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A/N: When I first wrote "Everything," I was dipping my toe in the lake of Kim Possible and KiGo fanfiction. It was so well-liked that I created a story to explain it, Anything. And now I'm writing a sequel to cover what happens after "Everything." I hope it goes over as well as the prior two stories did. And if you're reading this without having read Anythingand "Everything," I suggest you go back and read them. In that order. ;)

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Kim Possible

And Forever

Chapter 1 - Planning for the Future

Possible/Go Residence, Christmas Day

"I can't believe you said 'yes,'" Shena said as the two packed their bags for the trip to Middleton. They were going to spend a week there before heading back home, though Kim would have to return to the United States when her college semester started.

"I can't believe you asked me," Kim replied as she put some green, black, and baby blue shirts in her suitcase. "I mean, I know we've had four years together - though you were in prison for the first two - but it still seemed a little sudden."

"I've been thinking about it for the past year, actually," the other woman admitted.

"Seriously? That long?" she asked, surprised.

"Yeah. I was just didn't know when to ask. I wanted it to be a really special time-"

"Anytime you would have asked me would have been special," the red-head told her with a smile. "Saving it as a Christmas present was . . . well, it was the most romantic thing I've ever seen or known."

"Well, I'm not usually one for romance, to be honest. I never really had a chance to get close to anyone."

"There's a first time for everything." Kim snapped the latches shut on her suitcase. "Well, I'm ready to go."

"So am I, Princess," Shena replied, smiling. "Don't forget to bundle up; it's freezing out there."

The two women walked out of the hidden monastery they had turned into their home; or, more correctly, that Shena had turned into a home. The monastery had special significance to them both, considering what had happened there four years ago. They didn't keep any vehicles or planes at the monastery, out of respect for the yeti; instead, Shena had taken one of Drakken's hovercraft and modified it to operate in cold weather. They would take that to the nearest city, where the Challenger 300 the super-powered woman still owned was hangered. During the two years she had been out of prison, Shena had had the aircraft further modified; she'd had streamlined external fuel tanks integrated onto the plane's wingtips and streamlined conformal fuel tanks permanently mounted onto its belly. She'd also heavily upgraded the engines and had the airframe strengthened to handle the added weight and thrust. With the fuel tanks, they could actually fly from the airport to Middleton in one go; with the upgraded engines, it would only take a few hours, meaning they would arrive at Kim's parents' house just in time for Christmas dinner.

Middleton, Possible Residence

Ann had just set the last dish on the table when there was a knock at the door. James stood up from the table and went to answer it, telling Jim and Tim to stay there. Ron and his family were already at the table, as was Bonnie Rockwaller; she had decided to spend Christmas day with her boyfriend and his family, rather than her own.

"They're here!" James called back, before walking into the kitchen ahead of Shena and Kim. Naturally, everyone went over and hugged the two women, happy to see them again. Kim and Bonnie had actually become pretty good friends over the past couple of years, and greeted each other with warm hugs.

"It's good to see you and Ron again, Bonnie," Kim said as the two stood back.

"Who would have thought a few years ago that we'd become such good friends?" Bonnie agreed.

"Who would have thought that you would go out with Ron, considering what you used to think of him."

"Surprised us, too, to be honest," the brunette admitted.

"Come on, everybody, let's eat," Ann said, and everybody sat down at the table. It was about halfway through the dinner when Ann noticed Kim's left hand.

"Kimmie, what's that?" she asked, reaching for her daughter's left hand.

"It's an engagement ring," she said casually. It took everyone a few moments to realize what she'd just said. Then, jaws dropped and everyone started talking at once. So the two of them had to explain about the engagement ring, and when Shena had proposed.

"That's actually pretty romantic," Bonnie said. "It's like the ultimate Christmas present."

"I'm so happy for the two of you," Ann told them, leaning over slightly and hugging her daughter.

"Way to go, KP!" Ron agreed.

"So, when's the big day?" James asked. Kim and Shena looked at each other.

"We haven't decided," Shena replied. "Remember, I proposed just this morning. So we actually haven't had time to start planning anything. We did have quite a distance to travel to get here."

"Why do you two live so far away, anyway?" Bonnie asked. "And in a place that was abandoned until Shena found it?"

"Because of that," Kim said. "When Shena had run away after learning about my damaged nervous system, that's where she had gone. And that's where I followed her to. It was there that we really opened up to each other, and it's where we said our first 'I love you' to each other."

"Besides, aside from everyone in this room, no one knows where we live," Shena told her. "Keeps Kim from being swamped with admirers - and Global Justice."

"Are they still after you to go back to saving the world, Kimmie-cub?" her father asked.

"Dad, I'm twenty-one," she said. "Could you stop calling me that? And, yes, they are. Or at least Doctor Director is."

"This is a wonderful surprise," her mom said. "After dinner, though, you two are going to get some rest. After all, you did have a long flight over here."

"I am feeling a little jet-lagged," Kim agreed.

"Hopefully not too jet-lagged," Shena said with a wink, bringing a blush to her betrothed's face.

"Okay, that is way too much insinuation," Bonnie groaned, making a 'sick' face.

Middleton Mall, the next day

After everyone had woken up the next morning (Ron and his family had taken Bonnie home before going home themselves), Kim, Shena, and Ann had sat around the coffee table in the living room and talked about the wedding. Neither of them was sure about an exact date, but after talking it over they decided on a winter wedding at the monastery home. Ann thought that was very romantic, especially with the history the two had with the place. Her mom had wanted to know about the wedding dress - or dresses, in this case - and Kim had said she was going to talk to Monique about it. Her mom agreed with that, and so did Shena - thanks to Kim, she knew the Club Banana owner very well. And now they were in the Middleton Mall, in the food court, talking to her (except Kim's mom, who had to in to the Middleton Medical Center).

"So spill, girl. What's on your mind?" Monique asked as the trio sat down at a table with their lunch. Right then, she saw the rock on Kim's hand. "OMG, gf! TMA!"

"Four years, and I'm still having trouble understanding that girl," Shena said. "The OMG thing I get, as well as the 'gf' thing, but what's TMA?"

"It means 'tell me all,' Shena," Kim replied, then looked at the cocoa-colored woman. "On Christmas morning, Shena gave me a present that had this ring in it, and proposed to me. We're engaged now, and we're thinking about-"

"A winter wedding," Monique interrupted, not realizing she had said what Kim was about to. "That would be so perfect for you two. I'm thinking blue and white, kind of an 'ice' theme. Kim should definitely be in a dress; Shena, you could definitely pull off this suit idea I just got."

"Well, I guess that answers our question," the green-tinted woman said dryly.

"What question was that?" the other woman asked.

"We were going to ask you if you wanted to coordinate our wedding and maybe do the dresses," Kim told her, chuckling. "But you gave us our answer."

"Girl, I would have been insulted if you hadn't asked me!" she said with a playful wink. "So, tell me, how are you two going to do your married name?"

Kim and Shena looked at each other; that was something they hadn't thought or talked about with Kim's mom earlier.

"Hadn't thought of that yet, huh?" Monique said with a knowing smile.

"No, actually," Kim admitted.

"I'm thinking about taking her name when we get married," Shena replied.

"Why?" the other two asked simultaneously.

"To be honest, I'd rather be part of the Possible family than the Go family," she answered. "And not just because I still can't stand my brothers. I wasn't exactly close with my parents before the whole meteor thing, and afterwards they barely associated with me. Not exactly a warm and loving family legacy."

"You know my mom would be more than happy to welcome you into the family," the red-head replied, "but are you sure about that?"

"More than anything," she replied.

"Well, then, there you go," Monique said. "Everything's settled. When it gets closer to winter next year, you two can decide on a specific date."

"You're the best, Monique," Kim said, going to hug her.

"And don't you forget it."

Global Justice Maximum Security Prison, Cell #C103

Drakken sat alone in his cell, staring at the high-tensile shatter-resistant glass door that kept him in it. He'd been in here for over four years now, and was furious with his former sidekick. When he was first brought here, he assumed Shego had managed to escape and would free him; if not immediately, then within the week. Two weeks had gone by before he began to suspect something was wrong. Then after a month, he realized that his loyal (so he thought) sidekick had abandoned him. His ranting and raving could be heard all across the prison complex. After a few days, the GJ guards had had to sedate him; he was agitating all of the other prisoners and there had been rumors of potential violence against him if he didn't stop making so much noise.

A little over two years after his imprisonment, he had heard through the prison grapevine that Shego had gone to prison, but that she had cut a deal with Global Justice and had served only two years - in exchange for everything she knew about him and the other villains she had known or knew about. That had sent Drakken on another ear-busting rant rampage, though he was forcibly sedated after an hour. And for the next two years, he spent every single moment he could plotting his escape (none of his plans would've worked without Shego's help) and his revenge (none of the plans would be able to happen unless he got out of prison).

"One day, Shego," he said quietly, his voice full of anger. "One day I'm going to get out of here and make you pay!"

E/N: And there we are! The first installment of the sequel to Anything and "Everything." It looks like Kim and Shena are going to get married, with Monique coordinating the wedding and making the clothes for the brides. Bonnie is dating Ron, and is good friends with both Kim and Shena. Drakken's still in prison, and beyond pissed at his former sidekick.

What revenge is Drakken concocting? Will Doctor Director get the hint that Kim is retired from saving the world? Or will Kim give in and go back into the fray? Who all will be invited to the wedding? And what's going to happen next? You'll just have to stay tuned and read the next chapter, "The Return of Team Possible?"