Title: The Moments That Define Us
Characters/Pairings: all/canon couples
Genre: Drama/Romance/Hurt/Comfort/Humor
Warnings: spoilers for ALL AIRED episodes
Episode: 1x07 The Man on a Death Row
Rating: T
Chapters: 36/?
Status: WIP

Disclaimer: I don't own Bones nor the characters. Just playing with them

Summary: It's in those little moments that we reveal our true selves. A series of Bones drabbles – at least one per episode; in chronological order (spoilers for all episodes aired); all characters; friendship, romance etc; canon couples; main focus on BB;


1x07 - Hodgins


He never noticed how brave Angela was. But in that one moment, when she faced her date of the night that had just called her a freak, when she bravely - with a big fake smile in her face - told them about how difficult this job description was to describe on-line, he saw it for the very first time…

She was an artist. A soft soul, a free spirit, needed to be surrounded by happiness and all good in the world. Yet she worked in forensic lab. With human remains, that looked more macabre then anything he ever saw.

Cause they were real people once.

And although she flinches, and needs sometimes time to herself, she does her job with her whole heart. Cloaking the cold bones in pretty faces. Real human beings.

In that very moment, when they stood on the platform like many times before, something shifted.

And for the first time he saw the beautiful brave woman before him.


tbc, He actually watches her admiringly for the very first time in that moment. First Hodegla on screen. :)

thank you to all that review!