Many thanks to yayleo for help (colors and names) on these OCs!

Ryan McAllister and Genevieve Brooksdale


Ryan McAllister

Ryan is an auburn (red-brown) cat with white hands and feet and blue eyes. He is the best friend of Leo, whom he met during high school. He is a very reckless and headstrong character and somewhat a playboy (He says "do 'em until it feels right!"), and, like Leo, loves video games. Aeris thinks he's sort of like Leo, apart from actually being smart. They usually converse over Xbox, playing various games. In times of trouble, he actually has quite insightful ideas, when he's not reckless. When he's not playing with Leo (and sometimes Daisuke), he's with a fellow female collegiate or going to/at one of many parties which the others decline. He still has a soft heart under all that recklessness and playboyness.


Genevieve Brooksdale

Genevieve (or Jenny, Gen) is a light yellow cat with white stomach and topaz eyes. She met the group in college (like Sakura and Daisuke), is insanely rich and a major flirt (she attempted to hit on Leo and Daisuke at the same time.). She is the one that always has the latest juicy gossip (some of which she starts). Though she is a flirt, she is obsessed with romance. She has innumerable amount of romance novels (none as... graphic... as Aeris' fanfics) back at her apartment, safely hidden from prying eyes. Still she has a good relationship with everyone, apart from Ryan (whom she calls Ry-ry, much to his annoyance). She gets all bubbly and starry-eyed when she starts talking about her one dream, "finding her 'true love'" (Knight in shining armor BS). She is not that academically smart, seeing how she got into the college using money. She is very susceptible to tickling, which the girls enforce when she causes too much trouble. She still searches for her one true love: a caring thoughtful, loving man (large pointy arrow at Ryan). Oh yeah, she's still a virgin somehow...

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