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Note, this takes place in a vampire AU of mine.


Scott groaned to himself as he readjusted his bookbag on his back yet again on his hike up the long trail to the old church he was staying in. Though 'church' wasn't really the right word for it, given that the place was more set up like a monastery but that's what the others living there called it so Scott just went with that.

Grumbling to himself yet again that it wouldn't kill anyone to actually widen the path or at least put in some stairs to it, the teen paid too much attention to where he was placing his feet and not enough in front of him. This naturally lead to him walking straight into a brick wall, otherwise known as Lamont.

The man blinked down at the fallen Scott, offering a hand to help the boy back up, "Are you alright?"

The boy accepted the hand, answering, "Yeah, just some bruises and my pride."

Lamont nodded, "Good. I'm going into town and I was wondering if you wanted to come along with me."

Scott nearly agreed but stopped himself in time. He would have loved to go, but he had a lot of homework tonight and he hated doing the work by candlelight. He'd never understand why the trio had allowed plumbing to be put in to the old building but not wiring for electricity.

Letting out a sigh, the teen shook his head, "Thanks but no. I've got a lot of homework to do, plus the chores."

Lamont nodded again, giving Scott a careful pat of approval on the shoulder as he stepped around him, "Alright. I should be back before sundown."

The redhead turned to watch Lamont vanish down the trail, feeling his mood sour a little more at how easily the large guy managed it. Returning to his grumbling, Scott resumed his trek, though much more carefully now.

The old church came into view a few minutes later, to his relief. Running the schedule through his head, he felt sure that Nicky would be in the kitchen today and it was always easy to get a little more free time with him (as well as a larger snack) than with the other two.

Entering the church through a side door, the teenager only got lost once (a record!) on his way to the kitchen, where to his disappointment he found Charlie, not Nicky. Catching sight of the teen, Charlie gave him a slight smile, "Welcome home Scott."

The boy took a seat at the table set against one wall, sliding his bookbag off to place it next to him on the bench seat, "Hey Charlie. I thought today's was Nicky's turn to cook dinner?"

The man shook his head, explaining, "Nope, that's tomorrow. It's my turn today, but if you want to help out, you can."

There was an unspoke 'I'd appreciate it' in the air, which Scott grabbed onto, "What could I do?"

If he helped with dinner, then there was a decent chance that Scott wouldn't have to give the chickens their afternoon feeding or do the afternoon egg collecting. He hated those evil birds and he was certain the feeling was mutual. Charlie motioned with his hand to the pantry, "If you could wash and peel some potatoes after you've done your homework, that would be a help."

Scott internally groaned at the reminder, but nodded as he opened his bookbag and pulled out the first book his hand landed on. Thankfully it was his math book, an easy subject for him. Resettling himself at the table to take advantage of the light from the kitchen's main window.

A sudden thought brightened his mood though. The reaction of that vampire obsessed group from school if they'd ever met these three would be absolutely priceless!

Even Scott had to remind himself at times that they were actually vampires, unique as they were. Still, five months here and he had yet to see them do anything that was actually, well, vampire-like behavior.

They walked in the sun, slept in actual beds, ate actual food and even lived inside a holy church! Well, it wasn't like he had much to argue with, being a dhampir himself after all.

Scott scratched uncomfortably at his neck, the rosary hidden under his shirt prickling at him again. Charlie suddenly set down a cup of fruit juice for Scott on the table, asking, "Does it still hurt?"

The redhead answered truthfully, "Not as much as it did before. I think you're right and I'm getting used to it. That's a good thing, right?"

Charlie nodded, drifting back to the pot he'd been readying for cooking in, "It is. That means the power is working and hopefully you'll get used to it enough that we can start to teach you how to properly use your abilities."

Scott took a quick sip of his drink, making a non-committal noise before returning his attention to his math assignment. Remembering the early days always brought a bad taste to his mouth, but he knew that his few abilities would need to be addressed and dealt with eventually.

Some days though, he wasn't certain which set of teachers scared him more, the high school ones or the vampire ones.