Chapter 04 - 23rd September 2104

"And you really think that he will be different? Different from your former favorite stray Haine? Somehow I do not feel as relaxed as you about the whole thing." He said as he looked through the one-way window down at the 'children' running through a training exercise.

"Yes, I am quite sure. It was after all my fault that my favorite left." Angelika said with a somewhat sad expression. He was not sure, if she ever really felt sadness or guilt in her life.

"Really?" He asked incredulously with raised eyebrows. She was admitting that she made a mistake? Impossible! He pinched his skin; firstly it hurt and secondly this was no dream. He had always thought the world would end before she would admit to make something wrong.

"I do not like to say this, but I made a grand mistake back then. I should have known better, but no, I went along with him like I did with all the other experiments. And exactly that was my mistake." She said with a loud sigh at the end. Just what could she have possible done what she did not do before?

"What did you do?" He asked curiously. Now he was interested. It must have been pretty bad for him to run away like this.

"I ordered the others to kill each other and that only the last one standing would remain in this facility." There was a pregnant pause, but he still did not understand what so bad was on the situation. She often ordered her experiments – whenever she lost interest in them – to kill each other or to break them and use them as killing dolls or things like that. Why would have been this time different from all those others before?

"That sounds quite harsh." He answered.

"Yes, it was and it was the worst choice I could possible make. I always called them my dogs, my undying hunting dogs, but even though I did not think far enough in that matter." He still did not understand. Why was she talking about this now?

"What do you mean with this?" He questioned.

"Haine was always something special. Nearly since the beginning he become the unofficial leader of them. He became the so-called pack leader and alpha dog. He protected the weakest in his pack namely Giovanni, helped the other become better and stronger and they in return came to him for questions and requests, and then he also stopped Lilly from killing his pack members when she was in berserker modus and he protected them if necessary from my older elite hounds." Now it was clear.

"Like a dog has its pack, for Haine they all became like something like a family. And you ordered them killed." He said in understanding.

"Yes, that was the mistake I made. When he accepted to become the leader, the 'Führer', I was so happy, maybe even too happy in that particular moment. I did not need the others anymore so I gave the order. I thought that Haine alone would be enough and I could just make a new patch of hunting dogs when I wanted to. So in the other room Lily went immediately into berserker modus and slaughtered all except little Giovanni. Haine then broke through the restrains and ran towards the room. He killed Lily for massacring his other pack members and then proceeded to run away from me." She said with another sad sigh.

"So you will let them live this time." That would be the logical conclusion.

"Yes, they will live and become the official 'Hunting Dog Unit'. Just look at him." She pointed at the younger Nightlord twin training with the other children with her usual teeth showing smile. He looked down and analyzed the way Abel interacted with the other 'children'.

"He has already become the leader of their little group." He stated after a while.

"Indeed, he would also run away if I just ordered them killed. No, I have made this mistake once and not again. The other pack members will become my bargain chip. As long as I have them and they are alive, he will come back to me." She said happily.

"What about his 'real' family on the outside? The other Nightlord children?" he asked her cautiously. What if he had to choose, he would certainly choose them than the children he just met more than a month ago.

"Well, I sweetened our deal even more. I told him as long as he stays with me after the mars mission, I would protect his little sister." Her eyes twinkling with concealed sadism.

"You told him about the documents the UN made shortly after they were born?" He stated.

"Yes, future Doctor Lilith Sahl and one twin of her choice will be left alive for breeding and future experiments. They other two would be then just useless and would be out down."

"And of course they would choose the older, more docile and obedient twin instead of the rebellious loud mouth. It sounds rather nice. As if she could choose one of them, her superior would just overrule her decision and choose the older either way. But your plan was rather brilliant. They already had their perfect 'mayor' and leader of the mars project and Lilith belonged to the super state of India. They could not risk war with them. So you took the one nobody would want." He continued her train of thoughts.

"Hahaha, nice, right? When I first saw him from one of the monitors I knew it had to be him. He had spunk and had the will to fight."

"Would not it ruin your experiments if he did?"

"No, he had to become feral, wild at first as the dog is and then he had to had the will to suppress his instincts."

"So you saved both experiments who were bound to die upon return and managed to keep the boy forever loyal to you."

"I am really a genius, are not I?"

AN: Angelika talking to a 'good' friend of hers.