Jigsaw kills Jacob
It was another happy day in town from movie twilight. The birds were singing and the sun was shining and everyone was
happy and jacob was a pedofile because he had impure thoughts about bella swan and edward cullen daughter who was
only 2 years old but he loved her anyway because he was a creep.

"I rly have to piss" he said suddenly and went to the toilet. But suddenly, sombody attacked him with sringe and now, jacob
was unconscious! Then, he woke up and was strapped to a truck full of explosives and C4 and also dynamite and some
Octanitrocubane which is very badass explosive! And then, he woke up and was like "wtf" because he was strapped to
truck full of explosives. Also, in front of him was tv. And then, suddenly, tv began to talk!

"Hello Jacob. At first you were only cool person except for Alice in twilight, but then, you became creepy too, just like
Edwrad Cullan. You sexualy assalted Bella Swan and you even want to have sex with her daughter but that is not okay
because she is, like, 2 years old! Now, the truck you are in will drive from cliff and explode in midari and you will
explode, too, and then you will be dead! Except when you take knife and cut urself in stomach to find code which I
made their that will disarm bomb. Make your choice, motherfucker!"

Then, the tv was exploded and Jacob began cutting open his stomach with chainsaw which was lying next to him.
Suddenly, every where was blood and bones and intestines and then, Jacob found a note. So he read the note and was
like WTF! because the note said "I lied lol" and then, the truck drove off cliff and it exploded and Jacob was ripped in
hundreds of peaces and there was blood and bones and brains and intestines and bloody limbs everywhere and Jacob
catched fire and screamed because he was dead!