Miyagi sighed happily as he locked his office door for what would be that last time until September. He was probably more excited about the summer holidays than the kids. He practically ran to the car park in the fear a student would grab him for some last minute advice. He threw his briefcase and bag of summer work onto the passenger seat and climbed in ready to get home. He wanted to just fly down the roads but it was just past three o'clock and the time of the school rush. He only got as far as the university gates before he hit the traffic and was stuck.

He was just lighting a cigarette when he noticed Hiroki and his boy-toy. It looked as though the guy had come straight from work, he was dressed in what looked to be a lab-coat and a set of scrubs. Seriously? He worked at a hospital, was he a Doctor, a Nurse? He was surprised to realise that he never knew that. Huh, he hadn't realised that the brat was studying medicine while abroad. He wondered what Shinobu was planning to do after he finished university himself. He would be entering his fourth year in September when he returned to school, what was he going to do? He had shown no interest in working at all and didn't seem to have worked a day in his young life, though he was only twenty one, Miyagi had several part time jobs at that age.

He watched the Professor slap the other man's hand away as he tried to hold it, embarrassed. It was endearing and once upon a time he would have thought Hiroki to look cute but all that came to mind was Shinobu, his gorgeous eyes looking down and soft hair falling in front of his eyes as a delicate blush stained his cheeks. He grinned and changed lanes, deciding to go the other way. He laughed maliciously as he honked his horn as he drove past Hiroki and his partner and made them both jump.

He drove to the nearest supermarket and grabbed a basket to get a few bits for the evening. He walked to the fresh vegetables and shoved a few things in the basket: leeks, mushrooms and carrots and such but definitely no cabbage. He had been living on take-aways and needed to do a big shop really but he didn't have time tonight, he would just buy for a few days. He grabbed some essentials, miso, sake, ginger, green tea, rice and some sausages for breakfast.

He browsed the isles thinking of what he could make for the evening. He picked up a few different fish fillets knowing it was something they mutually liked but he couldn't always afford it, it always felt a little bit uncomfortable when his lover paid for things so it was nice to buy a couple of nice things, maybe they could have Chan Chan Yaki? He sometimes made it but when the fish was cheap it wasn't so good. He doubled back to get potatoes not remembering if he had any good ones and wasn't going to rely on Shinobu to have any. He went to the alcohol isle thinking it might be nice to have a few drinks, now Shinobu was of age they sometimes had drinks together but he never let him drink too much. He picked up a bottle of white to go with dinner and a red for in the evening. Checking his watch he realised he had about twenty minutes until Shinobu finished school, so rushed to the desert isle and quickly scanned the refrigerators looking for something in particular. Once he found it, he starting speed walking to the checkout happily.

The woman behind the counter was smiling at him a little too much and he bagged his purchases quickly in the paper bags provided and tried to avoid looking at her, he didn't want to lead her on.

"That's four thousand nine hundred and ninety eight, fourty five please." He smiled as he fished the notes out of his wallet and handed her a five thousand yen note. Huh, that hadn't been expensive really since he got two bottles of wine. Then again he had grabbed them on sale.

"So, having a nice meal tonight then, Professor?" She asked staring at his lanyard. He groaned internally and tucked it under his jumper with a polite smile.

"Yes." He smiled, he kept it short and sweet and tried not to snap as he looked at his watch again as she deliberately took a while sorting his change.

"With your girlfriend, wife?" She pried and handed him the change.

"Oh, no!" Miyagi shook his head and shoved the change into his pocket, not bothering with his wallet. He started to pick up the bags, the wine clinking together loudly.

"Aww, maybe I could come and cook for you, keep you company?" She grinned cheekily, batting her eyes at him, she was very pretty but he wasn't tempted at all. He stopped rushing for a second and smiled leaning in to whisper to her.

"I don't think my boyfriend would like that." He skipped off enjoying the look of shock and disbelief on her face. He giggled all the way to the car.