CHAPTER 15: Epilogue

"Uuuugh I feel like Buddha." I looked down and wrapped my arms around the beach ball I call a stomach.

"You may feel like Buddha but you are far more beautiful." Murphy leaned forward and kissed the tip of my nose.

"I can't wait till I can have a beer again." I adjusted myself on the bed next to him as he put his hand on my swollen belly and kissed me and then kissed my tummy.

"Me too m'love." Ahhh I love his smile.

Since I couldn't drink Murphy decided he would help me "stay strong" by not drinking either; I love him. Only someone who truly cares and loves me would do something like that; especially considering the people we hangout with.

I suddenly felt the worst pain ever.

"Hooooooly shit it hurts," I jolted up holding my stomach, "oooooohhh god this sucks a huge sack of dicks ooooooohhhhh fuck this hurts so baaaaad!" I was gripping the bed sheets, straining my body in an attempt to not feel the pain.

Murphy sat up next to me, "d'you think it's time?"

"Iiiiiiii definitely think we should maybe OWE go to the-ooooooooo frickin frack this hurts- hospital pleeeease!" My voice was a high-pitched squeal by the end.

Murphy held my hand the entire time, I think I broke his knuckles from squeezing his hand so hard. I can't even count the amount of curse words and strange insults that were spat out of my mouth when I gave birth to our little baby girl, Mallory.

She's about an average sized 7lb little girl, she has Murphy's beautiful, massive blue eyes and the whitest blonde head of fluffy curls possible. I can't stop looking at her, my eyes are just locked on her and nothing else is registering. Small tears trickled down and bounced over my smiling cheeks.

"Linds?" I turned slowly to look at Murphy standing beside the bed and smiled.

"I love you," I whispered as he chuckled and knelt down to my level on the bed, "I love you too. Are you ready for Connor and Emma to come in?"

I looked back down at Mallory and smiled, "For sure." I curled over and kissed her head and smelled her, babies definitely have their own smell.

3 Months Later

"I cannot believe he proposed to her!" I squealed as quietly as possible while jumping around the bassinet where little Mallory was passed out cold with a little purple soother in her mouth.

"Aye! I know! Fuck this is gunna be amazing!"

I smacked his arm lightly and pointed to Mallory, "don't swear!"

"She can't even understand yet!"

"I knoooowwww but she just looks so untainted... look at her..."

We both looked down at her with the utmost love in our eyes, "She looks just like you m'love." Murphy put his arm around my shoulder and scanned my face, "Beautiful... perfect... just like you."

I looked up at him and jumped onto my tiptoes for a kiss and whispered, "She has your eyes." I leaned into the crook of his arm, "I love you Murphy."

"I love you too Lindsay."

1 Year Later

It's the most decorated I've ever seen McGuinty's, beautiful.

"Mama, up," I picked Mal up off the ground and into my arms, "Hey sweety, remember to say please!"


"good girl," I kissed the top of her head and adjusted her weight in my arms, "Connor! Congratulations!"

"Heyy! My other two favorite girls!" He threw his arms around Mallory and I and ruffled Mal's hair after, "Hey lil' love!"

Connor's going to be an amazing dad one day.

"Aye! Quit mackin' on my ladies ya?!" Murph came up from behind Connor and jumped him roughly shaking his shoulders laughing and shouting, "Congraaaaatulations!"

4 Months Later

"Would you mind taking Mal for the night? Murph wants to go out for dinner."

"Aye I'd love to take the little rugrat," Emma extended her arms and tool Mallory out of mine.

"G'night sweetie, be good. Mama will see you in the morning ok? Love you," I gave her hands a squeeze and kissed the top of her head, "thanks Emma, I really appreciate it."

"No probs, love this lil' thing. Plus it's good practice!" She glanced down at her own baby bump, "So exciting!"

Murph looks so sexy when he dresses up, black pants and spiffy black shoes, he's even wearing a white dress shirt and a red tie with his usual black jacket.

I was wearing a black a pair of black pumps and a gold dress; the top half of the strapless dress was a deep gold and around the waistline it faded into a sheer black flowing skirt that came to just above my knees in the front and in the back it came down 'till the middle of my calves.

We walked into a fancy restaurant, "Wow." I looked around the place, there were flowers, candles, and sheets of silk for window covers everywhere creating a very romantic and soft atmosphere.

"Hi, welcome to 'Shantel's Bistro'," Connor took a step forward, "I made a reservation actually, under 'Murphy'."

"Oh, yup!" She smiled oddly, "right this way."

Something's going on... that girls' behavior is really awkward.

Murphy and I entered a private room at the back of the restaurant, there were no tables or chairs, just a red silk sheet on the ground, white satin pillows, candles lit on different levels of shelving all around the room, and there's champagne, wine glasses and two menus in the center of the sheet waiting for us.

"I'll be back in a few to take your order," she smiled and winked at me knowingly, what the hell, I don't know you.

I turned around to look at Murphy, he was blushing. I don't think I've ever seen him blush before. He leaned forward and kissed me before I had a chance to say anything, then held my hands and looked in my eyes, he was breathing heavily, he looked nervous.

I understood everything when he knelt down in front of me, my breath hitched as I thought of what was happening and a tear crept into my eyes as I smiled.

"Lindsay," I took a deep breath, "will you marry me?"

I didn't even say anything I just dove down on him knocking him back so he was lying on the red silk sheet with me on top, I kissed him as deep as possible, "Yes you idiot! Of course yes!"

We stayed laying on the ground talking and fooling around until the restaurant closed and there was a knock on the door.

"Excuse me?"


The door opened very slowly, "We're closing in ten minutes and your waiter will be around momentarily with the bill."

She looked very shy, probably because we were laying down together in a tangled position.

"Yes, thank you," she left and I looked at Murph, he had the most amused smile on his face. "Well, my wonderful fiancé, what would you like to do now?"

I looked at him in the most devilish way I could as I leaned in to kiss him as passionately as I could and whispered, "I'd like to fuck the shit outta you 'till you can't move."

Murphy quickly grabbed my arms and pushed me back from him as he scrambled up and out to grab the bill, then rushed back, swept me up in his arms and ran out to the car, "Hold that thought m'love, we're almost home."

He threw the door open and tossed me down on the bed as he scrambled out of his pants, "Mmm I can't wait till I can't walk."

I jumped up onto my knees to help him as he grabbed my dress, "Arms up!"

I threw my arms straight up and he pulled it over my head as I ripped his tie off, "You're so cute in a tie," I kissed him as he wrapped his arms around me lowering me down onto my back.

"You're so beautiful in anything," he whispered quickly in my ear as I frantically unbuttoned the bottom of his shirt as he unbuttoned the top, then after ripping it off he threw my bra to the ground.

"Lift your hips," he spoke softly and I did as I was told. His fingers trailed down my almost naked body as he slid down kissing my inner thighs, he slowly wrapped his fingers around the sides of my underwear and slowly slid them down my legs, kissing me as he went. He then put his amazingly talented tongue to work and I couldn't help but squirm until I went nuts, grabbed him by his ears and wrenched him up.

"Fuck me."