled for his age but they were lean, meaning he had both strength and speed. Kurumu looked to his beautiful multi-colored eyes blushing slightly.

The young Tenkian held one hand out to help Kurumu up. "Kurumu-san? I know about your race's plight but this isn't the way to do it. My mom told me love comes when and where you least expect it. When you find your Destined One, you'll know for sure." He then gave a warm smile.

Moka, Kurumu, and Karin all blushed at his warm and inviting smile.

Kurumu agreed with him, crying tears of joy. "Y-Yes."

Soshi retired to his dorm after walking Moka to hers and helping Kurumu to the infirmary. The blue-haired girl kept looking at him longingly the whole way.

Soshi noticed the light was off. "Huh?" He turned it on only to meet a shocking sight, Karin was sitting on his bed wearing a red see-through nightgown. Her coffin was open though.

"Karin-chan? What's going on?" The boy questioned his face heating up and a weird feeling twisted his stomach but in a good way.

Karin smiled. "I can't wait anymore Soshi-kun. I have to tell you my true feelings."

"Ok?" Soshi climbed onto his bed. Karin then gently pushed him down. "Soshi-kun, I love you and not just as a friend...I want you to be my mate, I know it's early and your mother should've been the one do this; but I will give you 'the Talk'..."

Soshi blinked and his face heated up. 'Why do I get the feeling I will never view girls the same way after this?'

Karin then first kissed the boy passionately, mixing her tongue with his. It lasted for almost 30 minutes, when they pulled apart; the boy was dazed by the first kiss received from a woman that was not his mother. Then Karin lowered her head to his neck and sunk her fangs into it. She drank a little blood and moaned in sheer ecstasy as it went down her throat, her panties were feeling damp. This was one of the few rare times she actually drinks his blood, Karin also transferred a small portion of her youki to Soshi. Karin slowly released Soshi's neck making sure to slightly drag her fangs to make her mark.

Karin smiled longingly at him. "At long last Soshi-kun, I have marked you as my mate; if any other monster girls want you, they will need to prove themselves worthy and truly love you as I do." She then placed one hand to his forehead. "Soshi-kun, I will give the talk in another way; I will give you the knowledge of what you need to do." Her hand glowed blue as she sent the boy the knowledge of what he would do to save his race; when he was a bit older.

Soshi's face turned redder and redder as he viewed all that knowledge, his genius brain absorbed it all and began to sort it. 'Oh wow, this explains a lot.' He collapsed on his bed from knowledge overload with a really burning red face and blood dribbling from his nose.

Karin giggled. "I guess that was a little much for one night." She then scooped her young mate into her arms and went to her coffin which was large enough for both of them. "Goodnight my love." Normally at night she would go out for some quick feeding, but for tonight she would sleep with her little mate; plus his blood is all the feeding she needs, when she wants to drink from him. Tenkian blood is high in many vitamins and minerals that growing vampires need and it is even more tasty than human or animal blood.

The next day, Soshi was only half-listening as Moka explained what happened to her yesterday. His young but super-genius mind was still sorting out the new knowledge it was given to by Karin. The vampire princess was currently sleeping in their now-shared dorm room, as it was a very rare clear sunny day here at Yokai and Karin hated being out in clear sunlight; even if she's immune to it.

Moka noticed. "Soshi-kun? Is everything okay?"

The boy looked to Moka and blushed. "Y-Yeah Moka-san, just had a little trouble sleeping last night; so you're saying your rosario talked to you?"

Moka nodded. "Yes I wonder if that means it's weakening...Soshi-kun tell me the truth...If my rosario stopped working...Would you still like me?"

Soshi still flustered by what Karin did last night replied. "Of course! I don't care if you get scary or drink my blood! You're still Moka to me!"

"S-Soshi-kun..." Moka blushed.

"Moka-san..." Soshi blushed too.

"Good morning!" Kurumu called carrying a covered breakfast in her hands.

Moka was shocked. "Kurumu?! What are you doing here?!"

"I baked some cookies for you, Soshi-kun!" Kurumu exclaimed showing him the cookies.

Soshi was surprised. "Cookies? For me?" But then he was confused. "But why me?"

Kurumu blushed. "Remember what you know about me having to find my 'Destined One'?'

Soshi and Moka both nodded.

Kurumu declared. "Well, I have! And it's you, Soshi-kun!"

Soshi was shocked. "M-Me?!" He pointed to himself with wide circle white eyes.

Kurumu swooned. "You protected me from that demon woman! And you're so sweet and kind, I couldn't help but fall for you!" She and Moka gave each other intense stares.

Soshi was shocked at what he was witnessing. 'T-This is one of those cat-fights I've heard so much about!'

Now the trio were on their way to class.

Kurumu called out. "Soshi-kun! Who should we invite to our wedding?"

Moka cried out. "Agh! She's gone insane! Soshi-kun, do something! Where's lady Karin?!"

Soshi just walked ahead flushed. "Sorry Moka-san! I have too much on my mind right now to worry about this and Karin-chan is sleeping, it's too bright for her right now."

The other boys all growled in envy.