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Prompt: Overflow


Z'neth swore as he sent Riptor into another circle, trying to find an opening in the swarms of gremwings and the attacks of the dark dramen.

He couldn't remember how Peak had fallen off of Wing Storm and didn't particularly care at that moment. What he did care about though, was the fact that the low cliff Peak had landed on was dangerously close to the lava river.

The fact that all the fighting was knocking some boulders loose was also worrying, especially since said boulders had been blocking part of the lava. If they came loose, there was a high chance the released lava would overflow the low cliff and they all knew what would happen to a human in that scenario.

And to top it all off, Peak hadn't moved since he'd fallen. It could just be a case that he'd gotten knocked out on impact but at that point, Z'neth's panic was telling him it was the other option.

Apex and Summit tore through the swarms, trying to help make an opening for either Z'neth and Riptor or Wing Storm to get to the youngest Dragon Fly.

Now Black Heart and Dread Wing were in the way and nonononononono the mutant dragon's tail swung and hit the mountain side with enough force to crack it. The shock was the final straw and Z'neth felt a scream leave his throat just as the boulders rocked free.