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Prompt: Untouchable

Note, this is set in the same AU as Grateful and Decent.


Zarkan was not having a good day.

Titan was sick and off the duty roster for at least a week. There weren't any spare dragons he could borrow either, which meant he was stuck on duty with the city guard until Titan was healthy again.

So he wasn't in the best of moods when the kid approached him, asking, "Hey Zarkan, could I bother you for a favor?"

Biting his tongue against the rude remark he wanted to make, Zarkan instead crossed his arms over his chest and said, "Yeah?"

Peak shifted in place, looking a little unsure of himself before finally saying, "Could you fly Storm for me?"

Zarkan blinked, clearly caught off guard, "Huh?"

Peak explained, "I'm not cleared for long distance flights yet but the caretakers told me that Wing Storm needs more exercise than the practice flights give him. So I was wondering if you couldn't fly with Storm for amber runs and such."

Zarkan blinked again, trying to get his mind in order. He'd nearly forgotten about the gray dragon, but that was easy to do when said dragon had spent years making itself untouchable. Until Peak had come along and bonded with Wing Storm, no one knew what they were going to do with him.

Remembering past events with unfortunate dragonators, Zarkan had to ask, "Is Wing Storm alright with this?"

Peak nodded, "I explained everything to him and he's willing to cooperate so long as you do."

Zarkan thought it over again. He'd still be able to fly, Titan could get his needed rest and best of all, no time on city guard yet! Nodding slowly, the older dragonator agreed, "Alright, I'll do it."

Peak smiled at him, "Thanks Zarkan! I'll let Z'neth know about it, so check in later with him too. Dragonator One squad's due for an amber run in about two hours and he wants Stormy with them so he can get used to flying with other dragons."

Zarkan nodded again, "Got it, thanks Peak."

The teen smiled again, "Nah, thank you Zarkan! Sorry but I've gotta run. I've got wind jammer lessons in a few minutes."

With that said, the teen left, humming a happy tune. Zarkan shook his head after him, feeling his mood lighten for the first time that day.

This was going to be interesting.