Carlisle and Edward had gone out hunting when he suddenly picked up the scent of a human. They were deep in to the middle of the forest, far away from hiking tracks.

At first Carlisle thought it was just a hiker, but then he realised that there were no hiking spots nearby. Edward has heard Carlisle's confused yet curious thoughts and they both stopped running immediately. Edward glanced at Carlisle, confused.

''Lets go see'' muttered Carlisle.

Both of them were extremely curious at what they might find. They both sprinted at vampire speed towards the human, running through the damp, cold forest easily dodging trees and jumping over logs. In less then a minute they arrived at the clearing.

What they saw wasn't what they were expecting. It was a young boy, only about seven years old. He had a big bruise on his cheek and his breathing was a bit erratic. Due to their enhanced hearing they could hear the boys quick heartbeat. They didn't need Jasper's ability that the child was terrified. His hair was blonde and he has big blue eyes, but he was also very skinny. He looked malnourished.

The boy was wearing a dirty grey long sleeved shirt, black tracksuit bottoms, black worn out shoes and a thin black jacket which was too big for him. He must of been freezing!

He was extremely dirty, covered in mud and leaves. Telling by the state he was in he must of been out in the forest for a while.

Carlisle pov:

Why is this child so far away from human habitation? Is he okay? Is he malnourished? Dehydrated? Injured? Had he been abandoned? Was he lost? Where are his parents? I hope that this young boy has a nice, happy family and he had simply gone on a trip with his family, but gotten lost and his worried family were desperately trying to locate him.

Edward and I exchanged worried glances. In my mind I told Edward to stay behind the trees so that the boy couldn't see him, I didn't want him to feel overwhelmed or intimidated.

Slowly I walked forward, towards the boy. I purposely stood on a twig so that the boy knew I was here. I was tired of referring to him as the boy, I needed to know his name. Suddenly, the small boy looked up. Carefully, I crouched down a couple of metres away from him and sat on the filthy forest floor.

The young boy is visibly very frightened, his breathing has become even more erratic and his heartbeat has quickened immensley. He pulled his legs closed towards himself and looked at me in pure terror. He was resting against a tree. Thankfully he didn't run away from me, he was scared but at least he remained where he was.

I gave him a soft smile.

"Hello, my names Carlisle, whats your name?'' I questioned in a friendly a few moments the weary boy remained utterly silent.

"Jude'' he replied quietly.

I hadn't even noticed that Edward had gone, he's probably gone back to the house to inform the others of the situation.

''Well Jude, its rather cold out here so how about you come back to my house?''.

He is shivering, he desperately needs warmth. I wouldn't be surprised if he's already in the beginning stages of hypothermia. For a few minutes he didn't reply. I was hoping he would say something, but he stayed silent.

''My family won't bother you and i'm sure you don't want to spend the night in the forest'' I said in an attempt to persuade him.

Jude looked as if he was in deep thought and gently bit his lip then he slowly nodded his head. I held out my hand for him to hold and he cautiously placed his small hand in , I pulled him of the damp forest floor.

I walked out of the clearing and saw Emmett's jeep. Someone from my family must of parked it there. I was so relieved! No way could Jude hike all the way back to the house in his condition and even if I carried him i'd have to walk at a human pace so it would take hours to get back to the house. I opened the door for him and he climbed in. By the time I climbed in to the car the boys eyes were starting to droop. After a couple of minutes his head dropped and he was sound asleep.

After ten minutes we arrived at the house. Everyone had gone upstairs, apart from my beautiful wife Esme. I could see everyone curiously peering at the jeep from a window on the third floor. Jude was still asleep, he had dark circles under his eyes. Obviously he was exhausted so I decided it would be best if I didn't wake him. I swiftly got out of the car and opened the door of Jude's side and I picked him up. I intended to close the car door quietly but instead when I closed it there was a loud bang and suddenly Jude woke up. He was half asleep, but then he looked up and noticed I was carrying him. He tensed and his heartbeat quickened again.

''Don't worry, you're safe, this is my house''. Thankfully Jude calmed down. Once we got inside the house I took of his jacket and pulled of his worn out shoes. Esme smiled at us warmly. I went over to the sofa and gently placed him down on it. He was looking downwards at his hands, nervously fidgeting with his fingers.

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