In the castle of the Dark Kingdom, Jadeite was once again proposing a plan. "Queen Beryl, humans are forced to study to show value in society. Day after day they study and suffer, especially in Japan."

"Then there are those women that are called 'Academic Mothers' who push their children mercilessly, yes I know of this." Beryl said, letting him continue. "Humans attempt to increase status among themselves by sending their children to the best academical environments. Until college, after college I am unsure of what is to happen next, but I believe we can use their drive to succeed academically to gather energy."

"Proceed, and ensure that it is more successful then last time." Jadeite knew of when his plan involving the chanela failed. He vanished and readied the next plan.

Usagi was at home lying on her bed with her radio blaring with rock and roll. Her mother then came into the room and turned it down. Usagi looked up at her. "Did you do your homework? Because if you didn't then it's not time to be lying around listening to music!" Ikuko said.

Usagi groaned, "I did my homework already, I am not stupid to leave it the last minute."

Luna came in now that the roaring music, not that she would ever call it that, had stopped. "I believe you should be studying not listening to this dribble that you call music." Usagi just ignored her for a bit, turned the radio back on, and sang along. "See the war, see me rule! See the mirror you'll see a fool." Luna jumped on the on the stop button, and finally got Usagi's attention. "Hey! I was listening to that!" Luna just puffed herself a bit. "I think you need to hit the books not the radio or CD!" Usagi just shrugged once more and Luna decided to leave for a while. 'I must say that she is quite uncooperative on things. I would prefer that she gets a decent education.'

It was still night when Luna snuck into the Crown Arcade center. She slinked around to the Sailor-V game. "Welcome to the Sailor-V game! Please touch the screen to continue." Luna placed a paw on the machine. "This is special agent Luna reporting. Secret password: The rabbit in the moon makes rice cakes." The screen image changed to a multi-colored sphere of light as a voice from the screen replied. "Password verified. Welcome Agent Luna. Please submit your report."

"Sailor Moon has proven to be a capable fighter, but I have some reservations." Luna said, waiting for a response. "Please, clarify. What are your concerns?"

"She is arrogant, foul-mouthed, and carries a bad attitude in general. Although, she does have some good points, and she does seem to know what she's doing."

"Very well, and your search for the senshi?" The voice asked as Luna shook her head. "I have not found them yet, and am searching when I can."

"Very well. We have a request. This girl has been giving off an abnormal amount of energy." A picture of a girl with blue hair and eyes with a bob-cut style hair was shown on the screen. "There is a chance that she is a youma. Investigate with caution." The screen went dead and Luna went back to the Tsukino residence to sleep, unaware that a young teen around fourteen in a blue duster and a hood was watching her. 'Hmm, what are you up too? You should be grateful that it wouldn't serve a purpose to end you now cat.' He vanished as quickly as he appeared.

The next day Usagi was checking the mock exam scores, and she was in the top ten. "Sugoi, Usagi-chan, you're really smart." Naru said as some of the few friends Usagi had gathered around her. "I never knew you studied."

"I do it when I can, but it's hard for me to focus on studying. Besides, it's only a mock exam."

"You must be a genius if you can reach rank 9 in the entire school, but I'd be really impressed if you could beat Mizuno Ami." Ayumi said.

Usagi looked at her, "Who?"

Ayumi then pointed to said girl, just looking out in the schoolyard. "She transferred from a academy for geniuses. I wonder why she is here now."

"Maybe it was a family issue or something. It does not really matter." Usagi said.

Naru watched her, "She seem lonely, maybe we should talk to here and give her a warm welcome."

Usagi shrugged but agreed anyway. "H-hold on. I hear that she's one of those 'I'm better then you' type of people."

"Geez, Chika-san. You know that's how rumors start. I'll at least say hi." Usagi said as her friends, other then Naru, were worried. Ami Mizuno herself was just looking out the window. 'These people will just spread rumors about me. It's not like I left because I'm a reject from what they call a 'brain farm'.' She thought without realizing that Usagi was coming towards her. "Yo, name's Tsukino Usagi. I heard you transferred here."

"Yes, and what do you want." Ami asked a little harshly, overhearing Ayumi and Chika talking about her as if she wasn't there. "Hey, I'm just trying to say that maybe you could use a friend. How 'bout we talk more at lunch. Congrats on getting number one. Maybe you can share some study tips." The bell rang and Usagi hurried back to class with Naru. Ami decided to contemplate having lunch with the strange girl.

When lunch came Usagi and Naru sat down next on a bench outside, "Ami we heard that you got the top ranking congratulations."

Ami nodded in thanks, "Well you two did well, Usagi is the 9th in the ranking and you Naru are the 15th. You two are doing very well."

Usagi shrugged, "I'm happy with where I am and that's what matters. Mom would probably want me to try to get a higher ranking though."

Ami nodded at that logic, "It never hurts to try and do better."

Naru then asked, "So Ami, why did you transfer here?"

Ami went quite as she chewed some of her food, "I needed a break and badly." Seeing as she had their attention, she went on, "Contrary to what some people think, I am not a natural genius. I studied my hardest and gained my intelligence because I have a goal, and that goal was to be as great as my mother. She is a doctor and I have a great respect for and I wish to become someone just like her. That is the reason why I spend all of my time studying. Unfortunately, high intelligence often means high expectations and Brighten Academy is no different. The teachers of the academy often pushed me for achievements, but not necessarily in the direction that I want. Not to mention that it was hard making friends when everyone seemed more interested in scholastics rather than socializing.

That is the reason why I transferred from a private academy to a public school, where the expectations were not as high and students talked about more than scientific theorems and algebraic equations. Here I could possibly make friends, something I could not do at Brighten." Ami took a deep breath as she had kept that in for a long time now.

Usagi looked at the girl and gave a rare, depends on who you ask, smile. Placing a hand on our shoulder she said, "That took a lot of courage to do. It shows that you have what it takes. Besides, I think you don't have to worry about making friends, right Naru?"

Naru nodded, offering the girl a smile. Ami smiled back feeling better then she did since she got here.

School eventually ended, and Luna was tailing Ami. Usagi and Naru had some time to kill. 'Alright, time to begin.' Luna thought as she rushed Ami and leapt in the air. Ami was surprised at first, but she wasn't hurt and then got a good look at the cat. "Oh, hello there neko-chan. If my apartment didn't ban animals, then I would take you home." Ami rubbed Luna in a soft way under her chin, and Luna liked the attention. 'Wow, she's as good as Usagi in the petting department. I really shouldn't act like this.'

"Why the hell you bothering Ami Luna?" The two turned and saw that Usagi and Naru were there. Luna dashed towards the silver haired girl and was picked up. "It's not nice to jump on people ya know."

"Oh, she's your cat Tsukino-san?"

"You can call me Usagi. We're friends aren't we?" Ami thought about Usagi's statement, but would like to be called her friend. "You play games?" Usagi asked, with Ami unsure where she was going with it.

Usagi was rapidly tapping the buttons, but making sure not to break the Sailor V game, until she was killed in the game. "Dammit, I almost had it." Usagi then turned to the bluenette. "Would you like to give it a try, Ami?"

The girl blinked for a second. "Well, I have never played video games before."

"C'mon Ami, give it a try." Naru said. "I'm sure that you'll do great."

Usagi nodded giving the girl a smile. Her new friend encouragement gave Ami a bit of a confidence boost. So Ami took to the game and began playing. The two girls watched intently as the bluenette started to rack up a decent score.

"Wow, you're doing pretty good for a first time player." Usagi commented as she continued to watch.

"It's pretty fun." Ami replied as she continued to pile on the points.

"Wow, would you look at that."

A fairly large crowd had gathered around them. Wondering why everyone was watching so intently, they turned to the bluenette playing the game, and promptly went wide eye at what they was seeing. The girl was completely focused on the screen as she blasted her way through the hordes of enemies and as of now had accumulated a score of over one hundred thousand points, only a few thousand points away from the all-time high score. Usagi was stunned at how good she was doing and on her first try.

Soon enough Ami defeated the high score and was still going. People cheered wondering how high she will go. It was then did Ami look at her watch and cried out, "Oh no, I'll be late!" This however caused her avatar to take a hit and die.

While the crowd reacted to the end of an impressive game run, with shock at how high the new score was, and disappointment that she did not go any further. Ami grabbed her bag and attempted to push her way through the bystanders, only to get her bag caught on something and burst open. As Ami dropped to her knees to retrieve her items, Usagi added A-M-I to the name for the high score before she pushed past the people and knelt down to help her.

"Hold on, Ami. What's the big rush?" Usagi asked as she handed a pencil box to the bluenette.

"I've got to get to my computer course." Ami responded with a smile.

Usagi was taken aback by this, "Seriously, more schooling?"

Ami nodded. "Yes. It's a special computer course that is offered only twice a week for three hours at a time."

Usagi just chuckled nervously over her friends drive for academics. "I think she dropped this." Naru said as she picked up a floppy disk. It had the label 'Crystal Disk'. "I'll return it to her, she might need this. You head on home Naru."

Usagi and Luna walked along to the Crystal Cram School's location; with Naru not around them, Luna and Usagi were free to talk. "I keep telling you that there's no way Ami's a youma."

"I'm still holding my suspicions. She exhibits a large energy reading that just isn't normal." The duo was at the cram school's entrance when Usagi sighed. "Lun, just because someone gives off an aura doesn't mean that they are monsters. Well, this is the place, and damn, they do seem pretty high-end for something that's new."

"Finally decided to study, eh odanga head?" She could tell who said that. "Great, it's the jerk that keeps insulting me. Who the hell are you, my stalker?"

"My name's Mamoru Chiba you Odanga head, and I'm not stalking you!"

"Yeah right, you've been stalking me you creepy bastard!"

"Not as creepy as talking to your cat." The now named Mamoru retorted back, but he then figured something was different since he overheard two voices. "Did that cat talk back to you?" Luna was really nervous, as she didn't think there was anyone around. "Yeah right, cats don't talk, I'm getting the hell away from you jerkass!" She then grabbed Luna and took off faster then normal, it would've been considered inhumanly possible.

Usagi was still seething when they got to the computer lab. "Why are we here?" Luna asked, after she made sure no one was around. She did not want to make the same mistake again.

"Cause I want to check out this disk Ami dropped, and I rather not go back after dealing with that asshole. He makes me want to shoot him with my guns, him. That Tuxedo Mask asshole as well."

Usagi set Luna down as she put the disk in the computer. Luna looked at Usagi as it booted up, "You really should watch your language young lady, and you can't just go hurting people that annoy you."

'Even if it seems like a good idea.' Luna thought to herself as she had a few people that really got under her skin.

The computer signaled its user that the disk had been accessed, and was starting the program. The two watched the monitor as information began to flash on the screen.

"This doesn't look much like of a learning program to me." Usagi stated as her eyes scanned through the contents of the program. "Wait, what was that?" Luna asked her ears twitching.

Suddenly, a noise began to emanate from the computer that quickly caught her attention. "What the hell?" Usagi exclaimed as she listen to the sound.

It seemed to be some kind of high-pitched ringing sound that the program seemed to be generating, which was quite an interesting phenomena considering that the computer that they were using didn't appear to have speakers connected to it.

"What's going on here?" Usagi questioned out loud as she looked at Luna.

"I do not know but listen. There is something else there." Both tried to listen and within the sound a sound, and within that sound a message was heard: Give your energy and mind to the Dark Kingdom.

"Well that's it, Ami is a youma!" Luna said.

"Or a victim, remember the other cases we had with them. Does that mean Naru, Umino and the other people are youma as well?" Usagi asked as she took out the disk and snapped it. "We need to get Ami out of that cram school." Usagi grabbed Luna and ran off to rescue the people that were lured into the trap.

Ami was getting her thing ready for the session out of her bag. She was almost done when she notice the disk the school gave her was missing, "Oh no, I must have dropped it at the arcade. I hope I can find it later." She puts her bag away and got sigh, "I guess I can manage one session without it, I just hope the professor does not notice and I get in trouble."

The session went on and it was going well. The professor did not seem to notice that Ami did not have the disk and the headache she had this week was gone.

Usagi and Luna were in front of the cram school. "Alright, time to get to work. Moon Power: transform me into a nurse at a university!" The transformation continued and Usagi become a shorthaired nurse with a nametag that, like her investigator transformation, had the name Toni Redgrave. "Time to stop what's going on!" She rushed in saying that there was someone that was sick.

Usagi found the classroom and rushed in. "Everyone needs to get out of here now! There's been a biological incident!" The students didn't seem to believe her, and only one got up. "There has!?" That was Ami, and she seemed fine. Until the teacher of the class came up, "You're lying! There has been no incident that would hurt the students, so leave at once!" Usagi smirked before pointing to the professor. "Is that so miss youma! You're the cause of the decline in students health!" She went for her usual weapons, but stopped. 'Dammit! I left my gear at home, and I don't think Shingo's going to like trying to explain why the hell a girl of fourteen would have a sword and a pair of guns.'

"Moon prism power make up!" Usagi then transformed into Sailor Moon once more, but the holsters that appeared on the back of her skirt for guns were empty. Ami was shocked to see Sailor Moon in front of them when she suddenly found a hand grabbing on to her mouth and dragged her back. The girl glanced over her shoulder to see that her very own teacher holding her in place with inhuman strength.

The woman's appearance had changed during her little rant as her body became taller, her skin turned red, her hair became an ash black while rising up to form a t-shape style, her clothes disappeared revealing a black leotard made of fur and, just like with the others, a large x-shaped scar appeared on her face.

'Apparently, the information wasn't quite right.' Luna thought as the youma continued to hold Ami by the neck. "I am the youma of knowledge, Garoberon, and this 'genius girl' shall sacrifice her life, knowledge, and intellect to our great ruler!" The youma said, transforming into a crimson skinned creature, while still retaining feminine features.

"What makes you think I will let you?" Usagi asked as she got into her fighting stance.

The youma smirked as several students stood up, under her control. "Question one; what is the difference between Meteor, Meteorite and Meteoroid?"

Usagi looked at her, "Right, like I am going to answer some stupid question for your entertainment."

"BAKA! If you don't know the answer, then die!" Papers, that appeared to be tests, suddenly materialized and were thrown at the Usagi. She managed to dodge. 'So, this is what she meant by 'Youma of knowledge'.'

Several students attempted to grab her but she jumped and flipped over them while she avoided more papers shooting at her. Usagi sighed, "Fine, meteors are the rocks in space the fly around but never enters earth atmosphere. Meteorites are meteors that enter earth's atmosphere and burn up in it. And meteoroids are meteorites that survive the trip through the atmosphere and crash lands to earth."

The papers vanished but Usagi still had to avoid the other students. The youma growled out at the right answer. "Name all the planets in the solar system and one feature each that is unique to only that planet."

"Mercury is the closest to the sun, Venus is the same size as earth. Damn." Garoberon sent papers and the possessed students started to grab at Usagi, and she couldn't shoot the youma and be done with it. 'Dammit, what a time to be without my weapons.' She thought as the youma began to shove Ami towards a computer screen. "Now, this 'genius girl' shall sacrifice her life and knowledge to the grand master!" Nothing happened for a bit, but then Ami's forehead started to shine and a strange crest appeared. 'That mark!' Luna thought as she noticed the mark itself. Ami was then tossed down while Usagi got fed up with the grabbing and lightly punched them to get them off. "Can't answer a question without some bastard's grabbing at me." Usagi was now worried as the youma shifted an arm into an axe. "If I can't gather your life force and knowledge, then I'll just take your brain!" A strange wand like object the size of a pen slid towards Ami. "Use that item to transform and fight! Use the phrase: Mercury power make up!" Ami grabbed the wand like thing, and had to dodge as the axe came down. She then stared at the youma with determination. "Mercury power make up!" She transformed into a sailor uniform, like Usagi's, but it was primarily an aquatic blue. She was unsure what to do now, but Luna helped her out. "You can use the spell Shaboon Spray! Just feel for it and say those words." Ami heard Luna and thought of a plan to work with the spell. "Shaboon Spray!" Ami said, after gathering some magical energy into her hands. The room got very misty and the temperature began to drop.

The mist was getting thicker and making it hard to see. The youma look around trying to find here pray. Then she heard Ami's voice from in the mist. "You used our quest for higher knowledge against us! I will not allow such a being to be forgiven!"

The youma smirked, "Then don't forgive me and die!" she shouted before she thrusted her hand forward. Instead of Ami her hand went right through a computer screen.

Luna use her case senses to find Usagi. Usagi growled out before she felt Luna next to her, "Luna how can I beat it, my weapons are at home."

"Well it is a good thing you have another weapon." Luna said.

Usagi blinked, "I do?"

Luna nodded, "Yes your tiara."

Usagi gave her a deadpan look, "My tiara?"

"Yes, you take it and focus your energy into it. Then you throw it while saying, Moon Tiara Action."

Usagi took off her tiara and looked at it before giving Luna another deadpan look, "No way in hell I am doing that."

Luna looked shocked, "But you must. It is the only way."

'And I rather you use this then those foul weapons. This is perfect for you, and better then those guns or sword.'

Usagi groaned, "Only this one time and if you mention it I will have some new fur skin boots."

Luna gulped at that, but Usagi got up and focused her energy into the tiara and it became a golden disk. She caught sight on the youma through the mist, "moon tiara action," usagi said in a dead and quiet tone, like she rather hadn't said anything at all.

She threw the disk at the youma. The disk hit the youma and she screamed before she turned to dust. Luna smiled at the victory at both the youma and Usagi using her light powers without those foul weapons.

Usagi noticed and did not like the smirk and gave the cat a light kick to show her what she thinks. "I don't plan on using that stupid tiara weapon again!" Usagi said as she and Ami had gotten out of their senshi forms and watched the setting sun on the roof. "I'm still surprised you're Sailor Moon, and it seems the rumors about you using a sword and guns are false." Usagi sighed at Ami's comment, but she couldn't fault her. Rumors sometimes got out of control with very few being truthful. "That's true. I do use a sword and pair of guns for the most part. Next time I'm not leaving them at home."

"I prefer you not to use them at all. I don't like the feel of that sword."

"I'm using Rebellion whether you like it or not! It's the only thing I have left of my father other then my pendant!" Usagi then looked towards the sky, but that confused Ami and Luna. "I thought Tsukino Kenji was your father."

"He's my stepfather Luna. Shingo was born from mom's marriage with Kenji-san. I respect the man, but he's not my birth father. Let's fight the youma together Ami." Usagi offered, but suddenly felt something and got a serious face and looked around. She felt something demonic, yet it wasn't. 'Something's not right.'

"Is something wrong?" Ami asked worriedly. Hoping there wasn't another youma, but Usagi just looked around. "I hope not, but for now let's get the hell out of here. I just feel like we're being watched."

The room seemed empty expect for the students that were passed out but healthy. Hidden in the shadows a young teen around fourteen in a blue duster and a hood was watching the whole fight, even through the mist. 'Another failure for the youma, and they are so weak that that my sister in that state could beat them. I must admit I would never imagine my sister using an attack like that, but still, I guess this was just a rare treat to see. It is a shame that your new teammate is a lowly human, but I'm still closer to the goal.'