The Parting of the Ways: An Angel of Time

Rose slumped in the captain's chair, defeated, staring into space, as her mother stood before her, "It was never gonna work, sweetheart," she tried to console her, "And the Doctor knew that. He just wanted you to be safe."

"I can't give up," she told her.

"Lock the door. Walk away."

"Dad wouldn't give up."

"Well, he's not here, is he? And even if he was, he'd say the same."

"No, he wouldn't," Rose said and her mother stared at her, shocked she would say that, "He'd tell me to try anything. If I could save the Doctor's life...try anything."

"Well, we're never gonna know."

"Well, I know. 'Cos I met him. I met dad."

"Don't be ridiculous," Jackie murmured quietly.

"They took me back in time, and I met dad."

"Don't say that."

"Remember when dad died?" Rose asked, her voice cracking, "There was someone with him," Jackie stared at her in disbelief, "A girl. A blonde girl. She held his hand…" Rose started shouting, frustrated, "You saw her from a distance, mum! You saw her! Think about it! That was me. You saw me…"

"Stop it!" Jackie shouted abruptly.

"That's how good the Doctor and Ang…"

"Stop it!" Jackie cried, tears in her eyes, "Just stop it!" she ran out of the TARDIS, leaving Rose alone to cry in her grief.


"Lynda!" the Doctor yelled through the comm. as he and Angel worked, "What's happening on Earth?"

"The Fleet's descending..." Lynda replied quietly, "They're bombing whole continents. Europa...Pacifica...the New American Alliance...Australasia's just...gone."


Jack ran onto Floor 499, "Floor 499," he called to the programmers, "We're the last defense. The bullets should work if you concentrate them on the Dalek's eyestalk. I've got the force field at maximum so the Dalek fire part should be at its weakest," he positioned himself with the other volunteers behind the barricade, waiting.

"I'm only here 'cos of you," Davitch said to the female programmer, "I joined the program were on it."

"Am I supposed to say, 'when this is all over and if we're still alive, maybe we could go for a drink?'" she asked him.

"That'd be nice."

"Yeah, well...tough," she replied.

He looked at her, but she just winked at him with a smile, before they released the safety catches on their guns, ready.


Mickey and Rose were leaning against Mickey's car, looking at the TARDIS, "There's gotta be something else we can do," he muttered.

"Mum was right..." Rose sighed, "Maybe we should just lock the door and walk away."

"I'm not having that. I'm not having you just…just give up now. No way," he shook his head, wasn't just her, not anymore.

Hearing her talking about how the Doctor and Angel were trapped in the future, probably about to upset him. True, he didn't care for the Doctor much, the man tending to make him feel like more of an idiot than he already believed himself to be, but he didn't wish the man dead. And he especially didn't want Angel to get hurt. That girl...she'd actually made him smile and feel accepted, like he'd really been a part of the whole group when they'd stopped Margaret. She'd watched out for him and stuck with him, helped him. The least he could do was try to help her in return.

"We just need something stronger than my car...something bigger...something like...that!" he looked over her shoulder to see a huge yellow recovery truck drive around the corner by Jackie.

Rose grinned in amazement at the sight of her mother climbing out.

"Right," Jackie said, "You've only got this until six o'clock, so get on with it."

"Mum, where the hell did you get that from?" Rose asked, astonished.

"Rodrigo. He owes me a favor. Never mind why, but you were right about your dad, sweetheart. He was full of mad ideas, and this is exactly what he would've done. Now, get on with it before I change my mind," she tossed the keys to Mickey who caught them and hurried into the truck while Rose went to attach the chain.


The volunteers pointed their guns behind a makeshift wall as the Daleks glided in.

"Open fire!" Jack ordered and they started firing madly at the Daleks, the sounds drifting up to Floor 500.

But the Daleks advanced, unaffected.

"It's not working!" Davitch jumped down to talk to Jack.

"Concentrate your fire! Eyestalk, two o' clock!"

A volunteer continued to fire, the bullets just dropping to the ground as they hit the force field. One bullet, though, managed to catch one in the eyestalk, "My vision is impaired!" it cried, "I cannot see!"

"We did it!" the female programmer cheered...a moment before a bolt hit her, killing her.

"No!" Davitch screamed, "NO!" he turned in a rage and fired madly at the Daleks over the barricade…only to be hit by a bolt as well, leaving Jack and a volunteer to continue.


"I've got a problem..." Lynda's voice came over the comm. as the Doctor and Angel rushed around at the sound of firing still below them.

"Human female detected," they could hear a Dalek.

"They've found me," Lynda breathed, terrified.

"You'll be alright, Lynda," the Doctor reassured her, "That side of the station's reinforced against meteors."

"Hope so!" she said, but they could hear her voice shaking, "Know what they say about Earth workmanship..."

Then the noise of sparks sounded, the Daleks were trying to cut through the door.

"Lynda?" Angel called, hearing silence, her hand hovering on the bracelet.

"They're surrounding me," Lynda gasped.

There was the sound of glass smashing...

Lynda screamed...

And Angel activated the bracelet.

The Doctor looked up, in shock, "They killed her…"

"No," Angel shook her head.

He turned sharply to face her, stunned and confused.

She pulled off the bracelet and held it, "Used the sonic to reprogram this to act as a teleporter. I sent her to the Controller's med-ship. It should be far enough away by now to be safe."

He nearly beamed at her, about to hug her, thrilled, when they heard Jack yelling over the comm., "Last man standing! For God's sake, Doctor, finish that thing and kill them!"

"Finish that thing and kill mankind," the Emperor said.

They looked over to see the Emperor watching them on the screen before they glanced at each other and got back to work.


Jackie watched, standing just outside the TARDIS doors, as Mickey drove the truck, Rose standing by the console, watching the chain stretch, "Keep going!" Rose shouted.

"Put your foot down!" Jackie called to Mickey and he did so.


"Give it some more, Mickey!"

The metal began to creak and Rose smiled, "Keep going!"

"Come on, come on!" Jackie nearly jumped up and down in anticipation.

The chain grew more and more taunt, Rose growing hopeful, "Keep going!"

"Give it some more!" the chain tightened until finally…

The truck lurched forward as the chain snapped off the TARDIS, trailing out the doors after it, Jackie jumping back to avoid it.

"NO!" Rose shouted, her one last hope gone, as she kicked and beat the console.

"Rose!" Mickey jumped out of the car, turning to the TARDIS to see her in a rage. He and Jackie just reached the doors when they slammed shut.

Rose fell back against the console, sobbing, not even noticing the doors, until...

"Rose?" a voice called.

Rose gasped, looking up to see a projection of Angel, much like the one the Doctor had left her, but facing towards the console, standing in between two Y-beams, her back to the doors.

"If this is playing then you've tried to open the Heart of the TARDIS. You won't be able to, I've set it so that it will only open with a very specific key."

"Where is it?" Rose got up, moving to stand before her.

"I'll tell you where to find it but first you MUST promise me something."


"You must promise to do exactly as I say. If the TARDIS senses, even for a second, that you aren't doing as I asked, then she will shut down and that will be it."

Rose blinked and nodded.

"Good," the hologram gave a small nod, "You must have honestly accepted if this continues to play. So, on the console, there's a round panel with what looks like a figure eight on it," Rose ran over, looking around the console quickly, finding it, "Lift it up and inside there is a sort of small cylinder with holes on the side," Rose popped it up and found the small gray item on a string, "Now you must listen to this first Rose before doing anything else."

Rose turned around, staring at the projection intently, the key clutched in her hand, "What is it?"

"There will be a small hole on top of the panel that opens the Heart of the TARDIS. You place the cylinder in it, use it like a key, but when the panel opens, you must hold the cylinder before you. It will absorb the Heart into the cylinder and set off a pre-designated flight plan that overrides Emergency Program One. The cylinder is bio-coded to me, it'll guide the TARDIS right back to me, to the Doctor. Now this is very important Rose," she took a breath, "As soon as you land, as soon as you open those doors, make sure I get the cylinder," she paused, "You MUSTN'T look into the Heart, no matter what. When it opened last time I...I felt it. I'm afraid it will destroy you if you do. And…" she hesitated, "I think it might destroy the Doctor too. So please, do as I say," she offered a small smile, "Good luck."

The projection blinked out and Rose ran to get to work.


Jack ran down the corridor backwards, shooting in vain at the Daleks as they advanced on him, "You've got twenty seconds maximum!" he shouted through the comm..


Rose shoved the key into the panel, twisting it till the panel popped up slightly. She pulled it out quickly to dangle it before her by the string as the panel opened completely, holding it up to the light, looking away, into her arm, as it swarmed into it, the TARDIS taking off, flying through the Vortex.


Jack's bullets ran out as he reached the end of the corridor, he tossed the gun aside and pulled out another smaller one, firing that…only for it to run out as well. He tossed it to the ground before facing them squarely, defiantly, his back against a wall.

"Exterminate!" they cried, raising their laser arms.

"I kinda figured that," he muttered, opening his arms, closing his eyes, bracing himself, ready.

The Daleks fired, killing him dead.


The Doctor pulled up a lever on the device they'd put together, "It's ready!" he turned to Angel behind him, only to see Daleks roll into the room, surrounding them, "You really wanna think about this," the Doctor warned them as Angel stood as well, looking around, forced closer to him by the swarm, "'Cos if I activate the signal, every living creature dies."

"I am immortal," the Emperor remarked over the monitor.

"D'you wanna put that to the test?"

"I want to see you become like me. Hail the Doctor, the Great Exterminator!"

"I'll do it!" the Doctor warned, putting his hands on the lever.

"Then prove yourself, Doctor. What are you, coward or killer?"

His hands tensed, ready to pull, as he shook, his face screwed up in pain at the weight of what it would mean.

"It's alright," Angel said, stepping beside him, putting a hand on his, her hands shaking as well, "Everything will be alright. Trust me."

He looked at her, seeing in her eyes that she was not encouraging him, but telling him it was alright to let go, and so he did, glaring up at the Emperor as she backed away to stand behind him, "Coward. Any day."

"Mankind will be harvested because of your weakness," the Emperor laughed.

"And what about me? Am I becoming one of your angels?"

"No," Angel answered, "I am."

The Doctor spun around, not even noticing she had walked a few feet away from him.

She turned just as the sound of the TARDIS materializing reached them.

"Alert!" a Dalek reported, "TARDIS materializing!"

The Doctor watched in horror as the TARDIS appeared.

"You will not escape!" the Emperor shouted.

The doors burst open and Rose ran out, tossing something glowing gold on a chain to Angel. She snatched it in the air and pulled it over her head, the gold swarming out to surround her, flowing into her as she hunched forward with a cry of pain.

"NO!" the Doctor yelled, realizing what was happening, that she was absorbing the Heart of the TARDIS, the power of the Vortex.

Angel straightened slowly and turned around, the golden light surrounding her, casting a billowing breeze around her, the golden flecks of her eyes now entirely gold with the power of the Vortex in her.

"What've you done?" he breathed, terrified, not of her, but for her.

"I have taken in the Time Vortex," she replied softly, her voice echoing.

"No one's meant to do that," he shook his head at her, alarmed, "Especially not us!"

"This is the abomination!" the Emperor cried.

"Exterminate!" the Daleks shouted, firing at her.

Angel held up a hand, the lasers freezing and reversing back into the Daleks as the Doctor blinked in amazement, "I have saved the Bad Wolf," she replied, glancing sadly at Rose, before turning back, "And thus I create myself, a new being. I take the words..." she looked up at the wall at the letters of the logo, waving her hand, "I scatter them in time and space…" they started to rise and drift off, disappearing, "A message to lead us here."

"You've got to stop this," the Doctor told her urgently, "You've got to stop this now."

"I know what to do," Angel said quietly, looking ahead at the Emperor.

"You've got the entire Vortex running through your head!"

"I can feel it."

"You're gonna burn," he cried, eyes wide in concern…he didn't know how long she could last. His hearts were racing, if she died...he didn't even want to think about that...

"I want you safe," she looked at the Doctor, tears in her eyes, "I want creation safe," she looked up at the Emperor, "Protected from the false god and his disciples."

"You cannot hurt me," the Emperor remarked, "I am immortal."

"You are tiny," she corrected, "I can see the whole of time and space, I see your very existence. I see everything you have done," she blinked, frowning, tears falling, "She is angry, her sisters are dead, her planet is destroyed, turned to dust. The Time War ends now."

"I cannot die!"

She looked up at the Daleks, holding out her hand again, "Everything, all things, must die."

"I will not die!"

"As you wish," Angel blinked, holding both her arms out.

The Doctor turned in a circle, watching as all the Daleks glowed gold for a moment before turning to stone, even the almighty Emperor, and beaming off the station, back to their own ships. He looked at a screen monitoring the Dalek ships, watching as they zoomed about, colliding with themselves for lack of pilots and controllers, burning and exploding in space. He spun to Angel as she lowered her arms, she'd wiped out the Daleks, without killing a single one…

"Angel," he breathed, moving to stand before her, "You've done it. Now stop. Just let go."

"I know," she breathed, "But there is one thing more…"

She closed her eyes, concentrating...


Captain Jack gasped back to life.


"Now give it back," the Doctor pleaded as her eyes opened, her gorgeous green eyes glowing golden, "Please. You need to give it back."

He couldn't lose her.

"I can't…" she cried, golden tears pouring down her face.

"The power's gonna kill you!"

"It won't leave me…" she breathed, sounding truly terrified.

"Angel…" he stared at her in horror as the golden light grew more intense, all stemming from the necklace.

He recognized it now, it was like a fission cell/container, much like how lights would be powered in the future. When installing such lights the containers had to be bio-coded to their handlers to protect them, the fission would burn the hands if not bio-coded to be touched by a specific person. But those containers were completely useless in holding the true power of the Vortex, strong enough to keep it contained it for a few moments though...which was what had happened, the power was siphoning off into Angel now, more and more the longer she wore it.

"It's burning you alive…"

"I know…" he reached forward, as though to pull the necklace off, when she gaped, "Don't!" he looked at her, "It's bio-coded to me…" she reminded him, "You can't take it off and the power…I can't move…" she swallowed hard, "You need to leave."

He shook his head, "We promised to take care of each other," stepping towards her, "I will never leave you."

He reached forward and gently pulled her into his arms, carefully leaning down and kissing her, the Vortex flowing out of her eyes and into his as they did so. Slowly, they parted, gazing at each other a moment before her eyes fluttered closed and she fell into his arms, unconscious. He held her close a moment, before carefully laying her down on the floor, gently brushing a strand of hair out of her face before standing, his eyes faintly glowing.

"Rose get out of the way," he called to the girl huddled at the bottom of the TARDIS, watching the events with wide eyes. She quickly shuffled away as the Doctor exhaled, expelling the Vortex from his mouth to stream back through the doors and into the TARDIS.

He smiled as the Heart of the TARDIS panel shut again before leaning down to observe Angel, just stroking her face.


Jack groaned and winced as he staggered through the doorway to Floor 500, looking around in confusion at the empty area...when he heard the TARDIS engines roar to life.

He ran over, only to see it dematerializing, leaving him stranded. And he knew what that meant...Angel was either unconscious or dead because she would never let the Doctor do that to anyone.

He could only pray she would be alright in the end.


The TARDIS flew through the Vortex as the Doctor piloted, Rose sitting beside Angel on the floor, watching over the woman as the Doctor explained to her what had happened back there.

Angel groaned as her eyes fluttered open, her head killing her, Rose leaning forward to help her sit up, "What happened?"

"Don't you remember?" the Doctor looked at her, surprised.

"I do," she tried to smile, but winced, rubbing her head, "Feels more like a dream though."

"Nope," he laughed, though secretly pleased she might have just admitted to having dreams of kissing him.

"Never doing that again," she replied with a nod to the now-locked panel, reaching out to Rose as the woman helped her to her feet, neither seeing the Doctor glance down at his hand, his veins shimmering gold, "Doctor…" she breathed and he looked up to see her eyeing him, worried, Rose supporting her.

He smiled at them sadly, "I was gonna take you to so many places. Barcelona, not the city Barcelona, the planet. You'd love it. Fantastic place, they've got dogs with no noses," he laughed at that, Rose laughing as well while Angel just watched him, concerned, "Imagine how many times a day you'd end up telling that joke, and it's still funny!"

"Then, why can't we go?" Rose asked, "Be a nice vacation after all that."

"Maybe you will," the Doctor shrugged, "And maybe I will. But not like this."

"No…" Angel breathed, seeming to realize what he was saying.

"You're not making sense!" Rose shook her head at him, not having heard her, giving him a little grin, "Taking a leaf out of Angel's book eh?"

"I might never make sense again!" he said, "I might have two heads. Or no head!" he laughed, "Imagine me with no head! And don't say that's an improvement..." Rose grinned, "But it's a bit dodgy, this process. You never know what you're gonna end up with…"

Suddenly he fell backwards with a blast of golden light, wrapped his arms around his stomach as Rose ran forward, concerned.

"No!" Angel shouted, pulling her back, "We need to stay back."

"Stay away!" the Doctor agreed, wincing in pain.

"What's going on?" Rose looked between them.

"Angel absorbed all the energy of the Time Vortex, and no one's meant to do that!" the Doctor ground out, "I pulled it out in time, but the process left me damaged," he groaned, it had been hard, that power hadn't wanted to leave her, "Every cell in my body's dying."

"Can't you do something?" Rose cried, horrified.

"He is," Angel explained, "Time Lords can avoid death by..." she looked at him sadly, "Changing, everything," Rose shook her head, not understanding, "It's what I did," Angel tried to elaborate more, "When the Dalek shot me in Van Statten's museum, I changed…"

Rose just shook her head more and Angel realized she hadn't been close enough to see the differences between her old and new body, probably didn't even notice the change in hair color or left it to her hair being REALLY dirty.

"I'm not gonna see you again," the Doctor added, "Not like this. Not with this daft old face."

"Doctor," Angel looked at him, feeling so incredibly guilty, "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry."

"Not your fault," he smiled gently at her, "Just…before I go..."

"Don't say that!" Rose shouted, cutting him off.

"Rose…" Angel whispered, there wasn't much time.

"Before I go, I just wanna tell you, you were fantastic," he beamed, "Absolutely fantastic. The both of you. And d'you know what?" Rose shook her head and he grinned, "So was I."

Rose smiled, nodding, as Angel watched, feeling even worse when the Doctor convulsed, the orange energy of regeneration exploding from him. He threw his head backwards, his arms spread wide as the energy tore through him. They staggered back, bracing themselves against one of the Y-beams, watching as his hair lengthened and his face changed and he grew slimmer.

The energy suddenly died away and a completely different man stood before them, still wearing the Doctor's dark clothes and leather jacket, appearing slightly surprised for a moment.

"Hello!" he began and already they could tell he had a different accent to him, "Ok…ooh…" he gulped, running his tongue over his teeth, brow furrowed, "New teeth. That's weird. So, where was I? Oh, that's right! Barcelona!"

He grinned at them widely.

To be of the Minds!

A/N: And now we know what Angel was doing to the TARDIS eh? :) I hope it was believable how she became the 'Bad Wolf' (but not really THE Bad Wolf, I honestly don't know what she is). I had mentioned that Angel knew about the Bad Wolf popping up before she was freed, Rose having told her about her encounters with it, and so here, she already knew it was the words 'Bad Wolf' so, in a way, it was an event that had already happened and had to be maintained, thus using Bad Wolf instead of another message to get them to that point. I'm sort of glad Angel took in the Vortex, I totally agree with few reviews, I did NOT want the Doctor kissing anyone but Angel :)

And now we've got 10! As some of you might know from my 'Sneak Peeks,' 10 is where the relationship REALLY picks up :) I've kept 10 as DT and not changed him like I did in Rewritten because Rose was there too, and I always felt like she was the reason 10 became who he was, Angel though definitely helped. 'Doctor, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry' sound familiar? ;) But poor Angel though, she tried so hard to avoid this happening and the Doctor regenerated anyway, well...for every end there is a new beginning :)

As for the next story's title, there'll definitely be a meaning behind each and every title in relation to Angel and the Doctor, the first few though will be more about...Mating! (lol, I still giggle at that word) :) And we'll also get to see the relationships Angel has with the Doctor/Rose/Mickey grow even more :)

I just want to say, you guys! You are so amazing. I am absolutely floored by the response to this story, you've broken 200 reviews and made this my most alerted story so far! When I started writing this story I was afraid that most people (fans of my other stories) would be a bit tired of a THIRD Time Lady popping up, but I received so much support and interest that I really went to town writing it all out and trying to make it different than my other two. And then, to post it here, to have so many people favorite/read/review/anything this story, you guys really touched me and I cannot tell you how thankful I am for all of you. I hope I can continue to write stories that are as liked by readers as these are. I hope I do you proud in the next installment of The Heart of Time Saga. Check back tomorrow for the Children in Need opener of Meeting of the Minds, which I have dubbed, A New Doctor :)