The Leader or The Criminal?

Summary: Beast Boy has always had more than just idol worship for the Boy Wonder, but said Boy Wonder never noticed him. It was always the beautiful Tameranian princess that has his attention. Beast Boy then feels like he'll never find anyone just for him. That is, until Red X started to pay attention to him.

Pairings: BB/Rob, BB/RedX, Possible!Rob/BB/RedX, Past!Rob/Star, Star/Rae, Cy/Bumblebee and plenty more :)

Warnings: Craziness, randomness, OOCness, sexual themes, crappy/corny dialogue, yaoi/slash and yuri/fem-slash.

Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Titans. DC Comics has that pleasure :)

A/n: *head desk'd hard and a lot* I promised myself I shouldn't make anymore new stories until I finish the major stories I have active (What Makes A Hero, Hawk Lantern and Orange Scarves). But...but this plot Bunny has been 'ohm-nom-nom'-ing my brain since I've gone back to watching Teen Titans. lol I introduced my DVDs of it to my nieces and nephew and they are hooked. BOOYAH! Next victims, my own children in the future ;) Did'cha know my nieces have crushes on Robin now (I still think Kid Flash is adorable, and only my nine year old niece Keanna loves Beast Boy :3 So cute she is). Anyways, this story...I've always loved Rob and BB together as a pair, no questions asked. Two opposites and they fit so freakin' perfect. Then I saw Red X and how BB wants to unravel who he was underneath and when Robin was Red X, saving Beast Boy's life I just melted on thinking 'Gosh, Red X is a good match too'. So...I wanted to experiment which one of my loving pairings win. Anyways, enjoy this funny sweet story. Warning though, it's so OOC, corny, sexy and hilariously ridiculous xD Then again, it's Teen Titans, it's all that ;P

BeastBoy sighed as he stared at the disgustingly sweet couple across from him.

A year passed since the Titans have grown with more young heroes, and yet same old same old.

The Titans were currently at their favorite Pizza Place, and normally, the little changling would argue with Cyborg about if the pizza should be all cheese or all meat. But today, BeastBoy stayed uncharacteristically silent as Raven just watched him curiously and Cyborg uncaringly started ordering the whole menu happily. Beast Boy frowned once more as Starfire giggled, and Robin grinned as he explained once more the importance of using undergarments and such.

Raven sighed a little as she felt a wave of sadness and jealousy from her teammate and rubbed her temples. Love. Such a complicated manner. But she knew how he felt, but at least she learned that she just had to deal with it.

Suddenly, their little time was ruined as a alarm was heard, and the five teens looked down to see one of their off and on foes, Red X, running away from the bank with a heavy loaded bag of cash and diamonds.

Robin squinted his eyes as he stood up on the table and shouted his battle cry, "Titans, GO!"

The teens then made their moves. Cyborg hopped down with his Sonic Blaster ready, BeastBoy shifted into a bird and flew down, Raven was already floating down as she chanted her mantra and had two stones floating and Starfire had her Starbolts glowing in the ready. Robin was the last to enter the scene with his bo-staff up ready for combat.

"Freeze X!" Robin shouted and pointed with his free hand with a glare, "You're usually thinking big on stealing, what? Can't find anything better to do?"

Red X calmly turned his head around and raised one hand up in mock defeat, "I dunno Kid, I like to always have some attention on me," He seemed to grin from his voice as he suddenly threw some pellets at the teens as they seem to be frozen in place, "But I don't think I'm the one that 'freezed' here"

Robin growled, but then freezed himself by crashing his bo-staff onto the ice and charge at the teenage thief as his teammates got out on their own. Starfire let out a battle cry as she aimed her Starbolts at the enemy when said enemy kicked her leader into a wall. Hard.

"Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos!" Raven cried out as she waved an abandoned car and threw it to Red X, who simply dodged it and kicked Starfire away, backflipped and punched Raven as he neared her.

Cyborg gritted his teeth as he tried to aim for the fast dark villain, but Red X quickly threw a X boomerang onto Cyborg's chest, which made Cyborg short circuit for a few minutes. Beast saw this and quickly shifted into a cheetah and raced towards X and was about to slash him when all of a suddenly he felt himself pressed on the ground face first and changed back into his normal self, struggling against the one pinning him down.

"Let go you creep!" BeastBoy yelled, but then 'eep'd' as Red X turned his head up and stared down at him.

"Huh, never noticed how cute you are...then again, I always fall for the green eyes," Red X seemed to smirk as Beast Boy spluttered.

He sounded just like Robin...only his voice was deep and...husky.

All of a sudden, Red X was kicked back by an angry Robin, and BeastBoy was trying hard not to get excited that his Leader rescued him. Robin looked down at BeastBoy sternly.

"Get your head in the game Beast Boy! Stop fooling around," Robin chided and jumped back to fight hand-to-hand with his darker counterpart.

BeastBoy rolled his eyes, 'Yeah, the only time you'll ever notice me is when I mess up,' Beast Boy ignored the hurt feeling in his chest and raced off to aid his teammates...who were losing.

Red X glanced at the youngest member of the goodie-goodies and grinned underneath his mask. In all honesty, he has noticed the young boy ever since their first encounter (but flirting with the alien girl was fun too). He was a bisexual fiend, go figure. He quickly incapacitated Cyborg (who fell in the manhole and into a sewer), Raven (Who had her mouth taped with an 'X' once more) and Starfire (Who was electrocuted then hogtied) all in one go.

Robin looked at his fallen teammates then at BeastBoy then sighed, looking a little annoyed and embarrassed. BeastBoy looked a little bit hurt at that reaction, as if BeastBoy wasn't much of the teammate Robin wanted to have right now, especially when facing the guy that Robin hated the most. But the caped cruisader kept his cool as he reached for his Birdaarang and threw it skillfully at the thief, who just dodged it and quickly crouched down, and swiped his leg out to knock Robin over and pin his wrists down with two of his X-boomerangs. Standing up accomplished, he wasn't surprised when he saw BeastBoy change into a ram to bash into him, and jumped up and kicked the green animal and chuckled darkly as BeastBoy went smack into a wall. Quickly he was right in front of the now normal BeastBoy and pinned the young boy's arms above his head and chuckled.

"Face it Emerald, you and your little playmates can't beat me. Not by a longshot," Red X remarked, as he watched the changeling struggle.

'Emerald?' BeastBoy thought with confusion but then growled and tried to kick the stronger teen off him.

"We'll beat you, we will! We have at times and we'll do it again!" BeastBoy shouted with determination and was about to transform but blushed as he felt a gloved finger on his cheek as Red X stared at him intently.

"Trust me Emerald, you can do so much better..." Red X whispered then stepped back as he suddenly had the loot and waved cheekily, "Until next time pretty Emerald,"

And he disappeared.

Leaving Beas Boy's heart pounding a bit.

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