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Note, this is a direct sequel to Grateful and is set in the same AU.


The arrival of Iranda and Peak was causing quite a stir in Airlandis, specifically with the Council. Some of her story was unbelievable, like the fact she didn't know she was pregnant when she'd first teleported all that time ago, but Peak was undeniably Aaron's son.

It wasn't just in appearance but in intelligence too. After hearing him explain how he'd reworked the teleporter back on the Explorer, Ulrich had told the Council that he called 'dibs' on Peak for employment.

As it was currently though, the teen was quietly following his older siblings through the dragon sanctuary while their parents had some alone time. Apex had tried to keep a conversation going, but it fell flat since Peak didn't seem to want to talk to them.

Iranda had confided in them earlier that Peak was somewhat shy with new people, and that they just needed to give him a chance to open up to them. So far, it didn't seem to be working.

Summit had been the one to suggest showing their little brother the dragons, but the boy hadn't said anything though he did stare around in wide-eyed wonder. Several of the dragons gave the four various noises of welcome as the siblings passed their stalls, heading towards where Blaze Wind and Sky Fury were bedded down.

When they got there, Blaze Wind was there but Sky Fury was. She happily bumped Summit in the chest with her snout, eager for a scratch. The blonde laughed, "Hey girl, I missed you too. By the way, there's someone I want you to meet. This is Peak, my little brother!"

He turned to motion the younger blond forward, but Peak wasn't where they'd left him. Instead he'd drifted over to the stall next to Sky Fury's, making eye contact with the grumpy gray that nested there. All three of the older humans tensed up, with Z'neth moving to be in position to yank him back if necessary.

Wing Storm was not a friendly dragon and had routinely driven off dragonators through stubborn, outright rejection. It didn't help that Apex had never been able to 'speak' with Storm either, something about the setup of his mind naturally blocked her powers.

Peak didn't know any of that though, offering a hand out to the dragon as he softly spoke, "Hey there, I'm Peak. What's your name?"

They all shared a look, with even Sky Fury joining in, but the other four got a shock when Peak snickered, "Wing Storm? Really? Do you flap a lot when you fly?"

Storm snorted at him, but extended his neck to let Peak scratch the dragon's chin. Something about the way Peak kept moving his hands suggested he was being given instructions, as the teen spoke again, "Alright alright, I'm sorry. At least that's a good childhood nickname, compared to some of the ones I've had."

The teen looked up, mouth opening to say something to his siblings but closing it sharply at the looks he was getting from the three of them and even Sky Fury. Turning red, he questioned, "What?"

Z'neth pointed from Peak to Wing Storm and back, "Is he speaking to you?"

Peak nodded slowly, "Yeah. By the way, he wants to know if he could have lunch early. He says he didn't get a lot of breakfast this morning, something about a bratty young one stealing bites?"

Z'neth raised an eyebrow, remembering that incident. Wing Storm had apparently slept in, something riderless dragons tended to do as they had no exact schedule to follow, and Claw Fire (who had come to visit his father Blaze Wind) had decided to help himself to Storm's breakfast. The young dragon had eaten a good chunk of it too before Storm had woken up and chased him away, finishing what remained of his own meal in a bad temper.

Peak shouldn't have known about that, especially since he'd have only heard about it from a dragonator or a dragon caretaker. Mentally filing that away under 'sudden bond', Z'neth nodded, "While we can't let him have lunch early, I'll make sure they give him some extra to make up for what he missed at breakfast."

Wing Storm let out a soft huff, clearly pleased with both that and the fact that Peak was apparently scratching at the desired spot now. Seeing an opportunity, Summit offered, "If he doesn't mind it, I could show you how to give him a bath."

At the mention of the word, Wing Storm stood up and nearly knocked Peak over in his rush to get to the bathing area, again to the surprise of the other three humans. Wing Storm had never seemed to like baths before, yet now there he was, waiting impatiently for one and looking quite ready to just drag the humans over if they didn't hurry up.

Apex shared a look with Z'neth, but Summit took the chance to sling an arm around Peak's shoulders and lead him to the bathing area, "Well, lil bro, looks like that lesson is happening now."

Peak looked confused as they walked over, Z'neth just catching him saying, "Storm's saying that he's looking forward to finally having a decent bath, because they always miss his back the other times?"

Tuning out Summit's explanation, Z'neth instead shook his head and sighed. Well, this was a fresh bundle of headaches for him.