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Prompt: Objective

Note, this takes place is my vampire AU.

Part 3 of 3


Saturday came too soon for Scott and with it, misery.

Well, misery for him at least. His friends seemed quite excited to go over to his place, though Zephyr and TJ had apologized to him again about following him. G-Man kept asking what they'd have for a snack, which was normal for him.

Leading them up the trail to the old church, the redhead teen couldn't help but wonder what their objective was. This couldn't all be about the project, could it? But if it wasn't, what where they here for? He didn't want to think badly of his first friends in years, but his mind kept cycling back to them just looking for ammo to taunt him with later.

Thankfully though, they proved him wrong during this visit.

Besides some questions about the church, his friends were honestly there to hang out. When Charlie found out why they'd wanted to come over, he'd disappeared for a bit to talk with Nicky and Lamont before returning to the teens to let them know that there was a storage building they could use for their project. It just needed to be cleaned out first, which Scott quickly agreed to do, with TJ and Zephyr offering to help as well.

It was very clear that got them Charlie's approval, which was a very good thing. Out of the three, Charlie seemed to be the leader so the other two would listen to him.

He even actually laughed at the expressions the other three teens got when G-Man asked where he could plug his laptop into and Scott had to tell him that the church didn't have electricity. Scott had to admit that it was funny, but it did throw a wrench into their plans for the project.

At least, it did until Nicky popped into the room to reveal that they'd gotten a portable generator that morning, which the kids were free to use for their project.

With everything apparently in order, there wasn't anything to stop the kids anymore (G-Man's complaints of being hungry were basically background noise at this point) so the four of them headed out to the indicated building and got to work cleaning it out.

As he helped TJ carry out a spare bench, Scott didn't think he'd felt this happy before.