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Prompt: Untouchable


Snake Eyes knew he came off as untouchable, in more ways than one.

He was a highly skilled ninja, equal only to Storm Shadow. It was to the point that it was only against each other did either ninja feel truly challenged in a fight.

He stayed away from people, not wanting to let anyone in. But...Scarlett, his Shana, she found a way.

Before he knew it, she was a part of his life, a constant he couldn't think of being without. The times he tried to make her leave, for her own good, she'd only dug herself in deeper with an amazing determination.

So, he gave in. Snake Eyes let her in, keeping her close when he could and training her to protect herself for when he couldn't. Not that he had much to do there as Scarlett was well trained on her own from both her family dojo and her previous time in the military.

But he helped her improve and hone her skills, trying to make her as prepared as possible for danger.

And tonight, he was going to give her a very special present.

His fingers stayed around the little velvet box in one pocket, making sure it was safe against pickpocketing apprentices or a certain sword brother. Now he just needed the right moment...