CHAPTER 1: Beers, Brawls, and Beautiful Brothers

I never knew this side of me before, I always assumed I was an innocent, but these past few days in Boston have changed my views on that theory.

It's crazy how much can change in a week, how quickly people can affect your behavior, choices, and make all previous mannerisms die and new ones pop up. New ones you never even thought were in you. Y'know how; for example; when you hangout a lot with someone who swears when you don't normally, you end up swearing a ton too? That's what happened to me, except it wasn't something as simple as my language.

Like most other 24 year old rich kids living in California, I was spoiled. I spent my days surfing, playing beach volleyball with friends and walking the pier in the day and partying at night.

I didn't need to get a job, my parents paid for everything; which, thinking about it now, really didn't help me at all. All my life I've been used to the sun, the sand, and the heat. My skin was always glowing with a dark tan and my hair has always been sun-bleached blonde, I never expected everything to change when I moved.

On my 24th birthday; after partying hard; I decided it was time I grew up. As much as my parents protested I decided to move to somewhere completely different: Boston.

My first day in Boston was a vicious one. It rained, and it rained hard with no sun, I was so confused.

When I got off the plane I jumped into the first cab I saw. "Just take me to the nearest hotel, please."

"Your wish is my command."

There was a heavy sigh from the driver and I noticed him look back at me through the rear-view mirror; the way he looked me up and down made me uncomfortable. I was so relieved when I finally stepped out of that cab.

"So, here we are miss. Comes to $32.67."

I pulled my black long-strapped purse off the seat beside me and dug through it, looking for my wallet, it was black so it blended in with the lining of my purse.

"You can pay, right? 'Cause if you have no money I'm sure we can find some other way to square up." He looked at me hungrily and grinned.

"Nope. I've got it thanks." I began rifling faster through my purse until I found it. "Here!" I threw him a couple twenty's, "Keep the change." I didn't want to stay longer to discuss what I wanted back for change.

The creepy cabby popped the trunk open and tried to help me with my bags.

"That's fine, I got it."

He held on.

"I've got it alright, piss off dude." I ripped them out of his hands quickly and stormed into the hotel.

This hotel is NOTHING like ANY hotel in Cali. The man at the front desk was rude and creepy, and any other tenant I passed inside was rude and creepy, and when I walked into my room I was disturbed. I can't really say a room is 'rude' but it was DEFINITELY creepy. There were shadows in corners that couldn't be explained and cracks and holes in the walls that leaked tiny sweat drops of water that made the place smell stale and moldy.

I went back downstairs, "D'you have any...cleaner rooms available?"

The man at the front desk simply chuckled and walked away.

"I'm talking to you..." He glanced back at me, still laughing, and walked off. "I'll take that as a no then..."

People in Cali were always friendly and laughing, everyone was either stoned or drunk off the heat of the sun... or for real drunk.

I figured I'd go for a walk, maybe find myself a bar to drink myself into oblivion so I'd forget the smell and appearance and just pass out. I'll scan the papers for an apartment tomorrow.

About an hour later I found myself lost; which sounds backwards to find yourself when you're lost. Up ahead I saw a group of guys stumble out a door which could only mean one thing. I walked faster down towards the bar, anxious to escape the rain. After I hauled the door open to 'McGuinty's Pub', I realized I would be an extreme oddity here.

Being the only girl in a pub back in Cali was never a big deal considering I knew almost everyone. Here I know no one, and the thought of having no one to rely on to have my back is a scary thought. Especially since every single man in here looked grubby and drunk as hell.

I almost turned to leave but my want for a drink overtook me and I bravely took a seat at the bar next to two guys.

They both turned to look at me, startled by my sudden appearance.

"Oye, Murph, there's a lass in here!" The guy beside me smiled and smacked the other guy in the shoulder with the back of his hand to get his attention.

"Aye, there is!"

"Hey Doc, let's grab a beer for the lady, ya?" The guy sitting next to me called and waved an arm to the bartender or 'Doc', as he called him, then turned to me with a bright, drunk smile, "Name's Connor, and this here's Murphy," he leaned back and pointed to the guy next to him, also wearing a bright drunk smile.

"'Ello lassy!"

FINALLY. People who were friendly and NOT creepy.

"Lindsay," I smiled.

The two guys threw their arms in the air cheering and yelling, "Aaaayyeee Lindsay!"

Lots of laughter and shouting rang through the bar and Doc set down a tall mug of beer in front of me.

"Aaahhh perfect, thaaank you."

The guy sitting farther away, Murphy, drunkenly leaned over the bar and looked at me. "So what's a gorgeous lass like you doin' alone in a back alley pub in South Boston on a dark rainy night eh?" His barstool rocked slightly under his weight, he grabbed the counter in a panic to balance himself.

"I just moved here from California."

The one beside me, Connor, cheers'd me. "Tha's a long ways away! Welcome to the Irish side of Boston m'dear lady!"

I laughed, "Well thankya!"

The three of us cheers'd again and downed our drinks in one go.

"She can drink Murph!"

"Aye, but can she keep up?"

I picked up the fresh beer that had just been put down on the bar in front of me and lifted it into the air as a mock cheers. "How many are you at? I've gotta catch up before I'm ever gunna keep up!" I winked at the boys and downed my beer.

"Aye, you're right, and sorry to be of no help on that one but I've definitely lost count."

The two guys cheers'd some other men in the bar and downed their beers and slammed their empty mugs down in front of me. "Well? You catchin' up or what?"

I laughed and called out to the bartender, "Three shots of tequila, three jager bombs, and three beers please, Doc!"

"Alright m- FUCK-ASS -m'd-d-dear."

I jumped back, startled at first, then laughed and cheered with the rest of them.

"Aaaah y'didn't have to buy us shots n' beers ma dear." Connor chuckled softly as he reached out for the drinks placed in front of me.

"I didn't!" I laughed and smiled as I slapped his reaching hand lightly and following that, downed all six shots and a beer leaving two beers in front of me. "I'm a California girl, don't underestimate my power of alcoholic consumption!" I downed the second beer and started on the third.

Murphy started climbing the counter again and slapped the guy next to me on the shoulder, "Aye Connor, I think I'm in love ya,"

"Oye get the fuck off me!"

The boys laughed as Connor shoved Murphy back off the counter.

Feeling more comfortable I took my black leather jacket off, leaving me in just a pair of black saddle boots, skinny jeans and a black long sleeved, scoop necked, waffle shirt.

"Ya, stay a while will ya?" One of the other men in the bar helped my jacket off my arms and hung it over the back of a chair behind me.

"Thanks man!"

Right after taking my coat off there was a large gust of cold air as the door opened again. It suddenly sounded like all the Irishmen in the world were cheering and yelling, it was so loud.

"Rocco! Ya!"


A fresh beer slid down the counter to him as the two guys jumped up and they all grabbed their beers, cheers'd, and downed them quick.

"You're trying to get me drunk aren't ya!" I yelled at them and jumped up off my barstool as I downed my own beer.

They looked at me, slightly confused.

"Well I have to keep up right?" I smiled mischievously, "Hey Doc! Toss me a couple fresh ones!"

"Who's this little one?!" The new guy, Rocco, gestured towards me with his empty mug.

"THIS!" Murphy draped an arm over my shoulders, "Is Lindsay! Our fresh Californian lady-drinker!"

"Aye! She claims she can keep up, so far she's failing." Connor looked at me mockingly.

"Failing?!" I turned back to the bartender as he slid the fresh beer over to me, "I'll add another couple tequila shots and another beer to that round!"

I downed the fresh beer and turned back to the guys with a coy smile while I waited for the rest.

"Failing is not something I do when it comes to drinking." I heard glasses hit the counter behind me so I spun around, yelled, "Cheers!", and downed them.

When I put the empty mugs down on the counter I looked up at Doc and was about to order a couple more but he looked a little down.

"Listen, boys... and girl...I've got some very bad news. I'm gonna have to close down the b-b-b-bar. The Russians are buying up buildings all over the town, includin' this one- Fuck! Ass! -and they're not lettin' me renew my lease."

I looked up past my empties and pouted. "Shit, and I only just got here."

Doc looked at me and smiled appreciatively. "And listen, fellas, I d-don't want anyone to know. So you k-k-keep your t-traps shut! You know what they say... People in glass houses sink sh-sh-ships."

He looked very serious, I don't think he knows he messed that up.

"Hey, Doc, I gotta buy you, like, a proverb book or somethin'. This mix-and-match shit's gotta go."

Everyone started to laugh so I figured I'd defend the old coot!

"Well hang-on now, people in glass houses sink ships," I repeated, pondering, "if you think about it, it makes sense. A glass house WOULD sink a ship, could you imagine how fucking heavy that'd be?!"

"Ya but the people in it? It ain't the house sittin' on that ship!" Murphy argued.

"Well they must be stupid enough to sink a ship. I mean they built a glass house... how stupid is that exactly?! No privacy, very fragile, fingerprints would show up EVERYwhere; d'you even know how much Windex you'd go through?!"

By now the bar was howling with laughter.

"Well, really! If you have enough money in the first place to BUILD a glass house AND buy a ship then it'd be a HUGE step backwards to fuckin' move the house ONTO the ship and then subsequently sink it!"

How the fuck did I use such a long word properly, I'm so drunk right now.

"Aye but now we're back to the house being ON the fuckin' ship! It's the fuckin' people on the fuckin' ship!"

"Aye! And it's not just that one either! Doc's had some good ones!" Connor laughed as he gestured to Rocco with his smoke. "Ya like, a penny saved is worth two in the bush, isn't it?"

Murphy piped up, "And don't cross the road if you can't get out of the kitchen!"

I couldn't help but laugh. "K well those make NO sense. Well actually you can't cross the road without getting out of the kitchen first, and maybe someone who doesn't have the courage to leave the kitchen in the first place SHOULDN'T be trying to cross the roa-" but my words were cut short as the door behind us burst open.

Then the whole night went wrong.