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Prompt: Defiant


Zap snorted as he stared up at the irritated human, not budging from his newly acquired prizes.

Ulrich growled down to the little defiant creature, "Give me back those data pads right now! Those are very important and are NOT for cubs to sit on!"

Zap made a point of resettling his weight on the warm data pads, a silent declaration that they were in fact perfect for sitting on. The old human gritted his teeth and brought out threat number one, "I'll get Summit if you don't move in three seconds!"

Zap just gave him a lazy blink and a yawn. Ulrich spared a second to mentally curse Gangryn yet again for mutating the cub and therefore making Zap more dangerous to move than the average cub. Stepping up to threat number two, Ulrich snapped, "Alright then, do I have to get your mama, Sky Fury?"

The little green cub seemed to hesitate but instead laid down fully on the pads. Feeling an inner freak out at the sounds of beeping and trying not to think of all the data the cub was accidentally changing or worse deleting, Ulrich yelled his third and final threat, "I'll get Riptor!"

That got Zap's attention, causing the young cub to give him a look that said 'You wouldn't dare'. Ulrich smirked at him, "I would dare. Just give me back those data pads and I'll forget this happened."

Zap hesitated, before getting off the devices with a grumble, trying to make it clear to Ulrich that the cub was only moving because Zap himself felt like it, not because of any threat. The head technician couldn't care less, snatching up the data pads as soon as he could in case Zap really felt like pushing his luck that day.

Giving the small green dragon one last look, Ulrich told him, "Nice doing business with ya. Now scram."

Zap snorted at him and instead vanished under Ulrich's desk, likely to curl up in the leg space for a nap. Ulrich didn't care about that, so long as Zap only napped and didn't go rooting around in his office again.

Grumbling to himself, the man quickly checked over the data pads to see what damage had been done. If the Council got worked up over the delays on the new mobile amber reactors, Ulrich knew exactly who to direct the blame to.