Stiles staggered into the Hale house, he was holding his shoulder as blood poured freely between his fingers as he got to the foot of the stair case when he collapsed. Derek was in his room just looking into space when the smell of blood hit him, he sat up and looked towards the door and rush towards it, standing on the landing he saw Peter wonder out of his own room, they shared a look before they turned their head's to heavy breathing "Stiles?" Derek called out as he ran down the stairs jumping over his slumped body.

He pulled the teen up right getting a pained response; the smell of blood was over whelming as he, Peter slowly walked down the stairs and knelt by the side of him, Derek moved Stiles hand from his shoulder and growled at the gash across it, the more he looked at the teen more he could see bruises and lots of them, Stiles open his eyes and saw the sour wolf looking at him "Der…ek" snapping his eyes towards the teen's face "B…Bite me." He said, Derek's eyes widen and he looked towards Peter who has the same look on his face, sliding his hands under the teen he picked him up and carried him to his room, with Peter following silently behind them,

"Should I bite him?" Derek asked

"Yes you should." Derek looked at his uncle who had closed the door and turned the dimmer switch on low "I'm saying this because he needs to live, not because it will make the pack stronger but because…"

"You want him as much I do." Derek said looking at him, Peter nodded, turning back to the teen Derek ripped Stiles shirt off to see the claw cuts down his chest and the bruises every where

"I'm going to kill Jackson."Peter growled "Never liked that spoiled brat." Derek huffed in agreement as he held the boy in his arms and he kissed the skin over his shoulder before his teeth lengthen and he bite down, there was a gasp and a shudder from Stiles and his eyes flicked open catching Peter's worried eyes before they closed again.

He laid the boy out onto the bed and watched over him, Peter got up and walked over to the bath room and came back with a bowl of warm soapy water and a cloth and sat on Stiles other side and between his and Derek they gently washed away the blood, the smell of Jackson was all over him and made both wolves growl in anger "What are you going to do?" Peter asked

"Kill him."

"You can't just kill a teenager specially him."

"Fine what do you think I should do?" Derek asked

"I have an idea." He said standing up he moved over to wardrobe and pulled the doors open before finding a camera, he turns back around and takes a photo of Stiles lying on the bed

"What are you doing?"

"I'm going to teach those who hurt what's ours a hash lesson." He takes Stiles clothes and puts them in a bag, he gets to the door and stands there and turns to look at Derek "Call me when he wakes up."

The next day pictures litter the hallway of the school and every class room, Scott's eyes widen as he tried to call Stiles but got no answer, Isaac was worried and nothing Erica did calmed him it just made him work, Allison and Lydia looked worried as they looked at the photos "Do you think it's fake?" Lydia asked

"I don't think so, Stiles like a joke but even he wouldn't do this, my dad is going to flip when he finds out." she said

"What about the sheriff." Erica suddenly said

"Guys I can't get a hold of Stiles and I called home his dad is freaking out he didn't came home last night after practices." Scott said his phone fumbling in his hand.

Jackson had seen the photo and hurried along he didn't want anyone to know that he attack Stiles after practices, he moved quietly to his locker but forgot that the other wolves would smell his fear a mile off as he walked to his locker "What did you do?" came the voice, it wasn't the voice he was expecting it was his best friend Danny

"What are you talking about?" he chuckled as he turned the lock

"You I saw you gun for Stiles during practices." He said

"You're seeing things." He said…trust Danny to notices… he thought as he open his locker, blood covered clothes came tumbling out of the locker onto the floor along with a bloody knife and it laid at Jackson's feet,

"Isn't that Stiles lacrosse shirt?" Isaac asked looking at the blood stain shirt

"No…it…someone setting me up!" the teen yelled as he looked around at the school that had crowed around him,

"Whittemore!" came the booming voice; he turned to see the Sheriff walk towards him with two deputies

"I didn't do this!" He yelled,

"This is your number right?" he said holding out his own phone, Jackson looked at the number and nodded

"You sent me photo's of my son to me last night."

"No I didn't, yeah okay I beat him up but I didn't do any of this!" He yelled as he was taking away

"Mr Stilinski h…have…"

"I got a call this morning Peter found Stiles in the woods curled up under a tree, he okay, they took him to the hospital." He said to Scott.

The rest of the pack ditch school and ran off the hospitals to see Stiles, when they got there they found Derek and Peter sat in with Stiles, he was still unconscious laying on the bed, his chest bandaged up and his bruises littered his pale skin, they walked inside carefully "D…Derek, Peter?" Erica called out Derek turned to face them

"What happen to Jackson?"

"He's been arrested." Danny said looking down at his feet

"Good." Peter said and he turned to look at them

"He did this to him?" Scott couldn't believe his eyes as he looked over at his best friend

"I had to bite him, he would have died otherwise." Derek said to them

"Then why isn't he healed?" Isaac asked moving closer to the bed

"His injuries are bad it's take a while." Derek answered the pup.

It's been a couple of weeks and Stiles is let out of hospital, he had woken up and told them what happen apart from he didn't tell them about him going to the Hale house, his wounds did take a long time to heal but he was okay otherwise, he decide to go up to the Hale house to thanks Derek and Peter, what he didn't expect was to be sandwich between the two for the rest of the day.