Happy New Years everyone. Sorry this is not another part of Please, won't you be my neighbor, but I hope it will appease you a bit. I wrote this snippet fic when I was having a block on Neighbor and I'll be posting the 8 parts up over the next few days, once a day. Afterward I'll have it up at Deviant art, AFF and y-gallery.

Title: Stages in Snapshots - Prologue

Summery: Primus has been a patient god, really he has, but it's become obvious an intervention is in order.

Series: Transformers Animated
Pairing: various
Rating: T over all
Words: 469
Chapter includes: No warning
Disclaimer: Only the demented plot, what there is, is mine

Primus had been patient though his children's squabbles. The war had been going on for so long. By now there was no right side, if there had ever been at all. Even when his son, the Allspark, was sent from his surface his thoughts revolved around the pain they were feeling and his hopes they would make peace.

When the Decepticons pulled back after the Allspark's launch he'd thought they might come to an accord, let all his children come home, but it was not to be. Though no longer centered directly on claiming his surface they still fought and battled in the reaches of space.

He'd known when the Prime and his crew found the Allspark, and when they and the Decepticon leader were pulled through the unstable spacebridge. Even if he'd known the Allspark was out there still, Primus had hoped the disappearance of both his son and Megatron would eventually create a tentative ceasefire that could be built on. That when the Prime and his crew were eventually found and returned with the Allspark and Megatron revived from stasis there would be a framework in place.

His hopes had been for naught and the fighting continued, bringing yet another people, these organic 'humans' his son had said, into their war. His son shattered, but slowly being rebuilt; unable to keep his power from causing trouble. And his new granddaughter too. A bright little femme, if a bit impulsive. Still the young often are. She'd been pulled into a war she was centivorns too young to begin to understand.

The energon continued to be shed with no sign there was going to be a stop.

When Shockwave attacked his Magnus, damaging him to the edge of life and stealing the Magnus Hammer, that was it. Enough was enough. If his children were going to squabble like sparklings over the last rust stick he was going to end this war, his way.

While the medics rushed Ultra Magnus to the medbay Primus sent out a message to each of his creations as he started gathering his power. His choice would directly effect only a few hundred bots on each side of the conflict, but would have an impact on all. He wanted no quibbling about his servo in it and what it meant.

"My children. This has gone on long enough. If the differences between you are too much for you to overcome on your own, I will help you to finish this. Make the most of this, and I wish you happiness."

Each Cybertronian froze in what they were doing upon hearing their god's voice. The intent was crystal, but what he'd meant by his words would not be so clear until his chosen bots fell into recharge for the night, and awoke to their lives changed.