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Chapter 84

In all my life I'd thought about how I could finally gain some form of "revenge" on my mother for all the years of misery she put me through. After seeing her compelled to get up on the counter to dance to YMCA five times in the space of ninety minutes, it felt like I'd done more than enough. The fury and shame on her face as she danced was so fucking good to see.

We also personally requested her service and after she was rude to Edward when he asked to see the specials, we complained to her supervisor and she was forced to apologize profusely.

"What else can I get you?" she muttered after taking away our desserts. "Maybe the bill?"

"Yeah I think my work here is done," I said, and laughed. "Besides, my husband and I have to get to the airport soon. Even though we get priority check in because of our first class reservations, we wouldn't want to miss our flight, would we, baby?"

"You're right, love, we should be making a move." Edward winked.

We watched as she slammed the leather wallet on the table and turned to storm away. "You can wait…I have the money right here," I called out. She stood there tapping her foot as we counted out every last cent. "I'd tip you, mother, but after your service today I'm sure you'll agree you just don't deserve it. Only someone like you could fail at waitressing, you've brought nothing but shame on the Dwyer family, and you really need to do something about that ass of yours…if you could see how big it's gotten you'd be mortified."

Her face tightened and I could see she was biting her tongue. Renee Dwyer would never hold back in a situation like this, but unfortunately she no longer had the luxury of hiding behind Phil Dwyer's money. She needed the money and a petulant outburst at a customer wouldn't exactly give her job security.

"On second thoughts," I said and sighed. "I guess I should take pity on you. After all, you were so supportive when I first came back from New York. In fact, thanks to you I know a great hairdresser called Demetri, maybe I could get him to squeeze you in for an appointment. You really should get those split-ends trimmed, they look terrible." I put some extra money into the wallet and held it out. She all but snatched it from me and then leaned in closer.

"If you expect me to thank you," she hissed quietly, "I can assure you I won't. You can come in here with him and flaunt your perfect life, but remember I am your mother, Isabella. I brought you up and I gave you everything you had. You're living this life because of me."

"No, Mother, I'm living this life despite you. I spent my entire life believing I was worth absolutely nothing. That I was a huge disappointment and you have no idea how that felt. It was only through people like Edward, Angela, Phil, and Jacob that I started to believe in myself that I believed I could achieve something with my life. If I'd listened to you I dread to think what I would have become. Now I'm married to the most amazing man who I love for him and not what he does or what he can give me. I'm going to be a mom soon, and when we have this baby, when we raise our daughter, I can assure you she'll always know how much she's loved, and I'll be there for her through thick and thin. I promise you, Renee Dwyer, the second we walk out of this door you are gone from my life for good."

I don't know if there was any emotional response anywhere inside that head of hers, but if there was she didn't show it. Without a word she turned and walked away. She got no more than five steps when Edward called out.

"Renee?" She looked around slowly and he waved a coin in the air with a huge grin on his face. "I think we have time for one last performance before we go."

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