The Leader or The Criminal?

Summary: Beast Boy has always had more than just idol worship for the Boy Wonder, but said Boy Wonder never noticed him. It was always the beautiful Tameranian princess that has his attention. Beast Boy then feels like he'll never find anyone just for him. That is, until Red X started to pay attention to him.

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Robin felt happy yet confused.

It's been three days since the disappearance of Ravenger, and the fact Terra finally came back home and the fact Beastboy was back to his normal self and all his memories were back.

Or, sort of anyways. He was still human.

But beside that, Beastboy was even more peculiar. Apparently, even with the memories back, Beastboy had the habit of following Robin around like a lost puppy, and the fact every night, Beastboy would go into Robin's room and crawl into bed with him snuggling him. Terra was the first to notice, and teased the Boy Wonder to no end that they are somehow hitched without her knowing. Although Beastboy would also hang around Terra as well (which, of course, Robin wasn't totally jealous of). Robin denied this, which caused Beastboy to suddenly look a little blank and instead hang around either Kyd Wykkyd or Kid Flash. But that didn't stop from Beastboy trailing behind the Leader at times. Beastboy also apparently has a knack to be calmer and more skilful at playing video games, and only play one round before passing the control to someone else and walking off. Everyone also noticed that Beastboy preferred to eat alone than to eat with the others, and argue with Cyborg about cooking tofu than meat.

But the strangest thing of all, everytime Raven or Robin asks questions on what happened with X, Beastboy immediately changes the subject, or runs off with plenty of excuses.

This worried Robin a little.

"What are we going to do?" Raven asked one day as she prepared her herbal tea, "We can't ignore the fact Beastboy is still not himself,"

Robin sat on the kitchen counter with a exasperated sigh, "I don't know yet Rae, I know we can't pressure anything from him just yet, it might traumatise him or something by remembering whatever happened with X, I'm just worried about what exactly X do to him,"

"Robin, you can't baby him forever," Raven whispered with a scolding look, "I know you love him, and the fact that he's always clinging to you isn't exactly healthy,"

Robin stayed silent then let Raven continue.

"Not that I'm saying to stop loving him completely Rob. We're bonded, I can feel that if you stop it'll kill you. But this isn't the Beastboy we all know and come to care for, he's torn up into two different people. One that's ours, and the one X shaped him to be,"

"But I'm still wondering why me?" Robin glanced at Raven, "Why is he sticking with me?"

Raven just looked at Robin then sighed, "Are you really that clueless?"

Suddenly a whooshing sound was heard and Kid Flash popped in wearing just a Flash t-shirt and sweatpants.

"You guys talking about BB?" The unmasked speedster asked tiredly, rubbing his eye a little and ruffling his now messy red hair.

Kid Flash, The Titans East, Jinx and Kyd Wykkyd have been staying over the Titan's Tower after the fight, which Robin was grateful for since he realized Beastboy always stuck to the WykkyFlash pair as if they were his parents or something. Aqualad was worried for his friend and asked his team if they could stay. They had their own rooms in case they do stay over after all. Jinx just decided to stick around for a few reasons.

Robin glanced at his best friend then nodded, "Yeah, Wally, we're talking about Beast-I mean, Garfield,"

"Dude, it's weird how BB is still human but can remember everything of being Beastboy," Wally West leaned back onto the kitchen counter, " I mean, he wasn't like that when me and Wykkyd got him back,"

"There must be a way to reverse the physical effect on Beastboy," Raven piped up as she sipped her tea, "I mean, if he's able to remember everything with Terra just being there, probably whatever is in him is fading and very fast, that maybe soon he'll be back to normal,"

Robin pondered a bit as Kid Flash suddenly had popcorn in his hands and munched away as he listned.

"We can only hope the effect wears off quickly, then after that we track X and Ravenger both down," Robin pounded his fist into his hand with gritted teeth.

"I'm all for hunting down those creeps," Kid Flash grumbled with a mouthful of popcorn then swallowed, "But we've gotta think smart this time, Terra said she sensed someone in the house when she arrived and right after we left BB alone like that,"

Robin looked a little peeved, "X..."

The young Flash nodded with another pop of his corn into his mouth, "Yup, and to think, if it wasn't for Terra, I think X would've succeeded in stealing back BB,"

"And you'd be looking for him all over again,"

The three then turned their heads to see Terra in her blue PJs walking in with a yawn then grinned.

"Guess you have to thank me Rob for saving your boyfriend,"

"He's not my boyfriend," Robin immediately shouted with a blush, as the three of the Titans looked at him like he was crazy.

"Gosh, with BB following ya like a little chick with a mother hen, and you being the doting husband that you are, I figured you guys were married," Kid Flash bluntly pointed out, as Terra was nodding in agreement.

"Denial isn't just a river in Egypt ya know," Terra also added, as Kid Flash grinned at the little joke.

Robin growled and just ignored them, trying to kill the blush on his cheeks, "I think I better keep researching on X and Ravenger," And with that, Robin walked off.

"On the serious note, we've got a lot of things to sort out so I will take my leave as well," Raven floated up and drifted out of the room, leaving her friends there.

"I think Rae still hates me," Terra pouted a little with a sigh, rubbing her head a bit with a sad look, "I wonder if it has to do with the fact I lied to her and betrayed her,"

Kid Flash looked at her then patted her head like a big brother to a little sister, "Don't worry Terra, just let her relax a bit and just keep proving and earning our trust. I trust you already and so does Beastboy,"

Terra nodded then looked at the speedster, "So, how did Jinx take you and Kyd Wykkyd?"

Kid Flash then winced a bit then smiled weakly, "It was grand..."

Once alone in the corridor or the Titan's Tower, Jinx immediately turned to the speedster and slapped his cheek. Hard.

"Owwwww woman," Kid Flash nursed his reddening cheek with a wince, "Okay, I've been meaning to tell you about Wykkyd,"

"I know we're in an open relationship Kid Dork, but you could've told me what you and Wykkyd have is seriously," Jinx folded her arm then tapped her foot lightly, "If you hurt Kyd Wykkd by still being with me, I'll pound you to the ground and hex your soul down into the seven layers of the Earth,"

Kid Flash blinked a bit in confusion, "Uhhh...huh?"

Jinx rolled her eyes, "For someone so fast, you're STILL a little slow,"

She leaned against the wall, her hot pink eyes staring at the taller Titan with a sad look.

"I care about you, sure, but I can tell from you that even though you say you love me, you feel strongly for Wykkyd more than me," Jinx then leaned over then hugged the speedster, shocking him a little, "Don't string both of us along Kid, you have to decide between us..."

Kid Flash wrapped his arms around the witchling and sighed, "Jinx..."

Suddenly, a bell was heard and Kid Flash immediately looked up to see a certain teleporter looked a bit hurt and peeved then disappears out of sight. Jinx saw this and released the speedster then punched his arm.

"Go dummy," She whispered with a glare, and Kid Flash nodded, whispering a 'sorry', kissing her cheek then speeding off.

Leaving Jinx a little more heartbroken than she should be.

Terra winced a bit then hugged the speedster in sympathy, "I'm so sorry about that, where's Wykkyd anyways?"

"Probably with Beastboy," Kid Flash hugged back then released the blond girl, letting her lean her head on his shoulder, "Ya know, strangely, they've bonded since that day. Wykkyd allowed BB in on the whole telepathy thing and now Wykkyd won't open up to me,"

Kid Flash sighed then pouted a little.

"I guess we've both lost our chances to be with someone..." Terra sympathised as the red head looked down to her.

"You and Beastboy?"

Terra then smiled a bit, "Half and half...cuz like you, I had a secret relationship too,"

Before the blue eyed boy could ask, a sound of a bell was heard and the two looked back to see Kyd Wykkyd, hoodless and his black hair disarrayed and his red eyes looking tired and sad-looking as he stared at the two. Terra quickly jumped off the counter and coughed awkwardly.

"I'll ah...leave you two be..." And Terra rushed out leaving the two alone.

"Wykkyd..." Kid Flash stood and walked towards but the teleporter stepped back and shook his head.

"I leave you for a while and yet again in another arms of a woman," Kyd Wykkyd spoke in his mind softly then scoffed, "I knew about the Jinx situation, but this-"

"Enough," Kid Flash wrapped his arms around the dark male and planted a soft kiss into the lips of the teleporter then leaned their foreheads together then sighed, "Terra and I were just telling each other about our problems, nothing else...and as for Jinx..."

Kyd Wykkyd closed his eyes but felt a thumb brush against his cheek softly and opened his eyes again to look at the blue eyes staring at him lovingly.

"She...she let me go...and I've decided that I love you, and not her,"

This somehow doesn't please the red eyed boy as he sighed.

"She broke up with you Flash, and I'm just your rebound after the breakup..."

"Not true," Kid Flash planted another soft kiss to his lips, then cheek, as he whispered softly to Kyd Wykkyd, "She understood, even without me telling her, that I'd rather be with you than her. She even threatened if I hurt you that she'd kill me,"

Kyd Wykkyd stayed silent for a moment then scoffed in their minds.

"She always thought I was fragile for some reason, like I'm made of glass," Kyd thought with a bitter and embarrassed tone, "Like a big sister or mother,"

Kid Flash grinned a bit then hugged the boy in his arms happily and nuzzled his nose into Kyd's cheek, "I do mean it Kyd, I freakin' love you so much..."

Kyd Wykkyd blushed a little then sighed as he leaned into his boyfriend's warm embrace, "You fool..." He thought to Kid Flash with affection.

"A fool for you definitely," Kid Flash leaned closer as they shared a passionate yet gente kiss, not seeing that a certain pink haired Titan watched them with a smile, mixed with heartbreak yet relief.


The witchling jumped a little and turned around to see Beastboy looking at her with mixed emotions.

"Oh, um, Beastboy," Jinx coughed a bit, trying to act cool, "W-what are you doing up this late?"

Beastboy tilted his head then walked over and immediately hugged her gently, shocking the tall hex girl as she looked down at the boy in confusion.

"I'm sorry,"

"For...what?" Jinx asked with a whisper, as Beastboy looked up at her with sympathy. She hated that look.

"I'm sorry that...he broke your heart," Beastboy answered with innocence and honesty, as Jinx sniffed a little then patted the human boy's head.

"I'll get through it, just like everything else,"

Beastboy nodded then asked, " aren' know,"

"Leaving the Titans?" Jinx shook her head, "No, I'm not running away again, this breakup was mutual. Maybe one day I can find someone of my own,"

Beastboy smiled a bit then hugged her again, "If you need anyone to talk to, I am all ears,"

Jinx smiled a little then patted his head once again, "Sure kid, sure..."

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