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Prompt: Defiant

Note, this takes place in the same AU as Coffee Fiend.


Hi-Tech bit his lip and considered the small box from another angle.

It was just a puzzle box, something of an ancestor to the modern day rubix cube. Whatever images that had been painted on it at one time had been worn away over the years and it had stood defiant against all attempts to solve it for the same length of time, or at least, that's what the notes attached to its file said.

Also according to the notes, the box had an enchantment on it, one that allowed it to grant a single wish to any who solved it. Apparently that had only happened once in its recorded history, about (he checked the notes again) eighty years prior, for a little girl that had suddenly found a pony in the family living room.

Supposedly it would lock itself back up after being solved, changing its own solution to prevent its being opened again so soon after the first time.

Idly shifting a few pieces, the blond eventually had to give in and put the box back onto its shelf with a sigh. It was a little hobby of his, to come into the Vault and examine the items during his down-time. Well, it was also part of his job but this was for fun, not work.

Scratching the back of his neck as he left, Hi-Tech wondered if there was still any pizza leftover from last night as he left the Vault, turning off the lights and locking it as he went out.

Seemingly waiting for that, the little box began to shift its pieces again into a new puzzle, pleased with this new human. The guy was fun and he'd almost gotten it this time!