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Carlisle pov:

The rest of the day ran smoothly after the wolf incident. Each individual family member had a conversation with Jude one by one, as I don't want to overwhelm him with people when he's not very well.

He's put on weight and his iron and vitamin levels are slowly rising. His injuries are healing and by 6-8 weeks he'll be as healthy as a horse. The Easter semester has just ended, so all of the children and going back to high. Jude will be lonely around the house without them.

Esme and I are putting him in a prestigious private school, a half an hour drive away from the house. They will be able to cater for his needs and we want to give him the best education possible. He will start there in September.

Unfortunately he had a nightmare about Mike again last night. Sometimes if he's not occupied then he'll remember all the bad things, which has happened to him. Edward informed us about this, so I'm going to send him to a friend of mine who is a wonderful therapist.

I walked into Jude's room; he's just woken up

"Good morning Jude, how are you feeling?"

"Good morning and I feel okay"

I sat down on the chair next to the bed.

"Are you glad to be back with us?" I asked, even though I know the answer is yes.

"YES! Of course I am"

I chuckled.

"Thank you" Jude said.

"Thank you for what?" I asked feeling confused. Why is he saying thank you?

"Just thank you for everything you've done for me" he said sweetly.

"It's my pleasure Jude. We all love you so much"

He smiled, his eyes full of joy. I will make sure Jude has a perfect life. Since Jude has come to live us, everyone's lives have been transformed for the better. We make him happy and he makes us happy. Perfect.

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