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Prompt: Hidden

Not this references Strawberries from the first prompt table.


Scarlett frowned and stared up at the ceiling of the base's 'dojo'. Tapping her foot, she said, "I know you're up there, now come down."

The shadows of the ceiling defied her, revealing nothing hidden in their depths. The woman sighed, "Come on Jinx. This is getting childish."

She added, "So Tunnel Rat's really the one that's been making those treats. Is it really that big a deal? He's sworn up and down already that he doesn't put bugs in them, and he labels the ones he does."

Scarlett's own stomach rebelled and told her it was in fact very much a big deal but she ignored it. There was a delicate sound from above and suddenly Jinx was hanging upside down from one of the beams. The kunoichi was pouting, "He could have said something before."

The redhead woman shrugged a shoulder, "And we should have asked so it evens out. Now are you coming down or do I have to get you down myself?"

The younger woman shook her head and slid off the beam, neatly righting herself during the fall so she landed on her feet. Scarlett put a companionable arm around Jinx's shoulders, "Why don't we make a cake ourselves and split it?"

The brunette considered it and nodded, "That'd be nice. Could we make a chocolate one?"

The older woman smiled at her as she led Jinx out of the dojo, "Sure! I could go for that myself right now. How about the icing?"

They kept the conversation up all the way to the kitchen. Anything to keep from imagining what could have been in all those treats they'd eaten over the last several months.