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Prompt: Hidden


Fryte growled as he prowled Warnado, his typically delicate temper already dangerously frayed.

Another failed counterattack had put him yet again in his Lord's bad graces. If only he could capture a hated Dragon Fly! That would certainly put him back in his master's good graces but the cursed humans were difficult to get a hold of.

Glaring at a bit of rubble as if his redemption was hidden behind it, Fryte raised his lava cannon and shot it. He felt slightly better at the destruction, but not by much.

One way or another, Fryte knew he'd have to prove himself capable to Dread Wing. But how? Thwarting an amber sweep was a good way, as was leading a successful raid on Airlandis. Catching a Dragon Fly to give to Dread was even better.

Fixated on that last idea, he began to think of a plan that would make capture of one of those humans possible. It would take time to put into place but it would be worth it.