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Prompt: Shining


Summit groaned as he woke up, swearing at the painfully bright sunlight shining in through his bedroom window.

Rolling over, he dragged his pillow over his head, both to block out the light as well as an attempt to smother his killer headache. Why had he agreed to that drinking bet last night?

Sure, he could out-drink over half the population of the floating city but that didn't mean his body appreciated him doing so, especially on the following morning. Summit took a small consolation at the idea that his opponent's from last night were likely suffering worse but...

His covers were yanked off just as an overly happy and loud voice chirped, "Good morning Summit! C'mon, get up already!"

The older man whimpered and hugged his pillow tighter over his head, curling up into a half ball as he did so. Those men from last night didn't have annoying younger siblings that seemed to delight in tormenting them.