Mistress of Hearts

Chapter Three

As the sun rises in the sky, Henry gets out of Katherine's bed and with the help of one of his grooms dresses for the day.

Henry informs his wife "I have schedule a hunt for this morning" of his plans for the day.

"Of course my husband" says Katherine in response knowing that he is spending the day with his current mistress and her family.

Henry leaves Katherine's bed chambers leaving his wife to prepare for the day.

-Mistress of Hearts-

Mary and Anne were summon to speak with their father in the Boleyn family apartment. When Mary and Anne enter into the family apartment, the two sisters see their father, brother, and Mary's own husband.

"Mary, how is it going with the King?" asks Boleyn hoping to find out more about his daughter's relationship with the King.

Mary says as she takes a seat between her husband and sister "The King still calls for me every night expect for the nights where he visits the Queen's bed"

George says joyfully "That is right news" knowing that the Boleyn family will remain in royal favour.

"Any more news to share with us" says Boleyn in a pushy manner wanting to know more.

Mary says happily "The King has invited Anne to join the hunt this morning" at the thought of Anne coming along with George and herself on the hunt.

"That is great news" states Boleyn knowing that it will be beneficial to him that all three of his children were in the King's favour.

While Sir Carey thinks to himself maybe the King's affection will hopefully transfer from his wife to his sister-in-law. Maybe then he will finally get his wife back for himself.

-Mistress of Hearts-

In the Brandon family apartments, Brandon and Lady Mary were talking about their morning meal.

"How was your walk today with our dear friend Anne?" asks Brandon to his wife wanting to know how his friend is doing.

Lady Mary says joyfully "Anne seems almost like her old self. While our godchildren are happy and healthy according to their governess"

"That is good news" says Brandon as he was concern about his young godchildren growing up without a father.

"Anne even jokingly said that our children should be betrothed to be married" says Lady Mary wanting to know her husband's opinion "I personally thought it was a good idea myself"

Brandon replies by saying "Maybe we should really think about making our goddaughter Maggie are future daughter-in-law" as he knows that it will be beneficial match for their family.

"Are you ready for the hunt this morning?" asks Brandon moving on from discussing their son's potential wife.

Lady Mary simply replies with a "Yes" as knows that her brother moods change in a moment's notice

-Mistress of Hearts-

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