Word Prompts: Melt

Sorry I haven't updated in a week. I woke up New Years Eve with what I thought was a stomach bug, but turned out to be gastritis. Trying to get back on track.


Thankfully the rest of the day passed without incidence. I steered clear of Edward as much as possible, and when ortho was called in for another consult I was at lunch.

The rest of the work week was much of the same. I steered clear of the Cullens as much as possible. Emmett was in the ER a couple more times during the week, but thankfully I was usually tied up with another patient.

It wasn't as easy to avoid Edward though. I did end up having to work with him a couple of times, but thankfully he remained professional. It was hard to see him around the department, smiling that smile that I had always said dazzled me, and hearing his voice that used to whisper things in my ear that made me melt. It pissed me off to no end to see him so happy and care free. It didn't seem like it was awkward at all for him to have to be working with me.

It was finally Friday afternoon, and I was so looking forward to the weekend. I don't get very many Saturdays off, so I was looking forward to the end of the day. It had been kind of a slow day, with the exception of a few patients with flu like symptoms, and a couple of patients needing stitches it had been quiet. I was just finishing up notes on a patient when a doctor I didn't recognize walked up to the desk.

"I'm Dr. Whitlock, I'm looking for curtain three." he said.

"Sure Dr. Whitlock, right over there." I replied pointing in that direction.

"Jasper!" I heard Edward's voice call, "Hey what brings you here."

"Checking on a patient of your dad's." he replied with a smile as Edward walked up and clapped him on the back.

"Bella, this is Alice's husband, Jasper Whitlock." Edward said with a big smile.

Jasper's eyebrows raised in surprise as he smiled, "So this is the famous Bella huh?"

It took everything in me to keep from rolling my eyes, "The one and only."

"So Bella, I hear you may be joining us for Thanksgiving dinner." Jasper said leaning on the counter to the nurses station.

I noticed Edward tense up, but he attempted to give me what I think was meant to be an encouraging smile.

"I'm sorry Jasper, you heard wrong. I'll be covering Shelly's shift." I answered as I got up and stalked off to the break room. I glanced at the clock noticing I only had about another hour in my shift. I was so glad the day was almost over, I had been so stressed out. I needed a break, I needed to released some tension, and I knew just what I needed.

Sitting down at the table, I pulled out my cell and sent a text.

"Are you free tonight? I'm off in a hr. -Bella"

It took just a few minutes before I got a reply.

"I'm off at 6. Ur place or mine? -Alec"

"Mine. -Bella"

"C U then. -Alec"