AN: I've recently gotten into poetry. Now, I'm not amazing at it, but quite a few people have said it's really good. I'm still not that confident in it though... However, I thought I'd give this a go.

The Man in The Cloud

In a cloud of insufferable silence

Of reminiscence,

Sits a lonesome man,

Pondering on his past.

As he regrets his goodbyes,

And remembers the red-haired girl;

The first face, that his had seen,

And the penultimate that she'd laid eyes upon.

At the face of the Angels,

How she'd said goodbye,

To follow who she loved,

Yet to leave her Raggedy Doctor.

And now, as he sits there,

The man in the cloud,

He is said to stop nightmares,

When he can't stop his own.

AN: I hope you enjoyed it. Feedback is appreciated!

Anastasia xx