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Mistress of Hearts

Chapter Four

When news reached Mary's had borne the King not a son that could be beneficial to her family but a daughter instead. However, after receiving word that the King recognize the child as his own both Mary's father and uncle were pleased with the results.

It pleased Norfolk and Boleyn not only a child of their blood was recognize kin of the King was a bastard or not.

One of their spies in the King's household had confirmed the rumor circulating around court that the King was not sought the company of Mary's replacement into his bed since the birth of her bastard daughter. They were extremely grateful that their enemies known as the Seymour family with the dismissal of Mistress Jane Seymour from the King's bed along.

The many members of both the Howard and Boleyn families where celebrating joyful the news. While Norfolk was plotting which one of his daughters or nieces could replace the Seymour whore in the King's bed.

~Mistress of Hearts~

Meanwhile, the Seymour family knew that their time was limit in being in the King's royal favour with one of their own being a royal mistress even though it did not last long enough to gain any titles.

Sir Seymour asks his daughter Jane sternly "Daughter, have you not been invite to the King's bed in weeks?" hoping that their was another reason besides another woman of court that caught the King's eye.

"Father, I have heard that the King visits the Queen's bed" states Jane as the duty bond daughter that she is as a pawn in her father and brothers game before adding "From ladies-in-waiting that attend to the Queen at night"

Sir Seymour eldest son Edward mentions to his family "That may be the case with the King's desire. However, that is not the complete truth as I heard from a member of the King's household that Lady Carey gave birth to the King's bastard daughter that he recognize as his own who was given the surname of FitzRoy" pausing for a moment to collect his thoughts "It is thought that the King has found another that he wishes to become his mistress maybe even one of Lady Carey's own kin"

Knowing that that the time was come for Sir Seymour to find Jane a respectful husband that will look past her being used goods by giving her maidenhood to the King.

~Mistress of Hearts~

Inside of the Queen apartments, Lady Joan who is one of Catherine's ladies-in-waiting says joyfully "Your majesty, the Imperial Ambassador wishes for me to give you this message" handing her the letter for her to read it in peace.

Her Majesty, Queen Catherine of Aragon

Earlier today I have receive word from a spy in the King's household that his former mistress Lady Carey borne him a daughter. This daughter is recognize by the King as his bastard daughter who was given the name of Lady Katherine FitzRoy.

Signed, Ambassador Eustace Chapuys.

Katherine knew that she was disappointment with the fact that her beloved Henry took ladies from her own household into his bed instead of herself. However, at least his former mistress Lady Carey borne him a daughter that he recognize as his own instead of a son. If Lady Carey gave birth to a healthy son, she knew that it would cause Henry to doubt their marriage and having their beloved daughter as his heir.

~Mistress of Hearts~

The next morning Henry left to visit with Lady Carey to meet his newborn daughter for the first time. He already arrange for the child to be care for at one of his residences in the country with a household of her own.

~Mistress of Hearts~

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