Title: The Moments That Define Us
Characters/Pairings: all/canon couples
Genre: Drama/Romance/Hurt/Comfort/Humor
Warnings: spoilers for ALL AIRED episodes
Episode: 5x16 - The Part in the Sum of the Whole
Rating: T
Chapters: 1/?
Status: WIP

Disclaimer: I don't own Bones nor the characters. Just playing with them :)

Summary: It's those little moments when we reveal our true selves. A series of Bones drabbles – at least one per episode; in chronological order (spoilers for all episodes aired); all characters; friendship, romance etc; canon couples; main focus on BB;


Pre-series: Booth


He stood in the rain staring into the empty alley. He could still hear the faintly sounds of the leaving cab. He could still see her turned face as she gazed at him via the back window. Her eyes sparkly and glazed.

Too much alcohol. Yet still – too little. He wasn't sure if he should be glad or not.

He turned around and looked at the half-lit neon. A sudden wave of disgust washed over him.

No. He won't go inside. He felt he wouldn't be going inside any time soon.

Oh, well.

It's all for the best. After all, he did promise Pops he'd quit gambling anyway.

So he walked home.

Her face forever engraved in the back of his mind.


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AN: New year, new fandom, new story :) I'm currently re-watching Bones and, well, my muse is ...persistent :) Thus I welcome you all to this little series of fill-in scenes, character's studies, my impressions etc. about Bones episodes. At least one drabble per episode, usually more. Updated daily. So far season one is done. Hope you;ll enjoy it. I'm a bit nervous, it's been a while since I posted multi-chaptered story.

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