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Prompt: Hands


Jinx chuckled to herself at the yells as yet another Joe found that they'd been pranked by the greenshirts.

It was an old tradition from before the team had been cut down to just their small group and it was nice to see it coming back with the reinstatement of GI Joe, even if it did cause some annoyances.

But at least she could count on not getting hit. Her skills were too good to fall prey to such little-

The floor suddenly seemed to tilt sharply and Jinx found herself letting out an embarrassingly loud yelp as she tried to regain her balance, hands out to grab something as she went down sideways.

Eyes wide in disbelief, the kunoichi carefully placed her hands on the floor and pushed herself up with extreme care. The floor was wet and slick, and further down the hall there was a wet floor sign.

On the one hand, she hadn't been pranked. On the other, she'd slid on a wet floor, in full sight of three teammates.

Her face burned red as Jinx turned to glare at them. They were still staring at her, clearly not believing what they'd seen.

She carefully got up, trying to act like nothing had happened even though she knew this would be all over the base in an hour. Whatever, her reputation would survive...maybe.