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Mistress of Hearts

Chapter One

A beautiful but filled with depression and sadness for Anne Bulter the Dowager Countess of Ormond who formerly known as Anne Boleyn just buried her beloved James who was her husband, father of her children, and friend.

Anne quickly took to her bed chambers which felt empty without James presence who stayed their for most nights of their marriage. The only people that she allowed entrance were her two children: Tommy and Maggie but also her servants that took care of her needs and her children's governess to get updates on their process.

Days turned into weeks that Anne knew in her heart that her children still needed their mother as they already lost their father. With Tommy and Maggie still so young that they would not have any concrete memories of time they spent with James, so Anne decided that she would use the journal that James that presented her with the last birthday present that he ever give to him.

Anne gets dressed in one of her causal gowns with her hair down instead of staying bed anymore. As she sits at her desk in her outer chambers, memories started to come to her of her relationship with James. This journal will be a tribute to James's memory that she could read over and over but also read to their children as well.

On the every first page, Anne wrote the circumstance surrounding their marriage:

It was on a sunny July day, when I was forced to become the wife of a man that I never met before the day I said I do. The only reason why that this marriage was occurring was to settle a disagreement over the Earldom of Ormond. This disagreement because both of their grandmothers were left as co-heiresses by their father. However, we soon found out that during the first few months of our marriage that we found love and friendship in our relationship.

The next memory that stood out the most in our relationship:

I finally told James that I loved him before revealing to him life-alternating news. That news was that my midwife Mistress Blanche confirmed my suspicions that I was with child. This child would be proof that James and I love each because after telling him the news his response was t say I love you back.

The third memory that comes to mind was the birth of our first child:

Moments after the painful hours that I spend in childbirth, it was amazing sight to see James holding our newborn son in his arms before passing him back to me he kissed him on the top of his head. Our son was the first child that we created together in love but we knew that we needed to find a name that suited his little boy's importance in our life. When we were discussing names for our little boy just mere days before he enter into this world the two choices would either be James or Henry for the King. However, at that moment we realize without our great-grandfather we would have never have found other and the love that he share together. So in honour of his memory we named our son Thomas. Since my own father's name is Thomas, James thought of the nickname of Tommy for our son. Now we are just not a married couple but are own little family.

The fourth memory was one of great importance:

James and I on the invitation of the King and Queen, we were present in the court's celebrations of the Christmas season. It was not just a time of celebration but it also mark an important milestone in the second time that I was with child. As James was given the most perfect gift of feeling our child kick for the first time. As this baby kicks within the womb, it was only the matter of months that this child would be joining our family and making Tommy a big brother.

The fifth memory was seeing him with our second child:

James was not disappointed that our second child was not a son but a daughter. However, al sense of disappointment disappear after seeing James hold our little girl. James held our little girl in his arms just mere minutes after her birth because in our hearts that we knew she was going to be daddy's little Princess. Like her big brother Tommy, naming our little girl was important to us. However, in the end we decided that she shall be named Margaret in honour of the King's sister but also the woman that was like a second mother to me as she mold me into the woman that I am today. Tommy decided quickly that Margaret was a big name for such a little girl, so she knew go by Maggie instead.

These are the five most important and brightest memories in our relationship. As the start of this journal would be the only memories that they would have of their father. Anne knew that her children's governess would be reading these memories to Tommy and Maggie, after she added more to be told.

Anne knew that as the days and months past this journal would be filled with memories that could be cherish by their children and herself. With memories being taken to the page of journal over time

A new tradition that she has started shall be visiting James's grave on his birthday and anniversary of his death with the children by her side. This is because even if she marries someone, her children will always knew their father.


Now on the first day of September, Anne is dress in a pale yellow dress on the way to court still wearing the ruby necklace that James gave for her first anniversary together.

To begin a new chapter in her life without her husband by her side.


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