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Prompt: Strength


Peak sighed to himself as he went to the dragon caretaker station in the dragon sanctuary. Spying someone he knew, the teenager called out, "Hey Dan!"

The man looked up from his digital clipboard, pausing in his task of counting bottles of something, "Hey Peak, what do you need?"

Peak motioned back to the sanctuary, "I need a bottle of stomach medicine. Storm's caught the bug that's been going around."

Wincing in sympathy, Dan asked, "What strength?"

The Dragon Fly thought on it, "Regular should do. Wing Storm doesn't seem that bad so some medicine and a day off should fix it."

The caretaker noted something on his clipboard before reaching in to the box to pull out one of the bottles, "You're in luck. We just got a fresh delivery of the medicine in from the labs. Just pour about half of this into his lunch, the rest into his dinner. If he needs more, just come by and ask for some."

Peak nodded and gave him a grateful smile as he accepted the bottle, "You're a lifesaver Dan!"

The caretaker just waved him off, returning to his task that Peak had interrupted. The teen left in a happy mood, knowing Wing Storm would be even more grateful for the medicine.