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Just wanted to say thank you for the review on my first fic (TOW they came back)!

So in this fic... Only some parts really happened in the series!

The first chapter takes place in season 1 episode 17 TOW Two parts (2).


Chapter 1: What just happened?

Phoebe's POV

What am I doing? That was the only thing on my mind. I was walking back from my visit to my sister. She gave me the sweater that Joey brought her. I couldn't believe. She didn't want to date him anymore. Why wouldn't she call him back? I was upset. Joey didn't come to my birthday party last night. He was out with Ursula. I swore to myself as put on the sweater. I stumbled my way to Central Perk. A white cloud hit my face as I exhaled. We were in the middle on February but it was still a bit cold. I looked inside the coffee shop and saw Joey. He was sitting by the counter, plucking flower petals. It hurted me to see him like that. I've known him for a few years now... He was a really nice guy. He deserves someone better than Ursula. I walked inside our favourite coffee shop and took off my jacket. I slowly walked over my friend.

"Hey.", I said.

"Urs!", his face brightened up as he got up, "What are yo doing here? I've been trying to call you."

He looked so happy to who he thought was Ursula. My hands were sweaty.

"Listen... Um...", I started, not sure how to tell him that his girlfriend dumped him.

He keeped on talking about something Ursula said under a bridge. I started fidgeting. I walked towards the orange couch so hide it. He followed.

"Why? Is it because I'm friends with Phoebe?"

My heart stopped. What if...?

"If it was... Would you stop hanging out with her?"

The expression on his face changed. Oh my God.

"No... No! I couldn't do that."

I tried to keep an emotionless face. Even thought Joey didn't come to my surprise birthday party that the rest of the gang prepared, he would still pick me over Ursula. I could feel the top of my ears getting hot.

"Then yeah! It's Phoebe.", I lied, "It's either her or me."

"Then I'm sorry...", he said before he sat down, "You know... Even if we're breaking up. You've never looked to beautiful."


He leaned in and kissed me. His surprisingly soft hands pulled me closer to him. His free hand was on my back. A shiver ran down my spine. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the kiss. He tasted like strawberry. The kiss lasted only a few seconds, but it felt like an eternity. Why am I feeling his way? He pulled away and smiled. Joey has the most charming smile a guy could have. His perfectly straight teeth and the cute dimples on each side of his cheek. He got up and slowly walked away. Oh my God! I dropped myself on the couch, touching my lips.


Crap. He knows I'm Phoebe!

"Yeah?", I said as I turned to face him.

He simply smiled at me and left, leaving me there smiling at myself. I am in love with Joey.

So this was my first fic with point of views! :D

For the next chapter, it'll be Joey's POV.

Should just continue the story or do the same scene again?


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