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Dalek: A Second Dalek?

The TARDIS materialized 53 stories below ground, following a distress call the scanners had picked up. The Doctor and Rose stepped out, looking around at the darkened room they found themselves in.

"So, what is it?" Rose asked as the Doctor stopped short, "What's wrong?"

"Don't know," he replied, "Some kind of signal drawing the TARDIS off course..."

"Where are we?" Rose frowned, looking around again.

"Earth, Utah, North America. About half a mile underground."

"And...when are we?"


"God, that's so close, so I should be..." she trailed in thought, "26," the Doctor turned and flicked on a light switch, revealing them to be in some sort of showcase room, "Blimey! It's a great big museum!"

"An alien museum. Someone's got a hobby. They must've spent a fortune on this…" he shook his head as they walked down one of the rows of glass casing, looking at different bits of artifacts, "Chunks of meteorite, moon dust...that's the milometer from the Roswell Spaceship."

"That's a bit of Slitheen!" Rose exclaimed, seeing what looked like a Slitheen arm stuck up in a case, "That's a Slitheen's arm, it's been stuffed."

The Doctor turned, catching something out of the corner of his eye, "Ah! Look at you!" he stopped before the case, looking straight ahead at a robotic head, seeming very retro in design.

"What is it?" Rose eyed it curiously.

"An old friend of mine...well, enemy. The stuff of nightmares...reduced to an exhibit. I'm getting old."

"Is that where the signal's coming from?"

"Nah, it's stone dead," he waved her off, "The signal's alive. Something's reaching out," he stared intently through the glass, "Calling for help," he reached out, placing the tip of his finger gently against it.

And, as always in museums, the moment the glass had been touched...alarms went off.

Though, unlike in museums, a swarm of heavily armed men surrounded them, all aiming their guns at the duo.

"If someone's collecting aliens, that makes you Exhibit A," Rose remarked to the Doctor as he just flashed the soldiers a grin.


A man emerged from the lift to the helicopter pad, very well dressed, slightly bald, with a goatee, walking briskly down the corridor as though he owned the place, which, in fact, he did. As soon as he stepped out a small entourage of guards and personnel followed him.

"On behalf of all of us, I want to wish you a very happy birthday, sir," a man said, rushing over to his side, "And the President called to convey his personal best wishes."

"The President is 10 points down," he stated, "I want him replaced."

The man frowned, "I don't think that's very wise, sir..."

"Thank you so much for your opinion. You're fired," he glanced back to the soldiers, "Get rid of him."

"Wha…" the man began but the soldiers just pulled him back, dragging him off.

"Wipe his memory, put him on the road someplace," he called back to them as he continued walking, "Memphis, Minneapolis, somewhere beginning with 'M,'" a rather tall ginger woman quickly hastened to take the man's place at his side, "So, the next President, what do you think? Republican or Democrat?"

"Democrat, sir," she replied.

"For what reason?" he stopped short, eyeing her.

The woman tensed, knowing the wrong answer could end with her just like the last man, "They're just so funny, sir?"

He looked at her intently, "What is your name?"

"Goddard, sir, Diana Goddard."

He smiled, "I like you Diana Goddard," and turned to continue on, "So, where's the English kid?"

A young man hurried up to him, a distinct accent to him, "Sir! Sir! I bought ten more artifacts at auction, Mr. Van Statten."

"Bring 'em on, let me see 'em," Van Statten ordered.

"Sir, with respect, there's something more urgent," Goddard informed him, "We arrested two intruders 53 floors down. We don't know how they got in."

"I'll tell you how they got in. In-tru-da window."

No one laughed.

"In-tru-da window," he glanced at them, "That was funny!"

And suddenly they burst out with a polite, if tense, laughter.

He nodded, pleased, "Bring 'em in, let's see 'em, and tell Simmons I wanna visit my little pet and then perhaps take a trip to see how the other one's doing. Get to it!"

He turned and walked through a door as Goddard tapped her earpiece, "Simmons? You'd better give me good news. Is it talking?"

"Not exactly 'talking,' no," Simmons replied back, the sound of a chainsaw and a semi-robotic screaming in the background.

"What's it doing?"

"Screaming. Is that any good?"

"What about the other one?"

"Does that one ever?" he scoffed, "Besides, Van Statten told me to crack this one first. Not like we can't see the other one."

She quickly cut off the connection as the chainsaw started up again and turned to join Van Statten in his office where 'the English kid' was showing him the purchased artifacts, "And this is the last...paid 800,000 dollars for it," the boy said, holding up a sort of triangular arched item with small ridges and lights on it.

Goddard looked over as the two intruders were brought in and led to the desk.

"What does it do?" Van Statten asked, taking the device from the kid.

"Well you see, the tubes on the side must be to channel something. I think maybe fuel..."

"I really wouldn't hold it like that," the Doctor cut in.

"Shut it," Goddard glared at him.

"Really, though, that's wrong."

"Is it dangerous?" the kid looked up at him, concerned.

"No," he smiled, "Just looks silly," he reached out to take the artifact when security readied their guns, forcing him to pause. Van Statten held up a hand, signaling it was alright and handed the object over, "You just need to be..." he ran his fingers gently over the artifact, playing a light note, "...delicate."

Everyone looked over rather impressed as he beamed at them, all the while playing it.

"It's a musical instrument," Van Statten smiled.

The Doctor nodded, "And it's a long way from home."

Van Statten stood, "Here, let me," he grabbed it away from the Doctor who merely raised his eyebrows.

"I did say 'delicate,'" he reminded after a moment as Van Statten tried to make it play but only succeeded in making a series of beeping noises, "Reacts to the smallest fingerprint. It needs precision," Van Statten touched it more gently, managing a few notes to the Doctor's delight, "Very good. Quite the expert."

"As are you," Van Statten countered before tossing the instrument aside where it landed somewhere on the floor. The Doctor's eyes followed it, slightly alarmed at how the man had cast it off, "Who exactly are you?"

The Doctor turned back to him, a slightly more disdainful look in his eyes, "I'm the Doctor. And who are you?"

"Like you don't know," Van Statten scoffed, "We're hidden away with the most valuable collection of extra-terrestrial artifacts in the world and you just stumbled in by mistake?"

"Pretty much sums me up, yeah."

"The question is…how did you get in? 53 floors down? With your little cat burglar accomplice," he glanced at Rose, "Quite a collector yourself, she's rather pretty."

"She's gonna smack you if you keep calling her 'she,'" Rose threatened.

"She's English too!" he laughed, turning to 'the English kid,' "Hey, little Lord Fauntleroy, got you a girlfriend."

The young man rolled his eyes, "This is Mr. Henry Van Statten."

"And who's he when he's at home?" Rose asked.

"Mr. Van Statten owns the Internet."

"Don't be stupid, no one owns the Internet."

"And let's just keep the whole world thinking that way, right kids?" Van Statten smirked at her.

"So you're an expert on just about everything except the things in your museum," the Doctor reasoned, "Anything you don't understand, you lock up."

"And you claim greater knowledge?" Van Statten eyed him.

"I don't need to make claims. I know how good I am."

"And yet, I captured you. Right next to the Cage. What were you doing down there?"

"You tell me."

"The Cage contains one of my two living specimens."

"And what're they?"

"Like you don't know," Van Statten scoffed.

"Show me," the Doctor challenged.

"You wanna see 'em?"

"Blimey, you can smell the testosterone," Rose remarked.

"Goddard, inform the Cage," Van Statten ordered, "We're heading down," Goddard nodded, "You, English," he turned to the young man, "Look after the girl. Canoodle or spoon, or whatever it is you British do. And you, Doctor-with-no-name..." he turned and walked over to the lift, "Come and see my pets."


Van Statten led the Doctor to the heavy door of 'the Cage,' eager to show off one of his prizes, "We've tried everything. The creature has...shielded itself but there's definite signs of life inside," he turned and entered a code to the Cage, opening it behind him.

"Inside?" the Doctor frowned, "Inside what?"

"Welcome back, sir," Simmons stepped out, garbed in a protective suit, "I've had to take the power down, the Metaltron is resting."


"Thought of it myself," Van Statten smirked, "Good, isn't it? Although I'd much prefer to find out its real name. Perhaps if you can do that, I'll let you see the other one."

Simmons turned to the Doctor, "Here, you'd better put these on…" he offered him a thick pair of gloves, "The last guy that touched it...burst into flames."

"I won't touch it then," the Doctor replied.

"Go ahead, Doctor," Van Statten gestured to the door, "Impress me," he stepped back as the Doctor entered the Cage, "Don't open that door until we get a result," he ordered a guard quietly, both he and Goddard turning to watch a monitor of what was happening in the Cage.

The Doctor glanced back at the door as it shut before turning to look at some instruments Simmons had been using to torture the alien. He looked over and saw a faint blue light in the darkness, "Look, I'm sorry about this. Mr. Van Statten might think he's clever, but never mind him. I've come to help. I'm the Doctor."

"Doc-tor…" the alien began, a raspy, metallic voice echoing.

The Doctor's eyes widened in absolute shock, "Impossible."

"THE Doctor?" the Doctor could only watch in horror, his mouth open, as the lights came on around the alien, illuminating his greatest enemy, "Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate!"

The Doctor turned and ran to the door, banging on it, desperate to escape the Dalek chained within, "Let me out!"



"Sir, it's gonna kill him!" Goddard cried as Van Statten refused to open the door.

"It's talking!" he countered, gleeful.


"You are an enemy of the Daleks!" it cried, "You must be destroyed!"

It waved its laser arm around helplessly as the Doctor's terrified expression faded into a huge grin, "It's not working!" the Dalek's eyestalk looked down at its laser arm while the Doctor laughed manically, "Fantastic! Oh, fantastic! Powerless! Look at you. The Great Space Dustbin. How does it feel?" he lunged at the Dalek who strained against the chains to back up.

"Keep back!"

The Doctor looked straight into its eyestalk, just inches away from it, "What for? What're you going to do to me? If you can't kill...then what are you good for, Dalek? What's the point of you?" he stepped back and circled it, the Dalek following his progress with its eyestalk, "You're nothing. What the hell are you here for?"

"I am waiting for orders."

"What does that mean?" he scoffed.

"I am a soldier. I was bred to receive orders."

"Well you're never gonna get any. Not ever."

"I demand orders!"

"They're never gonna come! Your race is dead! You all burnt, all of you. Ten million ships on fire, the entire Dalek race wiped out in one second."

"You lie!"

"I watched it happen. I MADE it happen!"

"You...destroyed us?"

The Doctor blinked and walked away, turning his back on the Dalek, "I had no choice," he said quietly.

"And what of the Time Lords?"

"Dead. They burnt with you. The end of the last great Time War. Everyone lost."

"And the coward survived."

"Oh, and I caught your little signal..." the Doctor said mockingly, "'Help me,' poor little thing, but there's no one else coming 'cos there's no one else left."

The Dalek lowered its eyestalk, "I am alone in the Universe."

The Doctor smiled, "Yep."

"So are you," it looked up at him as his smile faded, "We are the same."

The Doctor spun around angrily, "We're not the same, I'm not…" he stopped, "No, wait. Maybe we are. You're right, yeah, ok. You've got a point. 'Cos I know what to do. I know what should happen. I know what you deserve," he raised his eyebrows, "Exterminate!"

He turned and pulled a lever on the control panel, electrocuting the Dalek, watching as it started screaming again, "Have pity!"

"Why should I?" he glared, "You never did!" he turned and upped the voltage.

"Help me!"

Suddenly security burst into the room and grabbed the Doctor as he lunged for the control panel again, pulling him back.

"I saved your life," Van Statten turned to the Dalek, "Now talk to me! God damn it, talk to me!"

"You've got to destroy it!" the Doctor shouted as he was dragged away.

"The last in the Universe," Van Statten continued, ignoring the Doctor, "And now I know your name. Dalek. Speak to me, Dalek," no reply, "I am Henry Van Statten, now recognize me!" still no reply. So he turned to Simmons, "Make it talk again, Simmons," Simmons approached the Dalek, a dark smirk on his face, "Whatever it takes."


Rose looked around the messy workshop Adam or, as Van Statten liked to call him, 'that English kid,' worked in as he showed her around.

"Sorry about the mess," Adam apologized, "Mr. Van Statten sort of lets me do my own thing. So long as I deliver the goods..." he watched as Rose prodded a few things on a workbench, before picking up an object, "What do you think that is?" he asked, handing it to her.

"Er...a lump of metal?" Rose asked.

"Yeah," Adam nodded, smiling, "Yeah, but I think, well, I'm almost certain, it's from the hull of a spacecraft," Rose examined the lump of metal before placing it down carefully, "The thing is, it's all true. Everything the United Nations tries to keep quiet, spacecrafts, aliens, visitors to Earth, they really exist."

"That's amazing," she breathed.

"I know it sounds incredible," he nodded, sheepish, "But I honestly believe that the whole Universe is teeming with life."

"I'm gob-smacked, yeah," she smiled at him, if only he knew, "And you do what? Sit here and catalogue it?"

"Best job in the world," he rolled his eyes.

"Imagine if you could get out there. Travel amongst the stars and see it for real?"

"Yeah...I'd give anything," he sighed, "But I don't think it's ever gonna happen, not in our lifetimes."

"Oh, you never know..." she smirked to herself, "What about all those people who say they've been inside spaceships and things and talked to aliens?"

"I think they're nutters."

"Yeah, me too," she laughed, she was one of them now, "So, how'd you end up here?"

"Van Statten has agents all over the world looking for geniuses to recruit."

"Ah, right, you're a genius."

"Sorry, but yeah...can't help it, I was born clever," he told her jokingly, getting her to smile, "When I was eight, I logged onto the U.S. Defense System, nearly caused World War Three."

"What, and that's funny is it?" she turned to him with wide eyes, having nearly experienced a real WWIII.

"Well you should've been there! Just to see them running about! Fantastic!"

"You sound like the Doctor."

"Are you and him..."

"No!" she said quickly, "We're just friends."

Adam nodded, "Good."

Rose smiled, a bit shy, "Why's it good?"

"Just is," he smiled back, both of them just holding the other's gaze for a moment.

"So..." she looked around, before turning to him, "Wouldn't you rather be downstairs? I mean, you've got these bits of metal and stuff, but Mr. Van Statten's got a living creature down there. Two of 'em!"

"Yeah...yeah well I did ask but he keeps it to himself. Although, if you're a genius, it doesn't take long to patch in on the comm. system."

Rose laughed, "Let's have a look then!"

He turned to a computer and tapped in some keys, Rose observing over his shoulder as he worked, "I tried to check out the second alien, but the security on that one is too good, even I can't get through. But this one…this one doesn't do much. It's weird. It's kind of...useless, it's just like this...great big pepper pot."

He stepped back so Rose could see the Cage, where Simmons was approaching the Dalek, torturing it with one of the devices as it screamed.

"It's being tortured!" she gasped, alarmed, "Where's the Doctor?"

"I don't know," Adam shook his head.

"Take me down there. Now!" she turned and strode out of the room.


One of the guards pushed the Doctor into the lift with Van Statten, Goddard, and a few other guards to be taken to another part of the facility. After what had happened with the Dalek, Van Statten refused to show him the other alien.

"The metal's just battle armor," the Doctor explained, "The real Dalek creature's inside."

"What does it look like?" Van Statten asked.

"A nightmare. It's a mutation. The Dalek race was genetically engineered, every single emotion was removed except hate."

"Genetically engineered..." Van Statten repeated, actually impressed, "By whom?"

"By a genius, Van Statten," the Doctor glared at him, "By a man who was king of his own little world, you'd like him."

"It's been on Earth for over fifty years," Goddard cut in, "Both of them. Paired and sold at private auctions moving from one collection to another together. Why would that one be a threat now?"

"Because I'm here," the Doctor replied, grim. He glanced at Goddard, "How did either of them get to Earth? Does anyone know?"

"Records say both aliens came from the sky like a meteorite. They fell to Earth on the Ascension Islands. The Dalek burnt in its crater for nearly three days before anybody could get near it and all that time it was screaming. It must've gone insane."

"And the other one?"

"Was found in the crater as well," Goddard shrugged, "A few feet away from the Dalek. Unconscious."

"Must've fallen through time," he muttered, his mind racing. Perhaps the other alien, the other Dalek, was in too much disrepair to be useful to Van Statten and, if its communicator had been destroyed, then the first Dalek wouldn't be able to speak to it, "The only survivors."

"You talked about a war?" Van Statten began.

"The Time War. The final battle between my people and the Dalek race."

"But you survived too," the man eyed him.

"Not by choice," he muttered, not seeming to notice the look in Van Statten's eyes.

"This means that those two aliens aren't the only ones on Earth, Doctor, there's you," Van Statten grinned, "The only one of your kind in existence."


The lights of Van Statten's examination room flashed on, illuminating the Doctor who had been chained up to a rack and stripped of his shirt and jacket. Van Statten stood behind an instrument, pointing it at the Doctor.

"Now, smile!" he shouted as the instrument shot some sort of red beam over the Doctor's torso, scanning him, causing him to moan in pain and grimace. An image of his ribcage appeared on a wall monitor, his two hearts beating rapidly within it, "Two hearts?" Van Statten frowned, "A binary vascular system," he rolled his eyes, turning to Goddard, "He's not so special after all. He's just like that other one."

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