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Chapter 10: Champagne and candles

Joey's POV

Ross was getting married again... to this British girl named Emily. Rachel wasn't so happy about it. Everybody was getting ready for our trip to England. I was Phoebe's. We've been dating for about 4 years now. I still lived with Chandler, but I was always at her place. Monica has been going crazy about when we were going to get married. In fact, I was thinking a lot about it. Ross is getting married, but he'll probably end up with Rachel. Monica and Chandler are definitely going to be together one day...

Monica and Chandler were getting closer and closer everyday. I always knew that Chandler had a thing for her. If she starts to returns these feelings, he'd definitely fall in love with her.

Phoebe and I were doing our thing.: hanging out with our friends, going out on dates... We were the "perfect" couple. We never fight or disagree on anything.

I helped Phoebe pack her stuff, while Monica was back at my apartment packing my clothes. Phoebe grabbed my watch from her night stand. Before she handed it to me, I pulled her closer to me by her hips.

"Joey. I need to pack.", she smiled.

"What?", I said as I leaned in for another kiss, "I can't kiss my wonderful girlfriend?"

With that I kissed her. More passionately than the first kiss. I wanted to get married. Married to the women who was in my arms. Phoebe Tribbiani. It sounded so perfect. After we were done packing, we headed to Monica's for lunch.

While the girls were talking about Ross' wedding, I asked Chandler if I could talk to him in private. (meaning: our apartment... Which is clearly not a safe spot to talk in "private" from my experience.)

"It's important."

He got worried. I reassured him that everything's fine and I lead the way to our apartment. I closed the door behind us and sat on the barcalounger. Chandler was standing in front of me, still not convinced about what I told him a second before. I guess I could understand that. I never had anything "important to tell him since I first moved in.

"Can you just sit down?", I said.

"Not before you tell me what's going on.", he said as he crossed his arms.

"Just sit down, Chandler."

He snorted, but agreed.

"Alright look... I've been thinking...", I started.

Chandler had a confused look. I wasn't really sure about telling him about it. Maybe I should tell Monica first... That wouldn't be such a good idea. She would probably tell Phoebe. I sighed and sat a bit closer to Chandler.

"I'm going to proposed to Phoebe."

Chandler stayed silent for a second. I wasn't sure how he took it before he smiled at me. He gestured me to wait and left our apartment. Chandler came back a minute later with Ross. Ross was smiling too. They both sat down next to me.

"So you want to propose to Phoebe huh?", Ross finally asked after the weird awkward silence.


"That's awesome! When are you going to ask her?"

"I don't know... I'm actually going to find a ring later."

"Want some help?", Chandler asked.

"Nah. I'll know it's the perfect one when I'll see it."


Phoebe was a bit upset that we didn't get to have a room together. Apparently, it'll be less expensive if I shared a room with Chandler. I didn't mind at all. I love hanging out with Chandler.

I've found the perfect ring. It's simple yet elegant. The ring had a heart shaped diamond and "Phoey" graved inside. She's gonna love it.

All I had to do now is figure out when and how to propose to her.

We arrived in London early in the morning. Chandler and I unpacked everything as soon as we entered our room.

"So... Did you find the ring yet?"

"Actually. Yes. Wanna see?"

"Of course!"

I grabbed the ring box from my jacket. I had to hide it from Phoebe during the whole trip. I opened the little blue box and showed it to him.

"Oh my God.", Chandler exclaimed.

"Yeah. I know.", I smiled.

"She's going to love it."

"Hope so."

I spent the next few hours in my room thinking about my proposal with the guys while the ladies were at the spa.

"I think I'll ask her at the altar, after your wedding... That's cute and romantic right?"

People always told me that I was romantic... but when it came to Phoebe, it's like if my brain stoppped working.

"Yes!", Ross clapped his hands together, "SO romantic!"

It was decided. I went down to the altar and set up some candles around before the guests arrived. Chandler came down and told me that the wedding was going to start in an hour or so. I went to the girls room to pick up my date. I straightened my tux and knocked.

"Girls! It's Joey!"

"Come in!", Monica shouted from the other side.

They were still getting ready. Monica was almost done. Rachel decided not to come. Guess she was still sad about everything that's going on.

"Phoebe's taking a shower."

"Alright. I need to tell you something anyways."

"Oh. My. God. You cheated on Phoebe!", Monica exclaimed.

"What?! No! I'm going to propose to her!"

"Oh my God! When?!"

"Later.", I smiled.

Phoebe finally came out of the bathroom. She looked beautiful in the bridesmaid dress. I couldn't even imagine what she'll look like in a wedding dress. She took my breath away. I was pretty sure Monica was grinning to herself as she left the room. Phoebe smiled and walked towards me.

"Wow. Phoebe, you look-"

"This is so exciting!"

"I know."

I took her by the waist ans kissed her. She probably noticed me smiling as my lips locked with her's because she smiled back. I pulled away and rested my forehead on her's.

"Ready to go?", I whispered.

"We still have a half hour...", she moaned.

I chuckled. She has no idea what'\s waiting for her in my pocket. I shook my head and headed to the door as I held her hands.

"Let's save it for tonight?", I winked.

Phoebe giggled and we walked our way to the altar.

Rachel arrived. Ross was surprise. I always thought that they would end up together again. Phoebe said that Ross and Emily are not going to last. Maybe she's right. Ross was in love with Rachel for many years and I don't think you can get over someone that fast.

The wedding went pretty well... except maybe the fact that Ross said Rachel's name and not Emily's. Everybody left for the buffet. While Monica kept Phoebe busy, I lighted up the candles that I installed earlier and "borrowed" a bottle of champagne from Ross' honeymoon suit. He won't be needing it anyways...

I looked around. Everything was perfect. I slowly walked to where Phoebe was. She was giggling with Monica. I have Mon a wink. She quickly understood and left Phoebe to go see Chandler.

"Phoebe. Come here, I want to show you something."

"Joey... I've already saw that "something" of yours.", she winked.

"No. Not THAT.", I laughed, "Come on. Close your eyes."

"Alright alright! This better be good!"

"Oh. It will.", I smirked.

I lead her to the altar and opened the door to lead her inside. Her eyes were still closed. Good thing she always trusted me. I held her hand as we walked to the middle of the aisles and I knelled down in front of her. I smiled as I got the ring box out.

"Okay. You can open you eyes now, babe.", I said.

"Oh my God. Joey-", she started a second after she saw me on my knee surrounded by candles.

"Pheebs. You are the most amazing woman I've ever met and I couldn't ask for anything better than you. You always make me laugh and never make fun of me. You make me the most happiest guy in the world. And now... I guess it's safe to say that you are the love of my life and I want to make you feel the same way. Phoebe Buffay... Will you marry me?"

She tried to fight back her tears. I smiled at her. I know her too well. I knew exactly what her answer was. She knelled down and looked at me in the eyes. Phoebe cupped my face and kissed me.

"Yes.", she said with teary eyes, "Of course I will marry you, Joey Tribbiani."

I kissed her like I've never kissed before. I pulled away and grabbed the ring from the box. The way she looked at it, I knew in that moment that I've found THE ring. I slid it on her finger and pulled her into one of my huge bear hugs.

I love her so much. I made a promise to myself that I'll never let her go.

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