Chapter 00 - 12th July 2104

Robert Cross sighed loudly as he tried in vain to find a better position to sit in. He really did not want to be here, it was a complete waste of his precious time. He as the head scientist of the Red Mars Project had far more important things to do and plan than watching those brats, those abominations, run successfully through the maze without getting killed. Like hell he cared if they died but his superiors would have his head on a spike if something happened to them, especially the older twin, while being monitored by him. If he had to make the decision, he would have killed them as soon as they were successfully 'born' and continued with more significant matters, but no, they should live and be trained and feed and etc. Complete nonsense, he said, which was promptly ignored by those bastards!

His superiors ordered for them to be trained for thirty years – the twins – and then to send them on a three year long mission to mars. Heck, how illogical was that? People did not have to be a scientist to come to that particular conclusion. Thirty years worth of food, thirty years worth of clothes, thirty years worth of education and training for only one three year mission. He knew dozen young, strong, intelligent, normal, human soldiers and doctors, who would have taken their place in seconds with much less costs and would have been just as good as those brats, but no, his superiors wanted their created 'humans' to do this, to show the world that they created something useful for a change. It was incredulously. The waste of good, normal money on these things was phenomenal.

And then they would not even live to see their thirty-fourth birthday. They would be killed, or dissected like some of the other scientist liked to say, as soon as their feet touched the ground of homely earth when they returned from their mars mission. Ha, served them right! All those 'official' documents sure stated that that Sahl girl and only one of the twins - the one of her choosing - would be left alive for breeding and other experimental purposes, but he knew the exact reality of their situation.

He could picture it perfectly in his head. They would return from mars completely unprepared for what was to happen to them moments later. He could see it before his inner eye, their expressions of pure horror and betrayal once they realized the truth. Once they realized that they were nothing more than tools, toys for the scientists to play with, nothing more than long living lab rats that did not have a purpose anymore. Oh, how lovely!

The youngest and the middle Nightlord child – even if Sahl would have chosen the younger twin, his superiors liked the older far more - would be immediately put down and after finding no real purpose for the other two, they would be also killed. Breeding, they called it. Did those idiots really wanted to have more of these abominations running around? He did not think so. End of story and the end of wasting more unnecessary money. Everything would be fine again. Maybe they could finally start to give him more money to finish his other interesting experiments.

And even though he did not want to have anything to do with them, he was sitting here observing them silently. Even a mutated donkey would have been able to do this job of watching these brats. Normally the general surveyed them with a look of pure hatred on his face but today that stupid monkey had to go to some kind of unimportant meeting and now, he, Robert Cross, head scientist of the Red Mars Project, had to sit here like an idiot. Such a waste of time! He had better things to do…

"Well, well, well. Are not they cute?" Robert Cross jumped out of his chair and nearly managed to fall face first into one of the many displays, which were lined across the whole wall.

"Who the hell…" was all he managed to scream before he fully turned around and saw the woman standing halfway in the room. Long blond wavy hair, eyes in the color of the deepest ocean, full lips, pale flawless skin, tall with nice long legs, amazing bust and wonderful hips clad in a white closed scientist cloak with long black leather gloves, high-heeled boots and a high black collar. She certainly looked erotic and like temptation itself, but his thoughts turned in seconds from arousing to completely frightened. The teeth showing sadistic smile and the dangerous glint in her deep blue eyes made him stop in his tracks.

He had seen pictures of her and heard many things he never wanted to know. He knew this person. This devil in the body of a female angel was one of the most famous and most feared scientists in the world, Angelika Einstürzen. Every nation, be it one of the super powers like China or Russia or the little states of the UN, would go to war to just have her as an ally. She was one of the best and one of the most dangerous. He knew that he had to play it nice and safe with her. He did not want to end as a test subject in one of her experiments because he stupidly ran his mouth and said something he should not have said. Then not even his superiors could safe him from certain doom. They would just stand back, shake their heads sadly at his stupidity and say that it was a shame.

"They are not yours to play with, you know?" He informed her politely. No, he would not make an enemy out of this person, it could be the last thing he did before finding himself in an underground laboratory either as one of her subjects or before one of them as prey and food. She looked mock-shocked at him, eyes comically wide but the dangerous glint seemed to intensify itself. Oh no…

"Really?" He swallowed, but had to confirm it nonetheless. They were not hers. They will be trained for another fourteen years, will be sent to mars and then upon return killed. Nothing else… he hoped…

"Yes, not yours." He tried again. They had managed to keep the information about the whereabouts of the Nightlord siblings secret from her or one of her many ears and eyes just in case. They did not know what she could have planned in the inhumanly stunning head of hers.

"Oooh." She said sadly while whipping an imaginary tear from her eye. Talk about something else… right! He should talk about something else… something interesting…

"How are your other experiments going along anyways?" he asked her casually. People usually liked to talk about themselves and liked to hear themselves speak. Maybe this was also true with this person. She looked at him happily clasping her hands together.

"Not that bad. The new patch of hunting dogs are coming along quite nicely. It was bad enough that I had to eliminate my favorite, the stray, but his remains were pretty enlightening. Even though they were so strong and had such amazing regeneration powers, their spine was always their weakness. Cut the spine and they were dead. This was so unfair." She pouted. "All this hard work and my undying hunting dogs still had this kind of weakness. But even through I had to put him down, the results from the test on the body helped me perfect my newest procedure for creating new ones. Nice, right?" She said with a big smile. What did she want from him then? She would not give him this information if she did not want anything in return. There was probably no way around this…

"And what has it to do with them?" He pointed at the Nightlord siblings who he was currently watching through the many monitors. Today was the Sahl girl's and the Nightlord twins' monthly maze-training. The youngest one – whatever her name was – was still too young to be in actual combat training, so she stayed in one of the side rooms waiting for the others to finish. There was nothing serious happening on the monitors or in any way interesting. So why was she here? Why was she even talking to him? He had a feeling what she wanted and he liked being right, but just this once he really hoped he was wrong. His superiors would have his head if something happened to the perfect older twin. He really hoped it was not because of them.

"Well, I was thinking about borrowing one of them." She said with a wink and confident smile. Damn. That was what he thought. She would get her way eventually and he could do nothing against it. He just hoped she would not choose the older one. 'Whatever you do, do not choose the older one, do not choose the older one, please do not choose the older one…' he continued this mantra in his head. He had seen pictures of the older hunting dogs she created, how much damage they did, how many people, soldiers and scientist, they killed and how they had to be put down. They were monsters, not much human there anymore and so hard to kill.

"They would never let you." Damn right they would not! He hated them with passion and wanted them gone, but not turned into even more monstrous monsters. Killing was better and easier before she made them unkillable by normal means. The UN had already enough things to do without her monsters and other failed experiment running free through the outside world. They would not let her use one of the specially engineered children for the Mars project just for her fun and entertainment. They were too expensive as it was.

"And why not?" Nobody could trust her. Nobody would even give her his or her plant to look after. She would turn it into a mass-murdering men-eating plant in the time she would 'care' for it. No, nobody would or better should give her anything, but some people, who are high up in the hierarchy of things, loved her ideas and gave her enough money and resources to built multiple armies and destroy them all over again.

"They would not let you turn one of these children into your toys." Please, let this be true. Once they returned from mars he wanted them killed normally. He would not fancy running after a berserker with an army just to kill him. How annoying would that be? Really really really annoying.

"Are you really sure?" The confident smirk she was wearing did not disappear from her face. Damned, she had a plan and all the connections and money she needed.

"You have a plan?" Robert asked carefully. She was not somebody he could trust even with a plant not to mention animals or actual human beings. The things she could do with these children…

"Haha! Of course, I am a genius after all." She said with an arrogant smirk.

"Care to share?" he asked cautiously again. If she told him what she wanted he could maybe cross her plans somehow or keep her from doing something too dangerous or at least keep her from taking the older twin.

"Hmm, let me think about it… nope! It would take the fun away from everything! I already decided which one I want!" And with that she turned around and walked confidently out of the room. He would eat his lab coat if she managed to talk one of the higher ups into giving her one of the Nightlord children within today.

AN: Well, just an idea I got while reading the manga. This is going to be a 'Trinity Blood' and 'Dogs: Bullets and Carnage' story.

Abel and Cain are at the moment sixteen years old, but look like ten-eleven and Seth is actually six and looks like four since the Nightlord children only age physically slower than normal humans.

I took the name of the scientist Robert Cross from the game Prototype.

For more information on the background of Trinity Blood, please read Flame800900's stories. Some people like General Kadin Hall and even some events belong to Flame800900, who I asked for permisson.