Princess of the Demon World


"Oga. Do you love me?" Kagome asked. "Kagome. You are one of the most powerful and the most beautiful demoness I have ever met. How could I not fall in love with you?" Oga replied.

"Oga. I am so happy that you and I met. I cannot imagine my life without you." she said. "Me too Kagome, me too." He said lovingly.


"Ningen! Are you listening to me?" Kagome screamed. "Huh what?" Oga said. " It seems like he zoned out again Hime-sama." Sebastian said.

"Oh yeah. Alavah I remembered that you can see what a person is thinking of. Did you see what the mortal was thinking of?" Sebastian added.

"Oh yes. Luckily I saw it before he woke up from his stupor." Alvah told them. "Oh really Alvah. Pray tell what was he thinking of."Kagome said

"Hehehe. Maybe I should pray for the boy." Sebastian muttered to himself.

~o ~o ~o ~o ~o ~o ~o ~o ~o~o~o~o~time skip- at school~o~o~o~o~o~o~o~o~o~o~o~o~o~o

"Hey Oga. Why do you look so beaten up?" asked an innocent Kunieda. "I f***ing hate that girl." he said.

"Who is that girl Oga?"Furuichi asked. "It's Berubo and En's older sister." Oga said.

"WHAT! Those two have an older sister?" Furuichi said. "Yup. And she's as scary as hell. Maybe even scarier." Oga commented.

"Oga, what are you telling that other Furuichi-sama about Bo-chama's older sister?" Alaindeilon said.

"Ah nothing. Why are you here again?" Oga said. "Kagome-sama has sent me to fetch you to welcome the Heir of the Lord of the East." Alaindeilon said