They were at their apartment building within twenty minutes and took the stairs because the elevator was broken. Miyagi carried the paper bags, holding them high on his chest so Shinobu wouldn't see inside. With his briefcase and summer work to carry as well, he was pretty weighed down and Shinobu had the delight of putting his book bag over the man's head as he walked past him on the stairs so it was hanging on his neck.

"Why is there a blazer in the grocery bag?" He asked, peeking inside as he walked backwards up the stairs to be nosy.

"I don't know, Shinobu, why is there a blazer in my bag?"

"Such a tease." He smirked, stopping on the stairs.

"What have I done now?" He asked, stopping too. "It's only teasing if I don't give it to you."

"And what are you going to... Give to me?" Shinobu stepped close and stood behind the man and grabbed his ass firmly. Miyagi gasped, well he had been talking about the wine but that was good too.

"Relax, old man, I was getting the keys..." He smirked and walked up the stairs wiggling his bottom the whole way seductively.

"Just get the door, cheeky, I might collapse under this weight."

"Why did you move here if you can't even make it up the stairs?" He asked as he opened the door and then flicked on the catch.

"Why did you?"

"Oh, I was stalking you, duh." He laughed and shrugged then sat in the kitchen and he watched as Miyagi placed the bags on the counter.

"Let me help!" He whined, not waiting for an answer and digging straight into the bags, excited to find what the man had obviously bought for tonight. "Boring, boring... You went to the fish monger! You got mushrooms? And potatoes and carrots... and WERE HAVING FISH PIE?!" He squealed, quite impressed with himself that he knew a recipe that wasn't cabbage based. Miyagi nodded.

"But I'm making it." Shinobu deflated at the insult on his cooking and blushed, starting to look through the bags again.

"Oh, you got cheesecake!" He pulled it out and smiled widely.

"I got KEY LIME cheesecake, you like that, right?" He asked, knowing it was Shinobu's weakness. Shinobu nodded enthusiastically and then actually started to help to put the stuff away.

"I'm glad you went shopping, I have nothing in at all, I think I might get sick if I eat anymore take-away food." Miyagi nodded.

"We'll do a proper shop for you at the weekend, I'll come with you and we'll take the car."

"Thanks." Shinobu said, sitting back at the counter. "It was nice of you to invite me over tonight. I'm sorry I've been so busy."

"No, it's fine, I've been busy too and it's been a while... if you know what I mean. Not that you're here for just that, I do actually want to see you, I just- that too." Miyagi said, starting to babble a little as he switched the kettle on to make them tea. The way Shinobu blushed was adorable and made him look so young and innocent that Miyagi couldn't resist reaching over the counter to hold his hand. It was exactly what he wanted to see earlier when he had decided to come and pick him up.

Shinobu had gone a little shy, he was always quick to tease Miyagi but when it came down to business he withdrew slightly, not always knowing how to explain what he wanted. Though it was clear to the older man that he had had been missed a lot over the past few weeks by the way he was gripping his hands. His actions spoke louder than his words.

They stared at each other, temporarily forgetting they were putting food away. Shinobu's hand turned upwards so he was holding the other man's hand properly, he smiled up at him before bashfully looking downwards because of the way Miyagi was looking at him.

"Yes, it's been a few weeks. I miss it, it's not the same when I do it myself." He tried to explain, knowing the words would start something but not being able to say anything more. He licked his lips nervously, they had become a bit dry and Miyagi could tell his lover was getting turned on just by the thought of what they had been missing out on.

"I bet your hard aren't you, you dirty boy." He spoke quietly, lust soaking his tone and he let his eyes flick down but the view was blocked by the counter. The young man stood and walked around so he was stood in front of his lover. Without hesitation he was leaning up and gripping onto his shirt, pulling him down and kissing him determinedly and making the other man grip onto him tightly. They pulled together like magnets.

"I missed you."

"Nnn," Shinobu whimpered as Miyagi pulled him close and picked him up slowly, gripping onto his ass with one hand and the other finding its way to the back of the smaller mans neck so he could kiss him easier. Shinobu slipped his hands into the other mans hair and bent his knees, hooking them on the man's hipbones and crossing his feet on his back, feeling so very desired.

"You feel so good." Miyagi mumbled pulling away for a second and then biting into the other man's lip. He darted his tongue inside to meet the other man's and couldn't hold back a moan. He groaned into the kiss and squeezed the man's ass, unable to resist. Shinobu gasped and thrust his hips forwards.

They kissed deep, lips pressing firmly against each other hard and tongues dipping into each other's mouths. They breathed deep through their noses and the temperature rose impossibly fast. Shinobu pulled away gasping for air and Miyagi turned and sat him on the edge of the counter.

"I could fuck you right here and you would let me wouldn't you?" Miyagi groaned and bit into the man's neck gently, sucking the flesh into his mouth and tracing his tongue over it when it became enflamed.

Shinobu was moaning and baring his neck, unbuttoning his shirt and letting it fall back and catch on his elbows. Miyagi's hand went straight to one of the man's perky nipples and started to play with it, desperate to make his lover go crazy.

"I wanna suck you." Miyagi mumbled as he licked his way down the guy's stomach, his voice deep as he looked up at Shinobu who was fast becoming a complete mess, chewing on his lips and moaning wantonly. He nodded and tangled his hand into Miyagi's hair, slowly pushing his head downwards.

Miyagi's hand felt large and hot where he started to palm at the erection that was stretching the material of his trousers. He wasted no time in unzipping them and pulling them down his thighs, Shinobu hissed as cold wood of the sideboard touched his bare skin, his dick slapping against his stomach as it sprung free. Miyagi held it in his fist, rubbing him a few times before he licked a thick stripe up the length and then started to suck the head, his hand still working at what wasn't in his mouth. He didn't concentrate on technique but just enjoying himself and the responses that his lover was giving him. It wasn't long before Shinobu was spilling down his throat and moaning his name.

"You naughty boy, you just let me suck you in the kitchen." Was the first thing Miyagi said. Shinobu slapped him on the arm affectionately and giggled, happy in his post orgasmic state.

"The kettles boiled old man, make me some tea." He joked, slipping off the side. "Ew. I can't believe you let me do that." He leaned into an embrace for a few seconds, enjoying being held. "Want a hand?"

"We'll save me for later I think." He said, kissing his head and then pulling away to make the tea. "But first, let's have some food." Shinobu's stomach answered for him when it rumbled and both men smiled.

"Before we do anything I am cleaning the sides, gross."