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Chapter 1

The screech of the tires on the tarmac reverberated through my body like nails down a blackboard. The very same noise had filled me with excitement and hope eight years earlier. The thrill of trying to make something of myself alone, the uncertainty because I had spent so long doubting I had the ability to do anything, and the determination to prove I could.

I had spent years being told I wasn't slim enough, pretty enough, smart enough, and was basically nothing but a huge disappointment. However, not this time. This time I'd done it. I, Isabella Swan had proved my doubter wrong. I had achieved things she always said I couldn't, and I had done it without her assistance, without her money, or her powers of persuasion.

It wasn't without sacrifice and the sacrifice I made was my life. Growing up I studied hard, so hard I completely isolated myself from my friends. I ended up spending prom night researching in the library–alone. It didn't bother me, as far as I was concerned I wasn't missing anything. I was going to achieve something and to do that I didn't need the childish distractions of high school boys and bitchy cheerleaders. I graduated top of my class and was accepted into a great college. Was she proud? Did she heap praise upon me?

Not at all. I received a snide comment about never being prom queen, or for that matter not even having a date to prom. The college I was going to wasn't good enough, my major was a stupid choice, which would provide no foundation for my life after school, and my ass had gotten fat after spending so long sitting on it in the library.

The night I graduated I didn't go out celebrating with my fellow students. I didn't find some random guy and sleep with him in the back-seat of a car. The night I graduated I spent crying my eyes out alone in my bedroom.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Phoenix. Please remain in your seats until the aircraft comes to a complete stop. Thank you for choosing American Airlines."

Phoenix, Arizona, my own personal hell. Things had started out so great, so perfect. How had they come full circle like this? It all came back to him, of course it did. I should have known he was too good to be true. Charming, handsome, successful, and seemingly perfect—did someone like that even exist?

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