Princess of The Demon World

Tatsumi Oga & Kagome Higurashi

Summary: Lord En and Beelzebub both have an older sibling, the problem is how will Oga survive if the deadliest of the demon siblings went to the human world. And why does Hilda keep preventing him from going near her?

Disclaimer: I don't own Beelzebub and Inuyasha and their characters…

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"So Hilda, why are we here in the park again with those four?" Oga asked Hilda as he pointed to Lord En, Isabella, Yolda, and Satura. "Oga for the last time we are here to await the demon Princess' arrival.". " What!? Berubo has another sibling?"screamed Oga. Who could blame him, having two demon brothers was enough for him. " Oh, and Oga I would prepare myself if I were you." Lord En suggested, the 6 demons (including Alaindeilon) nodded in agreement. "Yes, Lady Kagome is the deadliest among the three siblings. Actually, even deadlier than the Great Demon King. If she finds out that you were Young Master Beelzebub's potential parent she will fight you to test your worth." Isabella stated.

"Hey everyone, someone is here." Alaindeilon said as he opened his stomach. "What! She's here already." Oga complained. " No, it's just her butler, Alvah." Satura said. A redhead teenager not older than Hilda came out of Alaindeilon's stomach. "Welcome Alvah, to the Human World" Alaindeilon said. Alvah nodded "Ah so it seems that both young masters and their maids have come. Hilda and Yolda will you help me with the homework M'lady brought for the young masters?" he aked. "Hai." they said in unison.

"Alvah may I ask something?" Satura said. "Of course." he replied while getting three boxes with 'HOMEWORK' written on it. "Where is m'lady?" Isabella asked. "Ahh yes, um actually m'lady is still with The Great Demon King. M'lord is still telling m'lady what she should do with her two siblings for not doing what he asked. Alvah explained. "So basically when will she arrive?" Oga asked. "Maybe in a few minutes." Alvah said, "Are you the potential parent of Young Master Beelzebub?". "Hai." Oga replied. "Looks like m'lady will have a good sparring partner hehehe." Alvah said. Oga stiffened at what Alvah said.

"Alvah-sama! M'lady is coming." a small girl ran to Alvah. "Thanks Rin you can go back now what will she use going here?" Alvah asked. "M'lady told me that she will use her own powers." Rin said. "Thank you. Alaindeilon transport Rin to the Demon World again please." Alvah ordered. Just then they saw a tornado coming towards them. "Ah it seems that the Lady Kagome has arrived." Isabella said.

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