Title: The Moments That Define Us
Characters/Pairings: all/canon couples
Genre: Drama/Romance/Hurt/Comfort/Humor
Warnings: spoilers for ALL AIRED episodes
Episode: 1x16 The Woman in the Tunnel
Rating: T
Chapters: 76/?
Status: WIP

Disclaimer: I don't own Bones nor the characters. Just playing with them, quotes belong to the owners of the show.

Summary: It's in those little moments that we reveal our true selves. A series of Bones drabbles – at least one per episode; in chronological order (spoilers for all episodes aired); all characters; friendship, romance etc; canon couples; main focus on BB;


1x16 – Booth


I was a good soldier- I was a very good soldier-but a pretty bad human being. Pretty bad human being.

Harold Overmeyer had told him that.

Booth took a sip form his coffee cup as he gazed outside his office window, pensively. People were buzzing around the Hoover Building like small little ants. His sharp sniper eyes picked up every single one out of the crowd.

At that time he had focused on the interrogation, but now... the sentence was haunting him.

He had been a good soldier too. And he had saved lives.

Pretty bad human being.

He had destroyed lives too.

He took another sip, ignoring the burning sensation on his tongue.

A balancing sheet. Every murderer for every live he had taken. Setting things right.

Pretty bad human being.

He sighed.

You cannot undo the evil you've done, Son. But there is still a lot of good you can do from now on. Father Damian has told him once during a confession.

He had to believe that. And he does. If he can't... if he can't he'll end up alongside Harold.

He finished his coffee and returned to his desk.

His job waited.


tbc, Just a little Booth piece. Hopefully we'll get more of his past as soldier in the future.

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