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Mistress of Hearts


Days after her fifteenth birthday Anne Boleyn becomes Lady Anne Bulter the Countess of Ormond on a snowy January day in the year 1521. Her marriage to Lord James Bulter who happened to be her cousin was to settle a dispute over the Earldom. The newly married couple travelled to Kilkenny Castle in Ireland the day after their wedding at the Boleyn home in England.

James and Anne had a strain relationship at first like anyone in their situation but over the course of their travels they learned more about each other. Due the fact that they discus their childhoods for James in Ireland and later in the English court. While Anne talked about her time in Netherlands and France.

Before they were to depart for the English court once more on a rainy Spring day, Anne found out that she was with child. Once James found out that his wife was expecting their first child in the fall, he decided to delay his travels to the English court until a later date. When Anne enter into confinement that September, James surprises her with Mary and her husband Sir Henry Carey as she give birth to a son earlier that year. With her sister by her side, Anne welcomes her first child into the world after over twenty-one hours spent in childbirth. James and Anne decide to name their son: Thomas after their shared ancestor but they decided give their son a they named their son, they finally shared their love for each other.

Not wanting to separated from her son for a long period of time, Anne's father Sir Thomas Boleyn came up with a solution for the couple. While Anne and James were at court, their son Tommy's nursery was set up at Hever Castle at Sir Boleyn's instance. Anne received a position in the Queen's household as a lady-in-waiting, while James was a courtier at court.

On James's twenty-fifth birthday, Anne informed him that they were expecting their second child. Her father was extremely happy at the perspective of another grandson on the way. Sir Boleyn also shared the news with his family that this only son George will be marrying Lady Jane Parker at the end of November.

James and Anne stayed at the English court until after George's wedding to Lady Jane Parker and Yule celebrations. Weeks after returning to Kilkenny Castle, James and Anne were discussing names for their unborn child. When Anne learns that James wishes that she gives him a beautiful daughter of his own since he already has a healthy son. James got his wish on a beautiful April day, when Anne presents him with a daughter who they named Margaret or Maggie as she will be known for their grandmothers.

During that year's Yule celebrations, James and Anne celebrated with their two healthy and happy children. Two year old Tommy who is almost always found running around his nursery. Eight months old Maggie who could be found attempting to crawl around after her older brother. James and Anne are blessed by God as they are expecting their third child in the summer months of the following year.

During Anne's time in confinement, the couple found out from a local physician that James is dying from an unknown disease. That is why when Anne gives birth to a son that is the image of his own father that there was no other choice but to name him James or Jamie to avoid confusion.

James suffer for months before dying later that year on a cold October night after saying goodbye to his beloved wife and children. Leaving behind a nineteen year old widow with three young children: Tommy who almost three years old the new Earl of Ormond, Maggie who turned one that April, and four month old Jamie. Not knowing what will happen to his family in the future.


After mourning James's death for months, Sir Boleyn demands that Anne returns to her position as a lady-in-waiting in the Queen's household. While his grandchildren's nursery will be at Hever Castle knowing that is the only way that his young widowed daughter will return to court. As one daughter was already the King's mistress for the past month.

Anne arrives to court on a sunny July day dressed in a beautiful yellow gown after being assured by her children's governess Mistress Joan that everything will be alright.

Knowing that she is beginning a new life without James by her side and not knowing what the future will bring.


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Lord James Bulter (September 9 1497 to October 28 1524) & Lady Anne Boleyn (January 19 1506).

Thomas (Tommy) born on November 14 1521

Margaret (Maggie) born on April 28 1523

James (Jamie) born on June 1 1524

Sir Henry Carey & Lady Mary Boleyn

Henry born on March 4 1521

Mary born on April 7 1523

* Sir Boleyn pushes his eldest daughter into the King's bed after gaining his attention.