Jackson wanted to talk to Stiles and John was helpless, he had to as Jackson's dad was his lawyer and he thought a understanding between the two boys would help. So Stiles walked into the cell rooms and walk in and sat in front of Jackson cell, Stiles looked down the small hallway to his dad, he was down the other where the first exit was and on the other end was a deputy, the teen sat down on a stool and looked at him, Jackson looked up and saw the other teen, he could smell that Stiles was now wolf a mated wolf but what confused him was the two strong smells on him from two different wolves, he saw the fading bruises and cuts on his face still showed the what happen to him, Jackson just looked ill like when he was when he was turning to a giant lizard thing. "Tell you dad to let me go." he asked

"No." Stiles said looking at him

"This is unfair!" he said acting like a child not getting his way

"Was it fair for you to beat the living day lights out of me and then slice your… claws across my chest and leave me to die?" he said, this made Jackson's eyes widen and looked around at him

"I…I don't remember much of that I thought it was a dream, I just remember going to practices." He said looking down at his hands, they were shaking, and Stiles sighed and ran his hand though his short hair,

"Jackson I can't do anything okay…you attacked me! there was my bloody clothes in your locker and you sent photos to my dad!"

"That was your bloody boy friend he set me up!" he hissed his eyes changing colour at the other teen

"Which one?" Stiles asked feeling unaffected by the wolf's threat "Look I will talk to dad okay and then I will talk to Peter and Derek but there isn't a lot I can do, my dad has every right to see you rot in jail with a guy called Phil."

"Phil?" Jackson asked and shook his head, he didn't want to know, he looked back at him "Just fix this! It's your fault that I'm here." he said Stile's frowned and got up from his seat and walked away

"STILINSKI GET YOUR ARSE BACK HERE NOW!" Jackson screamed as he grabbed a hold of Stiles hoody and pulled him back to the bars, John looked saw the sudden movement and he and the deputy rush over to Stiles and tried pulled him away from the other teen, he growled at the teen and then bite down on Stiles shoulder making him cry out and pull away ripping the skin.

"Stiles you okay?" His dad asked, holding back his growls he looked up at his dad and tried to nod but winced when he did.

Derek and Peter climbed through Stiles window and looked at their mate that was curled up on the bed, whimpering, "We heard that Jackson attacked you at the police station." Derek asked as he climbed onto the bed and sniffed the torn shoulder,

"I'm fine got the doctors to look at it and then the vet." He said enjoying the feel of his mates around him, making him feel safe as he nuzzled into Peter's shoulder. There hands roamed around Stiles body making him feel better, he moaned and let them attack his neck and the rest of his skin when they could find it "Ummmm." Stiles moaned as he felt them rock into him.

The next month no one talked about what Jackson did, to be truthful the pack had a problem with a witch going around casting spells at people, sometimes the spells were good ones, like someone found a winning lottery ticket or school was cancled becasue it's snowed in june and other times the spells were just plan mean, poor Isaac suffed with having his dad appear to him sort of dead...ish and started laying into the teen, this is how Stiles and Scott found being beating up my his dead dad, the got rid of him by helping Isaac to remember he was dead really and truelt dead, and the other horrid things happen meaning the hopsital got filled up quickly.

When the pack went after the witch after she turned Boyd in to Great Dane, Stiles thought he kind of looked like Scooby doo, which end the rest of the teen laughing part from Peter and Derek who just looked confuised. The went after the witch but it didn't go to well, yes Boyd got turned back to normal much to Ecria dismay but they pissed the witch off and thew a spell at Isaac and Scott, when Stiles looked down at the pile of clothes they saw that the pair was turned into toddlers. (Mellissa was overjoyed) Stiles was hit in the stomach making him blank out and collapsed, the only problem was Derek, Erica and the other wolves killed the witch so any hope of fixing the problem was long gone. Now Stiles back on his feet was sat at home with a toddler werewolf on his sofa and his dad pacing the floor "Are you telling me that both Scott and Isaac…he points to the toddler… have been turned into babies?" he asked

"Ummmm yeah that is what I am saying dad and he is a toddler I think he is 2 years old."

"Stiles are you sure you're okay?" he asked

"Dad I am telling you the truth, I know this whole werewolf this is hard to get around and now having a witch throwing spells…but that is Isaac." He said, the curly hair boy giggled

"Sti…les!" the toddler cooed holding his hands out, making a grabby motion, smiled Stiles picked Isaac, John watched as the younger Isaac was nuzzling his son's neck an held onto him,

"Alright fine he can stay here until you figure this out, in the mean time I will get some things for toddlers and start saying a relative has dropped of their kid or something... but is until what the spell wears off right?."

"Ummm we don't know the witch is kind of dead dad... and we still don't know what spell the b.i.t.c.h throw at me." John nodded

"Right okay I well get going then." he said

"Thanks dad."

"Dada." Isaac giggled and buried his face in Stiles neck,

"Urrh right."

"Naww he likes you."

"Stiles that's not helping." His said trying to hide his blush

"Who knew old men can blush."

"Oi…I be back in a few." He said walking out the house.